The End of an Era

Hi guys! This is a quick post to let you know that I will be letting DEW go soon. I am quite sad that it has come to this, however I am also excited for some new adventures. As you know I haven’t been travelling ever since I received by lymphoma diagnosis in 2014. I […]

Musim Panas 2001

Saat itu musim panas 2001, umur saya 13 tahun dan saya ingat musim panas itu penuh dengan memori-memori menyenangkan. Kalau saya tidak salah itu adalah musim panas terakhir kami di Inggris, sebelum kembali ke Indonesia. Orang tua saya memutuskan untuk mengunjungi beberapa teman mereka yang tinggal di Jerman dan Belanda. Akan ada tiga pemberhentian utama. […]

Groningen in Spring

A friend of mine who used to share a flat with me in Jakarta invited me to her new home in Groningen. She was studying there and since I haven’t since her in awhile I decided that it would be a great opportunity for me to give her a visit. Whenever I’m in Europe, visiting […]

The Beauty of Melaka

When I entered the old historical town of Melaka, I was immediately drawn to the “pink” church with its many rickshaws parking all over the square. Those rickshaws were also decorated as brightly as the church, with flowers and often with a sound system playing some songs. I guess they were trying to be attractive […]

What to Eat in KLIA2

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 is the low cost airline airport of Kuala Lumpur. It is huge. I’ve spent a lot of time here because my hospital is in Subang Jaya and there is a direct flight from Yogyakarta to Kuala Lumpur, therefore I pass by this airport every time I have to come to […]