Two Years, Three New Homes

And finally my time in Europe is over and what an amazing time I had this past two years. I don’t think I will ever be able to have this kind of experience again in my lifetime. The friends I have here, the sad and happy times, the cry and laugh – they will never be forgotten.

During my two years in Europe I also gained three new homes. Places which I truly love and if I ever come back to these places, I will always feel like coming back home.

France feels like an old friend who will always be familiar to me, Romania is like a good ex-boyfriend who is exciting and never dull me, while Switzerland is like a best friend who will always make me feel safe.

Since they are all my home, this is my top five favourite things to do in each country.

  1. Buy pastry and bread at the local patisserie, from all the countries I have been, none beats a great french pastry. I love my morning pain au chocolat and of course who doesn’t love macarons?
  2. Eat crêpes in the Bretagne area of France because that’s where crêpes are originally made from. Topped with their delicious apple cidre, simply amazing.
  3. Visit the Bordeaux area. I went to Bordeaux and a small town near it called Saint-Émilion. The wine are divine.
  4. Enjoy the park. France has the most beautiful parks, it’s always nice to take a stroll be it in cold winter or a hot summer day
  5. See artists at work. In Paris, I love watching dancers, music players, painters showing off their skills in the streets. It’s so good just to lose your time seeing some cool talents on the street.
Beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris
  1. Enjoy a big, hearty Romanian meal consisting of ciorba de fasole in paine (bean soup in bread), sarmale and papanasi. All that of course with Romanian beer or homemade wine.
  2. Go party with the Romanians. They are the king and queen of party and they love having new friends in the group. Never have I gone out with my Romanian friends and not have a great time.
  3. Sledge in the snow. During the winter, I had to endure heavy snow and very cold weather. Although it sounds awful, there were some awesome moments like snow fighting with my friends while going home from school and also sledging with my friends and professor. It was so much fun!
  4. Explore the gorgeous Brașov and its surrounding.
  5. Watch concert in Bucharest. The prices are much more cheaper than other countries in Europe. I once watched an Edvin Marton concert in Bucharest and it was amazing.
  1. Stroll in the old town. Most cities in Switzerland have amazing old towns, one of my favourite is of course Zurich since I lived there for several months. I love exploring the small streets!
  2. Laze by the lake. I never get tired of Lake Zurich. I spent most of my time sitting there enjoying the amazing view by myself or with friends. In the summer, I enjoyed the picnics in the park by the lake.
  3. Eat ice cream and lots of it! Switzerland has the best ice cream, enough said!
  4. Hike! Although I have never done a proper hike in Switzerland, I loved doing walks in Switzerland. The nature is unspoiled and the trails are perfect.
  5. Spend hours chatting and slurping good coffee with delicious cakes at cute cafes.
Uetliburg in Zurich

There is no doubt I will miss each country, not only for its characteristics but also for my friends who live in it, who have made my stay in each country so much more colourful.

Hey, Europe, I will be back, don’t you worry.

But for now, au revoir, la revedere, auf wiedersehen!

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  1. Pasti….pasti…sedih rasanya….. T________T

    1. Sangat sedih lin, tapi feeling bakal balik laaah 😀

  2. mau pokoknya mau ke swiss *gantungin cita-cita dan harapan* mau ke Lucerne

    1. Hihii..amin aja dari gue Mei 🙂

  3. Welcome back home Aggy 🙂

    1. Thanks kak Tesya 🙂

  4. xxx thanks for your writing about my beloved continent. We will miss you dearly!!

    1. Already missing Europe!
      Hope to return as soon as possible babe! Loves xx

  5. super sekali kak, kapan aku bisa menghirup udara di eropa yah.. ._.

    1. Terima kasih kak Wira, semoga kakak secepatnya bisa menghirup udara Eropa yaaa 🙂

  6. so… next destination is it Jogja for a long time or will traveling around the world? 🙂 congrats Agatha after all…

    1. Don’t know yet, hope it’s the latter 🙂
      Thanks ndre!

  7. Wow, Miss. Aggy!

    You’ve certainly been to some wonderful places in Europe – I’m very jealous! It’s been wonderful to read about all your travels, and I can’t wait to read about wherever you end up next 🙂 xx

    1. Hey Emily!
      Thanks for the sweet words 🙂 I am excited about my next travel adventures in Asia yeesss! 😀

  8. someday i’ll go to europe *wishing* 🙂

    1. Yes! Hope so 😀

  9. Hai mbak, kenapa ga kerja di europe sekalian? Apakah memang sulit atau ingin kembali ke tanah air? Thanks!

    1. Saya ga kerja di Eropa memang karena pilihan 🙂 susah tidaknya tergantung dengan usaha kita kok, biasanya klo sudah ada internship di suatu perusahaan setelah selesai kemungkinan besar ditawarin. Tapi itu semua tergantung kerjaan kamu selama ini dan perusahaannya 🙂

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