Travelling with Friends


I know that this week’s theme is supposed to be “Most Romantic Travel Moments”, but to be honest I really don’t have one, which makes me kinda sad. Ah well. Moving on. So I’ve decided to turn this post to my best “bro/sis-mance” travel moments and fingers crossed that Febby and Noni don’t mind (I’m pretty sure they won’t because they are good people, right? RIGHT?) Ok, so you know when you’re travelling with your friends is not always as easy as it sounds. You may have a lot of things in common but it doesn’t mean that you won’t strangle each other when you travel together. I’m sure you’ve heard of the old saying “the best test to a friendship is travel together”…is that a saying? I’m sure it is. For me, the best thing you can do when you travel with your friends is to tolerate one another and compromise. It also doesn’t mean that you HAVE to do EVERYTHING together. There were travel moments where I parted with my friends because we wanted to do different things and that is totally okay. So here are some of my best “fromance” (friends + romance, get it?) moments: 1. […]

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The Buried Ones: Herculaneum and Oplontis


Discovering a hidden gem is something that I always look forward to when I travel. I love hidden gems as they are usually away from the main crowd and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a place more peacefully. Of course the definition of a hidden gem can be different to everybody. My definition is a place that is away from the busy crowd, a place that might not be as popular as other attractions but just as beautiful. I talked about my love for Pompeii before and why the place is so personal to me, however little did I know that when I arrived to Pompeii to purchase a ticket, I was able to choose a ticket just to enter Pompeii, or a ticket for several other sites (at a slightly higher price). When I knew about this I immediately bought the ticket for multiple sites as I have never heard of the other sites before and it was a bargain since the ticket could last for several days. I didn’t have time to see all the five sites listed on my ticket so I settled for Pompeii, which was a must see for me, Herculaneum and Oplontis. Much like […]

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Enjoying the Serenity of Ubud

Lots of really gorgeous butterflies

I am not really one of those person who pays much attention to movie locations. I do love watching movies but I never really remember any of its locations. However, there are rare moments when I do remember. Like for some reason I remember one of the locations for The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is in Santorini, and we all know my obsession with Santorini. When I watched Eat, Pray, Love, I was especially intrigued by the Indonesian section because I’m Indonesian so it was like a natural instinct. I was especially interested in Ubud. I felt a bit embarrassed when I realised that I have never actually been to Ubud so I made sure that the next time I visit Bali, I simply must make my way to Ubud. Although I didn’t do what Gilbert did in Ubud, I was mesmerized by the place. I am not a huge fan of Legian and Kuta, but Ubud had a different vibe. Yes, it was still buzzing with people but I liked the place. For a first timer in Ubud, I was quite satisfied. For one day I rented a bike and decided to check out the rice fields. The […]

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Stories Behind Porto’s Buildings


If only buildings could talk in Porto, it would tell you stories of romance, sadness and inspirations. It was easy being charmed by the beauty of Porto, perhaps it was love at first sight for me but there was more than just meets the eyes. As I walked through Porto, I could see buildings that have stood for generations, witnessing many tales and events. I was impressed that the old buildings were still well maintained and used until now, something I still wish to happen in my own country. Walking through Porto with a local also extended my knowledge of this underrated Portuguese city. There are stories behind the old walls of each building, each story being passed on from generation to generation. It was interesting to listen to each story, making them more than just a building. The Portuguese Centre of Photography This centre of photography was not always dedicated to photography. The building, also known as Antiga Cadeia da Relação, was once a prison for men and women in the 18th century. One of the well-known prisoners of this place was the famous Portuguese writer Camilo Castelo Branco. He was imprisoned in this place in 1861 for having an affair […]

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Beach Hopping in Santorini

Santorini is known for its relax and romantic vibes. Being a Greek island, it also has gorgeous beaches. Even though I am not much of a beach person, I quite like the beaches in Greece. The beaches in Santorini, especially combined with the extreme heat of summer, are the perfect place to spend all day doing absolutely nothing and just absorb the Greek way of life. There are many beaches to choose from in Santorini but if you are staying for a limited time and want to see the most of Santorini’s beaches then I suggest these three beaches: red, white and black beaches. I was actually recommended by the lady who owned the pension I was staying in. I had one day to spend at a beach and she said “why not see three beaches?”. Why not indeed, beach hopping it is then! So my friends and I took the bus to Akrotiri. There we found a “boat” stand saying it would take us to red, white and black beach. I can’t remember how much we paid then, but I checked again and it is €5 for a return trip.    This boat calls itself a water taxi. Basically […]

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My Travel Essentials


When it comes to travelling of course I have a few things in my bag that I simply NEED to have. I’ll skip the “obvious” things like passport, because well without that I can’t really travel at all can I? 1. iPod I love my iPod too much. This iPod was a gift from my sister, it replaces my formerly owned iPod touch which I sold because it was too big. This one is small, fits 2GB of music and it’s my little travel companion. It has music that reminds me of some certain moments (you know there are songs that take you back to a certain memory – yeah I have a bunch of those songs). Also, it is the perfect device to escape those snores and children screams. Bliss!     2. Kindle/Book I like Kindle because it is light, doesn’t take a lot of space and it fits a bunch of e-books. However, I still have (too many) books at home and I take one of them for travelling too sometimes. It’s nice to have a proper book in hand once in a while! Reading is awesome especially when you are in a long flight (though I’m […]

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5 Reasons Why I am Head Over Heels in Love with Barcelona

There are so many reasons to love Barcelona. There is something about Barcelona that gives off an exciting, high-spirited vibe that I can’t seem to get enough of. I’ve been to the city twice and yet I’d still like to return again someday (maybe in spring or autumn, not in the blazing, scorching hot summer weather again). However, despite the notorious summer heat, Barcelona is still one of my favourite places and here are the reasons: 1. Laid back atmosphere Whenever I land in Barcelona, instantly I feel the need to slow down and enjoy life. Even though the city gets a lot of attention from tourists, hence a lot of crowd, there is a certain atmosphere that makes me feel relaxed. I have no idea why! I love seeing people eating outside in the sun while selecting tapas and sipping sangria. It seems like there is no rush in Barcelona. 2. Architectures We have to admit that Gaudí plays a big part in the city’s architecture, contributing marvellous buildings, like the famous La Pedrera and Sagrada Familia. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Gaudí and his incredible works but even without Gaudí, the city itself […]

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Dream On!

Part of this blog’s name is “Dream” because most of my trips started with a dream. “I wish I could go to Pompeii one day” – that was my childhood dream, and it came true. “I wish I could visit Santorini and see their famous blue-domed churches” – and luckily I did too. For me, dreaming is important and if I get the chance to realise the dream then that’s a big plus. I never burden myself with “I HAVE to go there no matter how much it costs!” because it is simply unhealthy and I am not the type of person who would sacrifice everything (especially financial-wise) to have something. Travel is meant to be fun, it is not meant to burden you with debts and pressures so I simply keep my dreams alive and when I have the chance to make it come true, then the universe must be on my side. Since I’ve been sick I haven’t travelled to anywhere new. My commute is usually Indonesia-Malaysia (where I do my treatment)-Singapore (where my sister lives) and that’s fine by me, but a wanderer is a wanderer and I often itch to go some place new and I […]

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Visiting Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I go to Singapore quite a lot to visit my sister, and right now that I am still on chemo, Singapore is a nice place for a getaway since it is accesible and easy to go around. Being here quite often makes me want to explore the country more than just visiting its shopping malls (though as much as I love not going into malls, I appreciate that there are lots of malls here so it makes things easier to shop, eat or simply cool down). There are so many places to explore here in Singapore as it turns out. I have written some in my previous posts like Pulau Ubin for those who’d like to escape the busy city and also Bukit Brown cemetery for those who have a peculiar interest for graveyards and its history. This week I was given the chance to take a break from my chemo treatment in Malaysia and decided to visit my sister in Singapore. When I was on a bus to see a friend of mine, I accidentally spotted an old building. Turns out that old building is the former train station situated at Tanjong Pagar. I was so excited that I […]

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What to Prepare for a Medical Trip

For whatever reasons, it is quite usual these days for people to have medical treatments in other countries besides their own. Like myself, who have been doing chemo in Malaysia. My reason was simply that I have tried seeking treatment in my own city but have failed, so in a state of wanting to get better quickly, I chose to do it in Malaysia. Of course, if it was possible, I would rather have it in my own country. I mean why bother spend more money in a country where it would be twice as hard to communicate if it was possible to do it in the comfort of my own home in all its familiarities. However sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If you are considering doing treatments abroad, here are some of my tips based on my own experiences in Malaysia: Do Your Research Before you book a plane ticket to the country of your choosing and make an appearance in person, it’s best to find out first what kind of doctor you want to see. For example, for my illness, I needed an oncologist. So I asked some people who have done treatment in Malaysia […]

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