5 Reasons Why I am Head Over Heels in Love with Barcelona

There are so many reasons to love Barcelona. There is something about Barcelona that gives off an exciting, high-spirited vibe that I can’t seem to get enough of. I’ve been to the city twice and yet I’d still like to return again someday (maybe in spring or autumn, not in the blazing, scorching hot summer […]

Dream On!

Part of this blog’s name is “Dream” because most of my trips started with a dream. “I wish I could go to Pompeii one day” – that was my childhood dream, and it came true. “I wish I could visit Santorini and see their famous blue-domed churches” – and luckily I did too. For me, […]


Mango Tango, A Mango Haven

What’s your favourite season? Mango season! Where else to look for delicious, sweet mangoes other than Thailand? That was exactly my plan when I arrived in Bangkok. Though I wasn’t exactly in love with Bangkok, I did love the food scene, and especially the mangoes. The golden-skinned fruits can be found almost everywhere in the […]