Yellow Rice for Breakfast

Welcome to the new series in DEW: DEWLICIOUS! In this series, I will present to you some of my favourites and sometimes underrated Indonesian food. There are so many “hidden” delicious Indonesian food that need to be more appreciated and introduced to the world, this is my attempt. Enjoy!


I’m gonna let you in a little secret. Indonesians love rice.

OK so that’s not exactly a huge secret I know. We absolutely love our rice that it’s a must staple for our meal…even for breakfast. It may seem awkward, but the truth is we can eat anything for breakfast. What we eat for breakfast is probably suitable for lunch and dinner.

One of my favourite breakfast meal is called nasi kuning which roughly translate to yellow rice. Yellow from one of its ingredients which is tumeric. Usually you can find this in the morning in traditional markets or little stalls by the side of the road.

Yellow rice is best accompanied by several of its “friends”. They include shredded eggs, abon (dried shredded meat), perkedel (mashed potato made into small balls and fried), sweet dried potato chips, cucumber and of course spicy sambal.

These additionals can vary in different food stalls, but nevertheless yellow rice is definitely a favourite breakfast amongst the Indonesians.

So when you are in Indonesia the next time, skip your toast, find a food stall and try this extremely delicious meal. Of course, if you think it’s too heavy for breakfast you can always have it for lunch or dinner!

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  1. Yellow rice is super yummy! I always order yellow rice tumpeng on every special occasion. Love it 😀

    1. Oh I love tumpeng too! I remember eating the leftovers for breakfast yummm

  2. Aggy, you have officially made me crave for yellow rice. Like, seriously.

    1. Aiko, isn’t there like a really good yellow rice stall in Pondok Indah? 😛

      1. Actually I didn’t know that. Where?

        1. Ada kok, papa gw yang tau sih hahaha

  3. This sounds amazing! I love rice, but I’m also very intrigued to try those fried mashed potatoes on the side!

    1. Oh those are called perkedel and they are super yummy, the mashed potatoes are mixed with different spices and my mum sometimes put a little bit of minced chicken and hmm..I want one now!

  4. this is one of my favourite Indonesian breakfast ! I find it a simple yet satisfying comfort food 🙂

    1. Good to know Rachel! It is pretty “simple” for Indonesians isn’t it and easy to find as well 🙂

  5. Love it aggy. looks good. Kamu pulang kita tumpengan ya 😀

    1. Kamu yang siapin tumpengnya yaaa asiiik 🙂

  6. I usually would have a rice for my breakfast, but the yellow rice looks so delicious 🙂 have you ever tried Chinese rice? How does it differ in taste from Indonesian?

    1. Oh Agness, you are qualified as an Asian – rice for breakfast, even sometimes I can’t do that! 😀
      I’m sure I have tried Chinese rice but maybe I didn’t know it was that. Indonesian rice is the same I guess as Thai rice, but this yellow rice has a tumeric flavour (not too strong though)

  7. “Indonesians love rice”
    We probably have hundreds different vocab for “rice” alone..
    From white to red to yellow :)) As always, lovely introduction to Indonesian cuisine!

    1. I know right! We really know how to eat rice haha! Nasi kuning is one of my favourite!

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