Restaurante Casa De Santo António

5 Places to Eat in Porto, Portugal

You all know how much I love Porto, and one of the reasons is its food. I was lucky during my trip I met so many people in Porto who were friendly and passionate about their city. I could tell from their genuine smile and excitement when explaining their town. The people I met were [...]

Birds, Jardin du Luxembourd, Paris

Les Champs-Elysées, A Tribute to Paris

Champs-Elysées is one of the most crowded streets in Paris. Always bustling with people shopping, eating and strolling around. Frankly speaking, it is not my favourite street as I’m always squashed between people carrying huge Louis Vuitton bags – but it is the very essence of Paris: exciting, busy and crazy. This post is dedicated [...]

Sintra, Portugal, Pena Palace

Sintra, Where Fairytale Comes to Life

“Dek, you’re not going to wear that to Sintra are you?” asked Febbie to me one sunny morning in Lisbon as we were preparing our trip to Sintra. Dek, from adek, is an Indonesian word for little sibling. She looked at my clothes from top to bottom, a simple tank top and short with red [...]

Lisbon windows, Lisbon, Portugal

Photo Essay of Beautiful Windows

Do you remember my obsession with windows two summers ago? Well, it’s back with more gorgeous windows that I found during my travel in 2013 and earlier this year! So, let’s start with Lisbon. I think Lisbon is just one of those town that is so loveable that you want to explore each one of [...]

Syok at Chulia, Penang

[Review] Syok at Chulia Hostel in Penang, Malaysia

From one unique heritage hotel to a vibrant hostel, that was how my stay in Penang was. Syok at Chulia, a hostel under the same management as Spices Residence, is a hostel located in the heart of Georgetown in Penang. Chulia street is a lively part of town, where the food vendors are always ready [...]

Char Koay Teow, Penang, Malaysia

A Foodie Guide to Penang

When you are in Penang, one of the activities you are encouraged to do is to eat. The streets of Penang is filled with people chattering on the side of the street with a plate full of goodness. From savoury food to sweet desserts, there is something for everyone. Asian food is always exciting, it’s [...]

Spices, Spices Residence, Penang

Review of Spices Residence in Penang, Malaysia

I arrived in Penang around 10.30PM. I was completely exhausted from my 10 hours journey and was starving. I was glad when I reached Lorong Lumut and saw a nice home-like hotel, Spices Residence. The moment I walked into Spices Residence, I felt a strong sense of comfort. Malcolm, the guy in charge, greeted me [...]