Welcome to the new series in DEW: DEWLICIOUS! In this series, I will present to you some of my favourites and sometimes underrated Indonesian food. There are so many “hidden” delicious Indonesian food that need to be more appreciated and introduced to the world, this is my attempt. Enjoy!

Today I teamed up with my best friend, Regina, who took the picture of delicious Mushroom Sate . You can check out Regina’s photo works over at her webiste d’Pastel.

…and that’s a usual shout out from passerby sate, or satai, sellers to let people know their existence. If the seller is a popular one, people would immediately come outside of their houses and order sate from them. They would stop in front of the house and start preparing sate. While doing so, it is often that the house owner would chat with them casually. Laughter and stories are exchanged over the hot charcoal and sizzling sate. When the order is done, they would go to the next house or wait for someone to call them for more order. It is a strange and unusual sight for those who is not accustomed to the Indonesian way of life, but it’s interesting at the same time. Casual friendships are woven through this kind of simple food, such as the popular sate.

Who knew pieces of meat or chicken or tempe or mushroom (yes there are different kinds of sate) pierced into a wooden stick and being barbecued in hot charcoal would be a popular dish in Indonesia. You can literally find sate everywhere. Passerby sellers, food street sellers, traditional markets to fancy restaurants. It has been around from a long time and it will remain a favourite.

The most popular, chicken sate, is pieces of meat in a skewer marinated with herbs and sweet soya sauce, grilled in hot charcoal. When done, it is served with fresh cut chillies and shallots with peanut sauce. A drizzle of sweet soya sauce is added just to add a little more sweetness into the savoury dish. Usually sate is eaten with rice or lontong. Lontong is basically rice being compressed into banana leaves then steamed. When it has set, it is cut into small circle shape,the perfect combination with sate.

There are so many different kinds of sate that it’s actually overwhelming. Sate made from pork and beef are usually eaten with sweet soya sauce instead of peanut sauce. This weekend I gathered with a few Indonesian friends and had some dinner. My friend introduced me to sate maranggi, made from beef marinated with a combination of coriander, salt pepper and soya sauce. We grilled it with the oven since it was not possible to do it the traditional way. Eaten with soya sauce and chillies, hmmm felt like I was transported to Indonesia for a while!

One of my favourite sate is made from mushroom. Just like the chicken sate, it is eaten with peanut sauce. So delicious!

Have you ever tried sate before? And if not, would you?

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  1. Wow.. my favorite food.

    Tapi sekarang sudah jarang yang jual sate keliling.
    Kayaknya kalah pamor sama nasi goreng.

  2. I love satay ! specially from the street vendor. But never tried the mushroom satay. Please take me thereee 😀

  3. it’s one of easiest way to cook food. Just slice, skew, and burn.

    1. Absolutely easy! 🙂

  4. my favourite one, the most delicious indonesian food i think 😀

    1. Nyam nyaaammm mine tooo!

  5. I love satay too!!
    And, oh.., Mushroom satay?? Baru denger Kak! Sounds delicious!! Pengen coba! 😀

    1. Iya Wen, ada di Jogja tuh. Kalau maen ke Jogja gw anterin deh 😉

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