Cool Down with Dawet

Welcome to the new series in DEW: DEWLICIOUS! In this series, I will present to you some of my favourites and sometimes underrated Indonesian food. There are so many “hidden” delicious Indonesian food that need to be more appreciated and introduced to the world, this is my attempt. Enjoy!

Today I teamed up with my friend, Regina, who took the picture of delicious Dawet.

This dessert is definitely popular amongst Indonesians. Dawet is what we usually call it in Java, but it can also be known as cendol and this dessert has spread throughout South-East Asia that you may be able to find them in Malaysia, Singapore, and some other places.

I grew up loving this drink. Hot days are so much better when it’s cooled down with dawet. The main ingredient is a green-coloured, worm-shaped, pandan-scented jelly made from rice flour. This is mixed in coconut milk, ice and most importantly, melted palm sugar.

Es Dawet
Es Dawet

Nowadays, you find many variations to dawet including adding more ingredients. The most popular additions are jack fruits cut into small pieces and black grass jelly. I love the colour of the green jelly mixed in a pool of dark brown palm sugar with a splash of yellow and black. 

This is one of the drinks that I miss very much although it would be too cold to drink it in this chilly, winter weather here. If you are ever in Asia, look out for this refreshing drink!

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  1. This looks definitely interesting! Never heard of this drink before, but I would really like to try it someday 🙂

    1. It’s really good! I think they also sell them in some Asian stores in Europe, if you come across one have a try though might not be as nice as the “original” ones 😉

  2. I am already a big fan of your new series. Love the food but never been to Indonesia, but I am planning to. I think I came across a similar drink when I was in Vietnam. There color was the same and there was a jelly and beans in it as well. Tasted so good! Loved it x

    1. Agness, glad you are liking this series! Yes I think there is also one in Vietnam, but I think they taste different. The cendol in Malaysia is similar but different to the ones in Indonesia even if they have the same “fillings”. If you come to Indo, you know who to contact 😉

  3. Wow dawet looks really interesting. The Indonesians really make the best refreshing drinks! All you need is sweet syrup, colourful jelly bits, coconut and lots of ice!

    1. Of course we do 😉 Come to Indonesia and you will love our refreshing desserts!

  4. Some of the world’s finest delicacies can be in a form of just a simple dessert or concoction such as this. You may never know but it is in an all day’s work, these things are perfected throughout the generations.

    1. Yes, simple desserts are usually the finest ones 😉

  5. Very nice drink…Indonesia is very hot, we drink it, cooollll..hahaha..nice posting mbak dew..

    1. Thanks Tania! Definitely is a refreshing drink for the hot days isn’t it 😉

  6. my most favorite Indonesian traditional beverage, ever! woohoo!

    1. Mine too kak Vira! Woohoo 🙂

  7. it is very dificult to find this dawet in bali 🙁 last i drink this dawet when i went to java last january 🙁

    1. Oyaaa gatau loh klo susah di Bali. Ke Jawa donk 😛

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