A Sweet-Toothed Summer

This summer I have been indulging myself with sweet things. How can I not?! Blame the destinations I went to!

I have an absolute need for sugar when I’m on the road. Chocolate keeps me happy, ice cream makes me smile and cakes calm me down. I mean I even have ice cream during winter so it was only right that I spent my last summer in Europe (at least for now) by trying all the lovely desserts in each of the city I visited. It makes perfect sense.

So here is a post dedicated to the sweet things I ate during this summer, I hope I don’t make you too jealous. Ready?

I did a small walk from Castagnola to Gandria this early summer, both are small villages near Lugano. After my small adventure, I decided to look around Lugano in its pretty old town. My friend Debbie told me to look for a tiramisu gelato. I did find one. Now I read some articles on how to spot the best gelato, we all know that there are a lot of small shops offering mountains of gelato with a bunch of flavours. However, experts say that the best gelatos are the ones kept in a metal jar, not exposed for people to see. This was exactly what I found, a quaint little shop inside the old town and I asked right away for its tiramisu gelato and BAM! Heaven exploded inside my mouth. Amazing. Delicious.

In Lisbon, I had my eyes on only one thing: its egg custard pastry. The famous Belém custard pie was definitely not to be missed while you are visiting the capital of Portugal. Pastéis de Belém has its cafe full of people everyday. There is always a queue outside, all waiting to taste the legendary egg custard pastry. When I finally had my hands on this pastry, I slowly raised it to my mouth, savouring each second. The crunchy skin and the soft creamy custard touched my tongue and I was sold. Best egg custard pastry ever.

Did you know that Porto has amazing food? No? Well you are missing out! The eclair that I tried in Porto was amazingly delicious. The petite eclair (although you can also get the large one!) has just the size to boost up your energy. The chocolate and the creamy filling definitely made my day just a little bit brighter. The eclair shop, Leitaria da Quinta do Paço, offers many flavours to choose from, but please come early as you might just miss out your favourite!

When I made my way to Poland, I knew I just had to have pierogi. It is my absolute favourite Polish food. I was lucky enough to attend a pierogi festival and I tried so many different flavours including some sweet ones filled with strawberry, blueberry, apple – all eaten with a touch of sugar and sour cream. Please if you come to Poland, do not miss out on this delicious dish and I promise you will be as addicted to pierogi as I am.

Now, there are a lot of things people know about Budapest. One of the things that I love about Budapest is that for me it is the absolute capital of desserts. There are just so many amazing desserts to try and simply my one week stay in Budapest was not enough. In the central market, while I was not so keen on buying the hot food (it was too expensive and not good!), I was completely happy pondering my way through the cake section down at the first floor. The cakes are huge and cheap. I just could not resist.

On the Buda side, there is an old cake shop called the Ruszwurm where they sell the most amazing cakes and drinks. The ice coffee I ordered was simply amazing as well as the strawberry yoghurt cake.

Then there was kürtös kalács sprinkled with cinnamon which is such a comfort food for me. The bread is soft and tender with enough sugar to make you smile of satisfaction.

If you ever visit the cathedral in Budapest, be sure to look for a gelato shop just next to it. The gelato I ordered, mint dan dark chocolate, was perfect for a hot summer day in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

And before you say anything, yes I did eat a lot of sweet things in Budapest and no, I don’t regret! Next, I went to the oldest cafe in town, Gerbaud Cafe, and ordered a large plate of cakes and ice cream (it was for two people before you judge!). WOW! It was just simply crazy, the taste was wild and soft and amazing…did I mention it was delicious too?

And there you have, a crazy summer filled with some of my favourite sweet findings.

What did your sweet-tooth get up to this summer?

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  1. *gulp* I love them all! Pasteis de Belem, eclairs, tiramisu gelato. Me want…me want now!

    1. I know right? Pasteis de Belem is so delicious crazy! 😀

  2. Wew… Semuanya kau makan itu?? > < trus kami tinggal baca & terbayang2? Tanggung jawaaaaab.. Tanggung jawaaaaab… *jilat2 yg diatas* :p

    1. Hahaha *air liur yang menetes bukan tanggung jawabku* kabur ah…

  3. Hahahaha my dear! I can see you have been treating yourself way too good 🙂 but no worries me too!! One day I had 15 pieces of homemade cheesecake, my granny baked it and one bite was not enough. I had food binges all summer. Mmmmmmmm Tiramisu Gelato looks so good, never tried it. Ach! My mouth’s watering!!

    1. 15 homemade cheesecake Agness! Can I visit your granny next Summer 😀
      Oh that tiramisu gelato is delish!

  4. Aaaaah….nyesel baca posting ini! Nyeseeel…:D

    1. Maapkan akuuu Ka Tesyaaa 😀

  5. Langsung nelen ludah liat eclair… glup glup…

    1. Jadi pingin lagi glup glup

  6. Seriously, those look delicious. What an awesome little roundup. =D

    1. Hi Nicole! It was seriously delicious 🙂

  7. *mouth watering*
    that sweets looks so sweet *mauu secuil semuanya*

    1. Boleh mei, secuil emang cukup?? 😛

  8. beud, bikin ngiler liat havenly tiramisunya…


    1. Oh the tiramisu IS heavenly! 😀

  9. harusnya ga buka postingan ini… jadi nyesel liatnya *mupeng*

    1. Hehe maap ya *kirim es krim tiramisu*

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