Planning an Awesome Summer

I’m a little excited! Well ok, not little, but VERY excited.

Switzerland has been raining a lot this spring, and very cold too – still in my winter jacket I tell you that. Still hoping that the sun will come and bring some warm weather so I can finally see the beauty of this country in blue sky and hot temperature.

However, over the last few weeks I have been occupied with my favourite activity during this time of year: planning my summer! I love deciding where to go, booking for flights, getting the best deals from hostels/hotels – the planning is even better when it’s with an awesome friend.

This summer is a little special too since it will be my last summer in Europe (for now), sure I’ll be returning to this awesome continent in the future but it will be my last time here living and exploring as a student – more reasons for it to be awesome!

I decided to slow down my pace in travelling this summer, which is great as I get to see more and just enjoy being immersed in each place. So here are the places I will visit in the summer, some new places, some places I’ve been before.

I have never been to Portugal but I have heard a lot of great things about the country. I have always wanted to visit but never got the chance, so when Febbie of Jalan2Liburan asked if I wanted to spend some time there, I didn’t hesitate a single second. Our plan is to stay a week in the amazing country and includes staying in Lisbon and Porto. Also, we want to make a day trip to Sintra since we’re both so bewitched by the fairytale atmosphere everyone’s been bragging about.

This will also be the first time I will meet Febbie in real life! We met on twitter and she has become a mentor as well as a great friend to chat. But enough is enough, we have to meet up and of course travel together, we are travel bloggers after all. So be sure to check us both for updates on this legendary trip together!

After Portugal I will spend around a week in Barcelona. I went there for 4 days last summer and I want more! Barcelona has such a great vibe which immediately hypnotized me. I will also be reunited with friends living in Barcelona, might also be the last time I see them before jetting off back to Asia. A great city for a goodbye right?

My plan is to visit Parc Güell which I have been dying to see but didn’t get the chance to. I also did some research on Girona and found the place to be quite amazing, so maybe a day trip there would do my curiosity good. I also can’t wait to be reunited with the amazing mojito gelato I found near Las Ramblas last year. Yum!

Poland was the first Eastern Europe country that I visited and I was so amazed and in love with it by the end of my trip. It has so much history and amazing old towns. This time around I will be in Krakow, which I have never been and excited to go, then heading to Warsaw. Last year I was in Warsaw for two days and decided there was still so much to see, which is why I’m going back. From Poland I will be joined by my travel partner-in-crime, Miss D, who has always been a great friend to travel with.

I don’t know much about Hungary, but I do know how Budapest has captured so many people’s heart – and I want it to capture mine too. I have two friends from Hungary and I have been told to come and visit their beautiful country. I have seen beautiful pictures of Budapest but I can’t wait to see it for myself. I will be staying in Budapest for around 5 days, hopefully allowing myself to absorb the atmosphere, climb Gellért’s hill, exploring Buda and Pest, hanging out by Danube river and of course losing myself in delicious meals.

After Hungary I will allow myself to say goodbye to my friends in Zurich then head off back to South-East Asia. I will be in Singapore for the last week of August to spend with my beautiful sister. We have planned to go to Garden by the Bay with its river cruise, and a few other things lined up such as gobbling as much Asian food as possible! I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my little sister which I haven’t had the chance to do after two years of living in Europe. Even though this is my fifth (or sixth?!) time in Singapore, I’m hoping to find some new things to see and do.

So, two new countries will be explored, three old ones revisited. I cannot wait to have my summer!

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  1. I’m jealous. But you already know that 😛

    Enjoy your awesome summer and I’ll see you back in Indo-land 🙂

    1. Haha! I will definitely see you back in Indo-land for some gossip, food and business planning 😉

  2. Hopefully my plan goes well then I’ll see you in Singapore 😀

    1. I really hope I can see you in Singapore! 🙂

  3. Advice? Uhm, well gee, I don’t know, I just might… have to talk to you for hours on end on Skype to tell you all about Warsaw and Cracow that I can possibly come up with!!! 🙂 Sounds like such a great plan… and you will love Budapest so much, too… My summer seems boring compared to yours. Just one country! Not enough!! xx

    1. Oh come on hun, the US sounds as exciting as my summer plan (since I’ve never been!) – you know I’ll be asking you stuff on Poland, but I already know I’ll love it and can’t wait for pierogi! yum!

      1. yum indeed… I’m hungry… can I please be in Poland and have a big serving of Pierogi pieczone z miesem i kapusta (fried pierogi with meat and cabbage, my fave!!), and szarlotka z lodami i smietanka (apple pie with ice cream and whipped cream) for desert??

        1. Don’t worry darling, I will have all that and think of you 😉

          Oh gosh I can’t wait really!

  4. BARCELONA!!!! And I’ve always wanted to go to Poland. ENVY.

    1. I love Poland! I would come back every year there if I could 🙂

  5. Sintra? Sintra the place where there is a castle looked alike in fairytale right? oohh i’m super duper jealous with you and kak febbie too =.=, hopefully we can meet in Yogjakarta or you can visit me in Jakarta, hihihihihi

    1. Yup that’s Sintra 🙂
      I hope we can meet in Indonesia too yipppiie!

  6. Oh my… Barcelona has beautiful view from the top #ngilerrr

    1. Itu dari atas Sagrada Familia lim, bagus yaaa 🙂 Love Barcelona, can’t wait to be back!

  7. Babe, I’m in Poland and Holland in August so let’s keep in touch. We might actually meet, would be so amazing. If my Holland trip sucks for any reasons, I’m going to Spain and Portugal as well! Your plans are so exciting. I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m sure Holland won’t suck 😉 but yes yes YES it would be so awesome if we could meet up! Just let me know!

  8. You’ll love Portugal!! It’s one of the best countries I’ve ever visited! It’s so extremely beautiful and people are really friendly! It’s so much better than Spain, at least to me 😉

    I should be in Poland in August (except couple of days in mid-August when I’m going to Czech Republic) so when you’re in Warsaw I’ll gladly meet up with you and show you around some less touristy places!

    1. Hey Kami, I have a feeling I will love Portugal too! I can’t wait to be there 🙂
      Would really love to meet up in Warsaw, I’ll be there early August, I’ll let you know the details later! Definitely would love to see some of the less touristy parts of Warsaw 🙂

      1. oh, so I should be in Warsaw then, no worries! Let me know when you have details of your trip and we will arrange something! 🙂

  9. Sounds like a solid summer! I totally love Krakow, it’s still one of my favourite cities – so much character! Aside from giving yourself sufficient time to wander and explore, try to grab a Zapiekanki in the Kazimierz district. So lovely! 🙂

    1. Hey Ariel! I can’t wait to be back in Poland and especially Krakow since I’ve never been before, writing down your advice – Polish food is one of my favs thanks 😉

  10. Sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned! I hope you fall in love with Budapest as I have and I look forward to hearing about your experience!

    1. I’m sure I will fall in love, people have been telling me what a great place it is 🙂 Thanks Adelina for dropping by!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful summer! We went to Girona for a day. It was a really cute town to explore on foot. It also has a beautiful cathedral, but that may be closed when you are there.

    1. I’m a fan of small towns so I think I’ll make time for Girona and it sounds really nice too! Hope you too have a great summer Katherine 🙂

  12. Looks like a great plan! We hope to be in Europe by August as well, but not exactly sure where yet. Have to get the Schengen visa first. But we do plan to hit all the major countries and then head east to try out some of the ones we don’t hear as much about.

    If we don’t see each other there, definitely back in Indonesia. 🙂

    1. Nice! I’ll be mostly in Eastern Europe in August. Hope you enjoy your trip, I’m sure we’ll cross path one day 🙂

  13. A very exciting summer ahead! Have loads of fun xxx

    1. I can’t wait to just pack and go! Thanks Miret 🙂

  14. Looks like you’re going to have a wonderful summer! And I’m loving your lineup 🙂

    1. Hey Dreydel! Thanks, I hope I’ll have a blast this summer! 🙂 Any plans for you?

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