Dream Explore Wander’s Guide to Warsaw

The busy old town

I was intrigued by the charm of Warsaw when I was there the first time, spending only one night in this Polish capital only made me more curious of the place. So I promised myself to give it a second visit, which I did the next year. From legendary stories to its magnificent buildings, Warsaw has it all. For me coming to Warsaw was much more than seeing pretty houses and taking pictures of its stunning cobblestone streets. It would be a shame being in Warsaw without understanding a little of its history – and trust me, the city has seen a lot of things in the past, some are really horrifying. Visiting Warsaw was like an entire education in itself for me and it was only right that I paid attention to its past as a way to respect the people who suffered and lost their lives in this city many years ago. DREAM: Is this the right destination for you? Warsaw is your dream destination if you: love gigantic buildings with interesting history have a fascination towards the history of communism as well as World War II don’t mind being spoilt by tasty vodka and delicious Polish dumplings (pierogi) […]

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The Little Things That Make Indonesia, Indonesia

Today is Indonesia’s independence day which is why our #CeritaJalanAsik’s theme is Travelling in Indonesia. So today I will be talking about the little things that you should notice when you travel in Indonesia as they are the ones that make this country unique and different from the rest of the world. We know we are not a perfect country, in fact we are far from perfect. Our government is still corrupted, the public transportation is awful and while our people are known to be friendly and all smiles, we are quite the opposite while driving on the road. Yes Indonesia has many flaws that I can even write a whole post about it, but against it all I miss this country like crazy whenever I am away from it. Home will always be this crazy country even when I have fallen in love with other countries too. So, as this is its independence day, these are the things I love to see when I travel in my own country. If you’ve been here or considering travelling to Indonesia, keep your eyes open for these little things that make Indonesia, well, Indonesia. Warung You will notice that food is something we worship. […]

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Dream Explore Wander’s Guide to Penang


I think we’ve all established by now that I love Penang. I’ve been to this place many times, and each time I’m always surprised by it. Not only that it is a great foodie destination, Penang also has the most amazing shop houses, house of worships and street arts. If you haven’t been to Penang, I think it’s high time that you finally visit this island. DREAM: Is this the right destination for you? Penang is your dream destination if you: love eating, the food scene is great in Penang, from street stalls to high end restaurants don’t mind being in the heat as Penang is kind of hot, but really it’s super worth it (besides that’s what ais cendol and ais kachang are for!) like old houses with amazing tiles, windows and doors are interested in the history of Peranakan Baba Nyonya have a thing with cute, boutique hotels like to go lazying on the beach are a fan of nature are a fan of street arts EXPLORE: Interesting places to see There are so many activities to choose from in Penang that you won’t get bored. You could lazily stroll around its unique neighbourhoods, or go lazying on its […]

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How Green is Your Travel?

So we’ve all seen what global warning has done to our planet. So this is the time for us all to really look after our planet if we still want our next generations to live in this beautiful world of ours. As travellers, we are responsible too! Green travel is something that is getting more popular these days. I am still learning about green travel and how I could improve my travel to keep the environment green. Here are some guides for “green travel” newbies: Transportation I know that using planes may not be the definition of green travel, which is way I opt for train whenever possible. Train travel is way more environmentally friendly than plane as it emits less CO2. Other than that choose walking and biking while travelling. Walking is great when you want to get lost in a new place and this is a great way to slow down and admire a place in more details. Nowadays there are many free walking tours on offer so you can learn about the place even more. I also love biking because not only you’ll get to see more places, you can also easily hop on and off without […]

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Dream Explore Wander’s Guide to Lisbon

People watching

Portugal was the one country that I absolutely fell in love with because of many reasons. Not only there are many interesting places to see, Lisbon has that bohemian vibe that made me curious and always in a state of wonder. Unlike other capitals in its neighbouring countries, Lisbon has the impression of being a little underrated but it has so many charms that made me wonder why on earth have I not gone to this gorgeous place sooner. I spent 4 days in Lisbon and I loved how relax and easy the city was to me. I didn’t see all the must see sites since I had limited time and even took a day out for Sintra. DREAM: Is this the right destination for you? Lisbon is your dream destination if you: don’t mind walking its hilly roads and its narrow alleys love a big city with a laid back atmosphere are interested in quirky things like tiled houses and amazing street arts love eating fresh seafood and mouth watering pastries prefer mild weather (it doesn’t get too cold in the winter) EXPLORE: Interesting places to see I think every corner of Lisbon is just simply amazing, even the metro stations are […]

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My Favourite Brunch Spots in Yogyakarta


Being an Indonesian is awesome when it comes to food. We are probably the most flexible human beings on food and eating time. The rule is simple: you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Although there are some food which¬†are more popular during certain hours, we don’t really have any rules. For example, chicken porridge is a popular breakfast dish, but you can also eat it for lunch and dinner. Really, we’re that cool. So when it comes to brunch, there are many choices. Many stalls and restaurants open from as early as 08.00 and will stay open throughout the day and even until night. Here are some of my favourite spots to go for brunch in Yogyakarta, be sure to check it out yourself! Jejamuran This restaurant has become extremely popular in the recent years. I have been a fan since it opened (which was a long time ago, back when I was still in uni here…woah I am old!) and you will see why people are crazy about it. The place specializes on mushroom dishes cooked in Indonesian flavours and their mushrooms are all harvested from their own garden (which I hear is massive since demand […]

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How to Interact with the Locals (Without Annoying Them)

Everyone seeks for local interactions on their travel. Seeing a place from a local’s perspective helps us to understand a place and its cultures. Unless you hire a local guide (in which case they are there to help you answer your curiosities since it’s their job), I believe that when it comes to interacting with a local (in a natural setting), it shouldn’t be forced. Often I travel and have amazing local interactions all because I was in the right time and place. Other times, I don’t talk to the locals at all, and that’s okay too. The thing is that when we are travelling, we are guests to the locals’ eyes so it is our job to respect their everyday life. For places that are flooded with tourists all year long, maybe it is easier for locals to accept tourists but for places that don’t have so much “experience” with tourists, to them we might be intimidating so as guests we should be sensitive to this. Here are some of my tips of interacting with locals without annoying them: Start with a Smile Yes, I believe it is a simple as that. Don’t come and start chatting away like […]

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One Perfect “Unphotographed” Summer Moment in Nantes

We all love taking pictures don’t we? I love taking pictures, especially when I am travelling, it’s my way of immortalising what I saw during that moment. Just look at my Instagram feed from my one week trip to Singapore. I take pictures of whatever interests me (mostly old houses, windows, doors, tiles and street arts!). Yes, there is no doubt that taking pictures are so much easier (and quite addictive) these days but for this week’s #CeritaJalanAsik (or “Fun Travel Stories” for you non-Indonesian speakers), we’d like to reminisce some of our unphotographed travel moments. There will no picture on this post, obviously, so I hope my writing can do justice and transport you to one of my favourite French summer memories. There was a time when I didn’t care less about taking a photo. I could stand in front of a gorgeous old looking house and just admired it with eyes without the need of taking pictures from different angles. I would look at it, admire it and just simply stick that image at the back of of my mind. I bring back this side of me sometimes, but it is getting harder with that itch of grabbing […]

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Bucharest, a Surprising Foodie Destination


We’re talking about one of my favourite topics this week: Foodie Paradise! Who doesn’t love to eat during travelling?! For me it is one of the most essential things to do while travelling, eating! Trying out new cuisines is a must for me so I always make the time, but it also doesn’t mean that I splurge all the time. I also cook (if I stay at an apartment) and make simple sandwiches too, it really depends on my mood. It is important for me not to get hangry (hungry and angry)! When I moved to Bucharest in 2012 to study there for several months, I was a little worried about the food scenery. I know very little of Romania, I know absolutely nothing of the food there. I was a little nervous when I arrived but was curious of what I would find. I just hope the city/country wouldn’t leave me hangry all the time. I was pleasantly surprised from my second day in Bucharest. I lived at the university dorm, and near it was a shopping complex called Carrefour Orhideea. I spotted a restaurant called La Mama and was told they serve homecooked-like food. So I went and […]

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Alternative Singapore: Heritage Houses at Kampung Bahru


As you know I have been going to Singapore a lot recently. With my recent condition, Singapore has been my “therapy”, firstly because I get to see my sister and I also stay at her place which is more homey than the place I am staying in Kuala Lumpur during my chemo (which depresses me as it is a reminder of me being sick). Secondly, Singapore is a great place for me to wander around. It has great pavements and easy transportations. As you know, apart from battling with cancer, I am also suffering from some muscle problems and I have been working hard to get back into shape. It was initially very hard for me to walk but now it’s getting easier. Thirdly, sometimes a trip to Singapore is cheaper (from Kuala Lumpur) than going home to Jogja, especially during big holidays like Eid. This time around my dad suggested the Kampong Bahru area as he knows I love heritage house, especially ones with gorgeous doors and windows. So last week we took a bus and explored this area. To my amusement, this place is not crowded at all. Honestly, it has been really hard for me to find […]

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