Mykonos: Beauty and the Jellyfish

I don’t like beaches. There I said it.

I don’t hate it, I’m just not a big fan of it. I grew up in Yogyakarta, only an hour away from some nice beaches, yes a contradiction. However, these beaches are barely swimmable as they are located in the south and the south sea is known for its vicious waves so it’s dangerous to swim in the beach.

Also, I remember when I was a kid, I went to one of the “friendlier” beaches and during my stay there I heard a news of a young, married couple who were dragged by the waves into the sea. It was a pretty scary experience and ever since then I’ve had beachaphobia.

But, I wanted to go to Greece SO BADLY and I knew Greece was well known for its stunning beaches and it would be such a shame to go to Greece and not visit its islands and beaches. I decided to settle for Mykonos and Santorini. I was already blown away by looking at pictures of these two islands and I couldn’t wait to set my feet there.

Overlooking the sea and Chora

As my friends and I arrived at the airport and made our way to our hostel, all I could see was dry, barren land. Everything looked so dry and desert-like, I wasn’t impressed. Arriving to our “hostel” I was even more disappointed. Our room was like a prison cell with a tiny window. It was around 40°C outside and they didn’t provide us any fan or air-conditioner, not to mention the bed was very uncomfortable. Then by the wall was a group of ants having a party with some mosquitoes flying around wanting to join. Great, heat, ants and mosquitoes – three things I’m familiar and hated the most. I wanted out.

So we spent our first day looking around for another accommodation. It wasn’t easy. The heat made us grumpy and extra sensitive. Everyone said “full”. What I love the most about the Greeks is their friendliness. One man at a hotel said he had no more rooms but he made an extra effort to call his friends for a free room. Although we didn’t get a room through him, I really like the effort he made, he even tried to find a room within our budget. We finally managed to get a room, although it was quite a splurge, I didn’t regret changing it!

After a bumpy start, we decided to spend a day on the beach. That was the plan, before I got a huge big smooch…from a jellyfish. Just only after 10 minutes of enjoying the cool water against the scorching sun, a little fella decided to kiss me on the lip. Gone were the fun in the sun days! Again, the locals there helped me with my now massively swollen lip. The staff at the hotel showed me a pharmacy and even the man at the pharmacy was amazingly kind. I cannot thank them enough!

Getting stung by jellyfish isn’t fun – see the frustration?!

At this point I was pessimistic about the rest of my time there. I was expecting more mishaps. How could I possibly enjoy my trip with my swollen lip! I slept it off and by morning, miracle happened. My lip was now only partially swollen, “you can barely see it Aggy” – my friends would say to convince me. The beach and I made up and we finally hit it off. I was loving my days beach hopping in Mykonos. Relaxing, drinking beer, sun tanning, swimming, (staring at gorgeous Greek men) – it was great and I almost forgot about the swollen lip!

However, as much as I loved my new friendship with the beach, unique old town is my weakness. I can’t remember how many times I walked around Chora, which means town in Greek. Blue, green, red windows and doors against the white wall with wild pink flowers crawling by its side – it was so beautiful that I went weak on the knees. My favourite spot in Mykonos was by the old windmills overlooking the city by the water and the different shades of clear, blue water. If not for the intense heat, I would’ve stayed there all day and stare.

Mykonos Old Windmills

Mykonos is also well known for the amount of churches they have on this small island. People say that there are 365 churches, one supposedly for each day of the year. The small white churches were also one of my favourites. What surprise me the most was the location of the churches, you can literally find them everywhere. Three churches in a row, a church by the beach, a church sitting on a hill – everywhere and all equally beautiful and unique.

One of the 365 churches in Mykonos

What made me love Mykonos so much was its sunset. Everyday I looked forward to the end of the day, for its sunsets were perfection. I have never been so stunned to see such beauty in my whole life.

At the end of my trip in Mykonos, I overcame my beachaphobia. I learned that some beaches can be trusted and that its cool water is great…as long as you avoid jellyfish! Most of all, I love how Mykonos combines all beautiful things in life into one small island package: sun, beach, gorgeous old town, stunning churches, friendly people and great food – what more can a girl ask more in life!

There are plenty of beaches to choose from in Mykonos, all are accessible by buses from Chora or by boats. There are two ports in Mykonos: the Old Port (situated in Chora) and the New Port – if you are travelling through these ports, check your ticket thoroughly in which port you are travelling from. If you prefer flying, there is also an airport not far from Chora.

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  1. Free instant botox? hihihi, just kidding, Gy :p
    I’m glad it didn’t ruin your trip. Greece is so beautiful. I hope I’ll visit it one day 🙂

    1. I think my lip was slightly like Angelina Jolie’s (I wish!). Greece is just unbelievably amazing, I really could live in one of the islands!

  2. I am not a big fan of beaches either. I don’t like to swim and almost every water temperature is too cold for my taste… I don’t mind staying for some time when reading a book… But Nuno loves beaches, he really loves going on holidays and spend the whole day on the beach (once we wento to Sardenia for 10 days and believe me, it is a beautiful island, but there is absolutly nothing to see but sea and countless beaches)… But I wouldn’t mind going to Greece or Croatia, at least the small villages are beautiful there 🙂

    1. Good to know that you’re on my side Aga! I’m not totally in love with beaches just yet, but yes you’re right I don’t mind spending my time there reading a book once in a while. I hope Nuno can change your mind on beaches 😉
      Yes you should go to Greece! It’s gorgeous and there is more to it than beaches.

  3. Sorry to hear that your website got hacked 🙂
    I simply adore Greece and the Aegean sea, but definitely will not go there in the height of summer like you did. The jellyfish was an unfortunate bonus for you, but hey, everyday’s an experience.

    Here’s hoping we will get a chance to explore Greece together someday!

    1. I’d definitely go back to Greece but NOT in the summer, the heat was too intense, even for me! Oh mr. jellyfish just wanted to give me welcome kiss to the Aegean se 😉
      Would looovee to go back there with youuuuu! Let’s go!

  4. Those photos look beautiful! I really want to go to Greece and putter around the islands for a while. And sounds like they’re some indeed amazing beaches to have changed your beacheaphobia 🙂

    As for jellyfish… when I was 9, my family went to Azov Sea (near the Black Sea), and one morning I waded into the warm water and it was like jello. Overnight, a swarm (pod? flock?) of tiny jellyfish decided to hang out in that bay. Thankfully, not stinging. But, UGH. I hear you, beaches are best without jellyfish.

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      I couldn’t deal with one, can’t imagine a whole bunch of them, I think my beachaphobia has turned into jellyfishphobia! You really should go to Greece, it’s so amazing there! I think I might need another trip there soon! Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂

  5. Hi Aggy, I’m glad you still enjoyed your trip ! I have never been there yet but looks like a beautiful place I would love to visit as well one day.

    1. Hi Freya! Glad the swollen quickly went away otherwise I would’ve been in a very bad mood haha! You must visit Mykonos one day, it’s an amazing place 🙂

  6. oh no! real bummer to get bitten by jelly fish! Well, at least you managed to enjoy the rest of the day. Just gorgeous!

    1. I really don’t like jellyfish! Mykonos is really gorgeous, it’s hard not to enjoy it even with a swollen lip!

  7. I recently went to Mykonos and fell in love. Loving your photos- have some very similar ones! Too bad you got stung by a jelly fish 🙁 glad you were able to enjoy the rest of your day though!

    1. Oh Mykonos is so nice isn’t it? I just love Greece, just as long as those jellyfish keep away from me 🙂
      Glad you also love Mykonos!

  8. What!?!?!?!!? How can you not like the beach!!!! I adore beaches, they’re absolutely my favourite thing – the sound of huge, massive waves as they road up against the shore… It’s one of my favourite sounds and places to be.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Cheryl! But it’d growing on me, I promise to spend more time in the beach this summer 😉


    There I said it.


    know what, Gy? I even decorate my place with blue & white! 😛

    1. Hahaha kak Vira! That means you MUST visit Greece kak! 🙂

  10. I’m really glad that you recovered very fast from that jellyfish sting, I can imagine how different your trip would have ended if your swollen lip persisted. However it sounds like you had a great time in Mykonos! My coworkers and I are thinking of going to Greece in January, but we are all so fixated on Santorini. Mykonos might be a perfect alternative. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

    1. January might be a great time to visit Greece, although I’m not sure if the water is warm enough for you to swim.
      Absolutely glad the swollen healed within a few days otherwise I would be very grumpy for the rest of the trip!
      Mykonos is definitely an option, it is very different to Santorini and it’s easy to travel within these two islands. Hope you’ll enjoy Greece as much as I did! Happy to help 🙂

  11. We enjoyed our time in Mykonos too but did find it incredibly crowded although we were there in August which I think is one of their busiest tourist months. I LOVED the windmills and finding a great spot near them to watch the sunset. Totally breathtaking! Hope you don’t have any more close encounters with a jellyfish.

    1. Mykonos is a great place, no wonder it’s always crowded! I also love the windmills, so far no more jellyfish encounters yey! 😀 Thanks for stopping by Tracy!

  12. I am glad in the end you enjoined Greece…and yes, Greek people are extremely kind and try to help tourist as much as they can.

    1. Yes I did enjoy Greece, I would love to come back there again someday infact! I love the people there, you are right they are super helpful. Thanks for dropping by Despre!

  13. […] mean we didn’t have any glitches. From staying at a hotel in a shady neighbourhood to getting stung by a jellyfish, we had it all but we seemed to pull it through and enjoyed the trip […]

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