10 Top Memories of France

I’m all for photos this week!

For this one, let’s go down the memory lane! I left France only a week ago, but I felt like I left it in July when I went back home. Obviously France was not the same without my friends in our student residence. I had such a blast last year and I appreciate every laugh, story, joke, meal, beer and fun. Here are my top 10 memories of France.

  1. Lyon was the first city I arrived in France. It was the city that made me think “I’m gonna love it here!“, Lyon boosted my mood and confidence for a first-timer travelling alone to France.
  2. Food is essential to me, not only does it eliminate my frown, it also makes me a happier and friendlier person. Trust me, it makes THAT much difference, ask my friends! So when I met a certain crepes, I knew I would be smiling most of the time in Nantes.
  3. Then after crepes, I got addicted to cidre. The cidre in Nantes is definitely addictive, don’t blame me!
  4. I met my friend from England after nine years! I was so happy to see her, definitely one of those treasure moments.
  5. Everyone should go to a carnival at least once in their life, I went twice in Nantes, a day and night carnival. I was baffled to see the crowd and was more excited to hear endless music and confetti.
  6. Montmartre in Paris is my favourite hang out place in Paris. And I love staring at street painters doing their thing in the quartier.
  7. I took a trip to a little town called St. Emilion near Bordeaux. It’s a tiny village but full of charm…and wine!
  8. I am also proud to say that I’ve kayaked through the river Erdre.
  9. Did I tell you I LOVE food? I met the most delicious chocolate chip cookies in my entire life in France, the Bonne Maman Sablés tout chocolat.
  10. Last but not least, I will miss the birthday celebrations I have with my friends in our ickle room in Nantes.

Ah France! So sad to say au revoir to you but I believe we’ll be seeing each other pretty soon! À bientôt!


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  1. I can definitely relate to food being an essential part of the trip! I’m happier on the road so long as I’m well fed.

    1. Hi Audrey! That sounds very very familiar haha 🙂

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