Discovering Clisson, the Italian Gem in France

It was a fine Spring day in France. Winter was finally replaced by joyful Spring and it brought the sun with it. With the sun shining and a warm temperature, my feet, as usual, started to itch begging me to find a new place to explore.

“Let’s bike to Clisson” suggested a friend.

Since only two of my friends had bikes, they decided to do a Nantes-Clisson bike trip while I put on my summer short and headed for the train station with the rest of our gang. It was only March and I was in shorts, I couldn’t believe it. I intended to absorb as much sun as possible, just incase dull weather took over in the next few days (it didn’t!).

Clisson was only a mere 30 minutes by train from Nantes. It was a small town filled with cobbled-stones streets, a castle and a gorgeous river which runs through it – in short, it’s my kind of town. As soon as I arrived, my friends and I walked directly to the centre while waiting for the other guys who were on bikes. We decided to take a little peek of this town.

While what I saw was a near-to-perfect view, Clisson has not been always on the pretty side. During the 1700s it was almost completely destroyed, its castle was burned and damaged. Luckily, the wealthy Cacault brothers along with their sculptor friend, Lemot, decided to rebuild the little town. At that time they had a big fascination for Italy and decided to add a touch of Italian love to the town. Boy did they do a great job of rebuilding the city! The Italian influence can definitely be seen, making the town so picturesque, beautiful and somehow romantic – you know you can’t have it the Italian style without bringing some romance atmosphere.

The River Moine, which gorgeously flow through the city, is what you see in old paintings. That spring day, I saw a tree flawlessly letting its leaves fall just an inch above the water which added a certain elegance to the whole river. I even saw someone nearby the edge of the river with their painting set, half done doing a painting of this river. I don’t blame them for being so drawn to this picturesque river.

In Clisson, you can’t miss the castle. The ruins of the castle was so perfectly placed. I remember walking inside the castle, and finding the ruins of the castle so amazing. It was an amazing day with clear blue sky which made the castle stood out even more.

I found a quiet spot overlooking the river. I saw some birds nesting happily by the rocks of the castle and some ducks enjoying a swim at the river. I felt an enormous sense of happiness. A beautiful setting in an Italian-styled French town with some of my closest friends, I never wanted to leave that moment.

I finished the day by taking a picnic by the river. It was just the perfect end of the day. I never knew I was living so near to this gorgeous gem.

If you are coming to Nantes for a visit this Spring/Summer, take that 30 minutes train ride to Clisson. I promise you it will leave you nothing but a huge smile.

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  1. “a small town filled with cobbled-stones streets, a castle and a gorgeous river which runs through it”

    That’s enough to make me want to visit this pretty town. Beautiful pictures, Gy 😀

    1. Clisson really is a pretty town. I loved my day there! Thanks Debz 🙂

  2. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I have yet so many things to discover in France… and when I do, I’ll be sure to come back to you for more advice! xx

    1. Clisson is just one of those cities who just can’t help being beautiful. It’s so pretty and lovely! Ask me anytime 😉

  3. Aggy! Maybe I will explore this town this summer, would be amazing. Love its look and it’s so charming. I feel like going there in August. Will rent a bike and cycle around! Beautiful photos! x

    1. You so should Agness! It’s such a lovely town and I think my friends said it was a nice bike from Nantes to Clisson. Definitely worth it!
      Let me know when you do make it to Clisson would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Can’t wait to go to France later this year!!

    1. Where about in France are you going? Summer in France i always enchanting, hope you have a great stay!

      1. Well, the plan hasn’t been set in concrete yet, but I’d say we’d start off in Paris and head south eventually reaching the Pyrenees.

        1. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in France!

  5. Yay! It looks like you’re continuing to have a great time in Europe! Clisson looks amazing. Great photos! 🙂

    1. Hey lovely! This was from my time in France, I did have loadsa fun back then 😀
      Hope you’re all well in China!

  6. This has reminded me how enjoyable castle exploring is in Europe. The trees on the edge of the pond really make it for me.

    1. I love exploring castles in Europe, most are so enchanting. Those trees really are a beautiful sight 🙂

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