The Einaudi Effect

When I found out that Ludovico Einaudi was doing a concert in Lyon, I was ecstatic. I am a big fan of his music and this was maybe my only chance of seeing him live. I dragged a friend of mine who is also a fanatic in his music to see Einaudi in action. He agreed and we bought the tickets, and it was set, our Einaudi date!

As I arrived, Lyon was not in its best shape. It was raining, and coming from Switzerland the weather was warmer although I could still feel chills in my body. My friend was coming from Grenoble that night of the concert, we decided to meet at the lovely Bellecour. As he was taking covoiturage and the traffic was not good, he was late. I was standing in the cold for an hour waiting for him. How happy was I to see him when he finally waved at me from the other side of the road.

As we took the bus to L’amphithéâtre Cité Internationale, I was buzzing with excitement. I was going to see Einaudi, live! I could barely contain the happiness.

Although I was seated at the back (poor students we are!), I immediately spotted the grand piano. I could feel a familiar soothing atmosphere – one I have when listening to his music through my earphone. Einaudi was not alone, he was paired with a group of orchestra. I was at first not too keen on this idea, I prefered him playing solo, but my opinion changed as soon as they played.

It started with some drumming, where the members of the orchestra took their seats. The drumming continued until they were all seated. Then music filled the air. Filling the quiet atmosphere, giving me a certain calm vibe.

Eunaidi came and sat in front of the grand piano. I was overjoyed. I could see his fingers dancing on the black and white keys, his body slightly swaying indicating his passion, and sometimes he would look over at the orchestra as a mean to synchronize. The orchestra itself was a strange combination with violin, drum, cello, guitar, different kinds of percussion, glockenspiel and digital music and yet they made Eunaidi’s music more alive than ever.

The songs played were not strangers to my ear but the addition effect from the orchestra and the lighting playing nicely in the background made it more meaningful and powerful. I have never been so enchanted by live music. His music created all kinds of feelings and thoughts like curiosity, raw honesty, adventurous, happiness, truthfullness, and still many more. Those feelings I had just flew around me as his music filled my ear, or more like it was filling my soul.

If there was ever a beautiful concert, it was this one. The joy and enthusiasm from Eunaidi and the orchestra could be felt by the audience. A standing applause was not surprising. Despite the waiting in the cold, splashed by rain and my four hours journey to Lyon – it was all worth it.

I now leave you with one of his piece of music played in the concert.

Have you ever had a memorable concert like this one?

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  1. It might sounds so stupid and awkward but his music reminds me of Twilight soundtrack for some reason. Really enjoyed the video though. His music is so relaxing. You are lucky to see him live!

    1. Oh his music is so magical, my imagination goes wild when I listen to his music!

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