Amazing Cafés To Visit

When I’m not busy cycling around a city or getting lost in some cobbled-stone streets, one of my absolute favourite things to do in a city is to go to a cute café and rest my feet for a while. Sipping a cup of coffee and biting my way through a delicious cake while enjoying my surrounding is a great way to absorb a city’s atmosphere.

A café is also a great place for people watching, if you happen to be in a local café, you’ll be seeing locals  doing everyday things like talking, gossiping, writing and a café is a great place to look at these details. These are a few of my favourite cafés during my travel. Each one is unique. Some are small and secluded, others are famous ones.

Zürich, Switzerland

I spent almost half a year in Zürich, and being there for that long of course I have my favourite places to hang out. There are so many places to hang out in this chic city, but there are only a few that are friendly for my wallet. Well, I was a student after all, and all students gotta have that tight budget on them right. One of my absolute loveable place is Café Henrici. I actually saw this café while I was on holiday in Zürich in 2011 and never in a million years did I imagine being back here sipping its delicious hot chocolate. The price range is also (Swiss) reasonable. The hot chocolate is definitely to die for and its location is right in the old centre, absolute fabulous place to hang out.

Café Henrici
Niederdorfstrasse 1
8001 Zürich
Tel: 044 251 5454

Perfect hot chocolate at Henrici

Another place is just off the main shopping street of Zurich called Babu’s. The place is so vintage and homey. It has a friendly atmosphere. This place is great for meeting up with your girlfriends for a chat. I know I’ve done that several times here. My favourite thing to eat there is its carrot cake. So delicious.

Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse
Löwenstr.1  8001 Zürich
Tel: 044 212 87 45

Babu’s carrot cake was divine
Coffee at Babu’s

Lisbon, Portugal

There are a lot of cafés in Lisbon, but one that I strongly recommend is the café where Pastéis de Belém is sold. In the same shop there is a café which customers can sit and enjoy the richness of Belém pastry while drinking their favourite coffee. I was unfortunately left standing in its side bar since the café was so full they couldn’t find a place for me to sit down. No worries, I will be back!

Pastéis de Belém
Rua de Belém 84 a 92
1300 – 085 Lisboa
Tel: +351 21 363 74 23

The famous Pastéis de Belém

Porto, Portugal

Porto is an amazing city, and I’m pretty sure I have said this again and again. It is probably one of my most favourite place on earth. Its atmosphere, food and people has left me speechless and I already have plans to come back to this place someday. The Majestic Café is probably one of the most talked about café in town. “Don’t go there it’s too expensive” says one person, “You HAVE to go there” says another. However considering that this is Porto, “too expensive” is probably just €1-2 from your ordinary café, I personally don’t think it’s that expensive (and I’m a tight-on-the-budget student!). Besides this café is as majestic as its name. The place is gorgeous, its interior is elegant and magnificent. A lot of people were there when I came and I have to say I understand the reason. They say this café was also the place where J.K. Rowling spent her time writing one of the books of Harry Potter!

Majestic Café
Rua Santa Catarina 112
4000-442 Porto, Portugal
Tel: +351 22 200 3887

Warsaw, Poland

I stumbled upon this small café while strolling through the quieter part of Warsaw’s old town. Warsaw is definitely my favourite city in Poland. I love its big old city filled with so many great restaurants and history. The Shabby Chic Café is run by young people and it certainly has a chic vibe. The place is small and cozy, just the way I liked it. I picked up a very yummy summer time cake, chocolate cake with white chocolate topping and mixed berries. It is what I like to call summer perfection.

Shabby Chic
ul. Piwna 20/26
00-265 Warszawa

Budapest, Hungary

Now Budapest is the “mama of cafés”. There are just so many places you can choose from, it is insane. I managed to go to three of the finest in town. The first one is called Ruszwurm, located in the Buda side of town. They say this café is very popular amongst the Hungarian Kings and Queens. Once there was a royal wedding where the royal couple made their way through this café after their wedding. Well, I just had to taste this “royal café”! I had their ice coffee which was just amazing and also their strawberry yoghurt cake. It was divine I tell you! You simply cannot miss this green-coloured café while in Budapest.

Ruszwurm Cukrászda
1014 Budapest, Szentháromság St 7, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 375 5284

Another great café is one of the oldest one in town called Gerbeaud Café. Compared to the Majestic Café the place is a lot simpler but it has a large outdoor place as well as indoor. The food there is a little bit more expensive than Ruszwurm but their dessert selection will leave you wanting more.

Café Gerbeaud
1051 Budapest Vörösmarty tér 7-8.
Tel: +36-1/429-9000

New York Café is one popular café. I have had a few recommendations from friends to come to this place. However, I have to say I was not as impressed as I should be. The interior of the place is absolutely stunning, but I didn’t like the prices and maybe I just ordered the wrong drink but I wasn’t a big fan of their drinks. The service was excellent though and it is true if they say that this is the one of the most beautiful cafés in the world.

New York Café
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11.
Phone: +36 1-8866-167

Bali, Indonesia

Recently I went for a week getaway to Bali. I stayed for several days in Ubud. I absolutely love Ubud, so different from downtown, crowded Kuta. My friends recommended a café called Anomali where they have great coffee. I went there to try their capucinno and chocolate cake. The price is a little bit more expensive than other cafés but the place is an absolute bliss. Upstairs you can play chess or read magazines. I preferred to play the chess…bad move as I lost three times *sigh*. Overall it’s a great place to do some work or just relaxing, the staff were amazing too!

Anomali Coffee
Jalan Raya Ubud No. 88 Gianyar, Bali. Indonesia
Tel: (+ 62 361) 972263

This chocolate cakes was so good

So there you go! My list of amazing cafés.

Do you like to go to cafés while travelling? Share with me you favourite cafés!

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  1. What a cool collection of cities! Glad to see Poland on the list.

    Now, can I go to all of them, especially in Vienna? Can you believe that I was there before my coffee days??

    1. Yes of course Poland is on the list!
      Oh I haven’t been to Vienna, I must go there soon! I’m pretty sure they can satisfy our coffee taste buds 😀

  2. visiting cafes is one of my fave things to do when visiting new places! and funny thing, just yesterday I wrote about cafe culture in Estonia! 🙂
    I didn’t know this place in Warsaw! Looks great, I have to check it soon!

    1. Should definitely check out Shabby Chic, I stumbled upon it totally by random. Oh must go check out your post!

  3. I love coffee and I love “ngafe” (hangout in cafes). Anomali in Bali and Pasteis de Belem are my fave too. Yum !

    1. Tosss Deb! They are delightful aren’t they 😉

  4. Oh I love cafes and people watching! YES! I wrote a similar post a while ago and we haven’t doubled up which means I have new ones to go check out. I’m off to Portugal next month so will be taking your recommendation for Lisbon and Porto!

    1. Oh goody! I hope you get to eat Pasteis de Belem and go to Majestic Cafe – simply marvelous! Portugal is amazing 🙂

      1. I ended up skipping Majestic. I walked in and it looked beautiful, but I wanted somewhere a bit more cosy. Instead I went to Rota do Cha, an incredible tea house and had the most delicious chocolate cake. I’m in Lisbon now and will have a look at the one you recommended but I’ve got a few on my list to check out here.

        1. Oh that sounds great! You have to get pasteis de belem, simply amazing! Have fun in Lisbon!

  5. pnasaran ama interior cafe yg di Zurich itu, ga punya fotonya yah?

  6. Anomali kopinya kopi Indo sih ya, imo kopi indo masih low quality dibanding africa / latin amerika, tp salut ama owner nya, from nothing into something beneran bisnis nya, dulu buka pertama kali di belakang kantor gw di Senopati, dari yg sepi terus sampe skarang buka cabang dimana2..

    1. Ga punya foto yang interiornya Zurich, klo penasaran tinggal naek kereta ke Zurich hihihi..
      Waktu gw kesana di Anomali enak sih kopinya, kuenya juga enak banget. Tempatnya cozy abiss

  7. All the cakes look so good! But now I’m craving Pasteis de Belem, yum! Glad to see New York Café on the list, it’s probably the most beautiful cafe I’ve ever been to 🙂

    1. Hmm Pasteis de Belem is rather tempting! NY Cafe was definitely a grand one, I was, however felt a lot cozier in Rumzwurst, I guess it’s because I love small cafes.

      1. I may go back to Portugal this year and I’m more excited about the food than the sights, haha. Have you visited any cafes in Bucharest? It has some pretty cosy teahouses.

        1. I have only gone to 2 cafes in the old town near University square – most of my time were spent in pizza bars and pubs near my uni, UPB ;D

          1. Well my favorites are further from the old town, in the Cotroceni area. If you ever visit again, I’m offering to be a cafe-tour-guide 😀

          2. So sweet of you! Would take up the offer when I’m back in Bucharest! 🙂

  8. I absolutely love Ruszwurm. I even skipped a walking tour just to have cake here, and it was no mistake. Not knowing what to order, I had the Kremes since there were framed of articles about it on the walls. And by gooly was it good! Thanks for this recommendation, Aggy!
    And can you eat another egg tart after Belem?

    1. I get super happy when someone is satisfied by my recommendation and well Ruszwurm is definitely a must for those visiting Budapest! I would so love to go back there and try all the cakes nyam nyam. Well, after belem, you’ll have huge expectation for other egg tarts 😉

  9. Try Shabby Chic Cafe Belgrade, Serbia

    1. Hey Tin, will keep it in mind for when I go to Serbia (which hopefully soon!)

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