Biking in Poznan Old Town

As I looked outside the window today, I sighed, I am still hoping for the Spring weather to arrive in Switzerland. Winter has been way too long this year. This particular day, a certain town popped into my head randomly, Poznań in Poland. I also remember one particularly sunny day where I went to explore the old town on bike with my friend. The shining sun and warm weather were the perfect combination that day – how I long to bring all that to Switzerland right now!

Feeling a little nostalgic, I took a look at some pictures during my summer trip. If you’re still looking for places to go this summer, I definitely recommend Poland. I would also suggest you to take your time to adore the city of Poznań.

As posted in my previous post, my first few days arriving in Poland was hectic with an unforgettable wedding celebration. After that, I was whizzed to Warsaw for a couple of days with friends of my friend. Taking the train to another historical city in Poland. I didn’t regret a single moment, I really enjoyed that spontaneous trip.

View from my bike

Then as I finally settled down in Poznań, I realized I haven’t yet seen the old city. As the sun peeked outside, my friend excitedly dragged me to bike around Poznań. I’m all for biking, but I’m the worse when it comes with biking in crowded places. I remember my days biking in Holland during our holidays with my dad when I was a kid and nearly ran over some people and crashed into a car. Yes not my highest skill.

My friend took his dad’s bike for me. My feet could only barely reach the ground, I was nervous. But with the sun, the warm weather and the fact that I haven’t biked for a while, I just wanted to go.

The old city of Poznań is enchanting. There are so many quirks and interesting historical buildings. Usually I would walk, but biking is definitely a great way to exercise during a trip. We made our way to our first stop which was an island called Ostrów Tumski by the river Warta. There stood a cathedral, with a pretty long name as my friend told me: Bazylika archikatedralna Świętych Apostołów Piotra i Pawła w Poznaniu – I will never pronounce that! It short it means Cathedral of St Peter and Pavel. This cathedral has been through some rough history, one of them was being burned down. As it stood majestically in the clear blue sky, I couldn’t help but to enjoy its architecture. It’s worth going inside the cathedral and with a few złoty you can also see the crypt underground which lays old walls from the olden days.

The journey continued to the centre of the old town, the Old Market Square or known as Stary Rynek. Poznań’s old town has found its way to be one of my favourites. First of all the windows of its buildings, I may have boasted about this several times, but it is truly beautiful. The city’s town hall is also full of colour, standing magnificently against the sun. I wanted to see the famous Poznań’s (mechanic) goats which comes out at noon from the town hall’s clock, sadly I passed the time for the goats to come and play.

The heat of the afternoon sun and the biking left me in need of sugar. My friend suggested a nice, cozy place called Cacao Republika. They sure can satisfy your sweet tooth. I chowed down a delicious cheesecake with milkshake. So much for exercising with a bike!

Delicious treats here

Our final destination was a mall. It wasn’t just any mall, it was an old brewery which was turned into a mall. At the back of the building, you can still see the remaining evidence of the brewery. The unmissable park next to the mall was filled with people getting their daily summer tan. Some quirky animal statues were placed all over the park – it was indeed a creative sight.

The journey back home to my friend’s place felt harder, a mixture of tiredness and intense heat of the sun. I was however happy to explore the city in a different way than my usual walking style. This Polish city has definitely made quite a big impression on me and although in size it was smaller than Warsaw, its beauty was no less than Warsaw. It has its quirks and pleased my eyes with so many gorgeous coloured buildings.

Have you ever wandered in a city in a different way than usual? Tell me where and how in the comment section!

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  1. jeeez! how big is this ant/scorpion?

    1. It is kind of massive and there are several kinds spread throughout the park 😀

  2. I haven’t been to Poznan for ages and I miss this city a lot. My cuisine lives there and I used to go cycling across the city center with him. This post brought back a lot of great memories, thank you! There is one coffee shop just in front of the cathedral with amazing frappuccino and hot chocolate!

    1. Aww that’s so nice to hear you also bike around the old town. It’s such a nice city isn’t it! Would love to be back in the future 🙂

  3. Wow, Poznan looks amazing!! I’ve only been to Krakow so far, but this definitely makes me wanna go back for more!

    1. It is amazing Jaklien, you should visit 🙂
      Never been to Krakow, but I would love to, Poland is such an beautiful country.

  4. Poznan is beautiful indeed – and I haven’t even seen enough of it!! Next time you go, check out Cafe Stacja, very close to Stary Rynek. It is the place I always have coffee at when I’m there 🙂

    1. Noted! Next time I go there, I want you to come with me! Really love Poznan!

  5. Before this i had traveled with a car but it seems to be good idea to ride on a bike there.

    1. Definitely a good idea to take a bike to the old town of Poznan 🙂

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