Les Champs-Elysées, A Tribute to Paris

Champs-Elysées is one of the most crowded streets in Paris. Always bustling with people shopping, eating and strolling around. Frankly speaking, it is not my favourite street as I’m always squashed between people carrying huge Louis Vuitton bags – but it is the very essence of Paris: exciting, busy and crazy.

This post is dedicated to my countless times visiting Paris and mostly for my friends who made my visits unforgettable (you know who you are). Though I have never lived in Paris, I was able to experience the beauty and craziness of Paris with them who showed me how to do it the Parisian way.

One of my friends was obsessed with the song Les Champs-Elysées. Soon enough, it became everyone’s theme song, we could not visit Paris (or meet him) without singing this catchy song. I too was highly influenced by this song and became in love with it.

So here is for the crazy times, the staying up all night talking, the dancing in the street, the running in the rain, the midnight museum trip, the gay bar visit, the sparks and magic we had in the beautiful madness that is Paris.

Hope you enjoy my random shots of Paris.

(I suggest you read the post while playing the song! The song was originally sung by Joe Dassin, but Mika also has a version of it)

Je me baladais sur l’avenue
Le coeur ouvert à l’inconnu

J’avais envie de dire bonjour
À n’importe qui

N’importe qui ce fut toi
Je t’ai dit n’importe quoi

Il suffisait de te parler
Pour t’apprivoiser

Aux Champs-Élysées
Aux Champs-Élysées

Au soleil, sous la pluie
À midi ou à minuit

Il y a tout ce que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Élysées

Tu m’as dit : “J’ai rendez-vous
Dans un sous-sol avec des fous
Qui vivent la guitare à la main
Du soir au matin”

Alors je t’ai accompagnée
On a chanté, on a dansé

Photo credit to my friend P.S.

Et l’on n’a même pas pensé
À s’embrasser

Hier soir deux inconnus
Et ce matin sur l’avenue

Deux amoureux tout étourdis
Par la longue nuit

Et de l’Étoile à la Concorde
Un orchestre à mille cordes

Tous les oiseaux du point du jour
Chantent l’amour

Aux Champs-Élysées
Aux Champs-Élysées

Au soleil, sous la pluie
À midi ou à minuit

Photo credit to my friend P.S.

Il y a tout ce que vous voulez
Aux Champs-Élysées


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  1. Paris is one of those cities where you can’t get bored each time you visit. Can’t wait to walk on Champs-Elysées (and stop for some shopping at the “glamorous” Fnac 🙂 ) and to visit the Arc de Triomph. 😀

    1. LOL! Yes Paris – I will never get tired of this amazing place. I loved walking down this street with my friends! I was particularly happy being on top of Arc de Triomphe, a gorgeous view of the city!

      1. I’ve seen pictures of the view from the Arc de Triomphe (in a previous post here as well) and it made me realize what I had missed out the last time. Now it’s high on my priority list. Might even go on the first day, haha.

        1. So beautiful from up there. You could see all parts of Paris: Eiffel Tower (classic!) and Montmartre too!

  2. Seems like you had lotsa fun there! You make me want to experience the Parisian way of life, especially with playing with Les Champs-Elysées as the background music. 😀

    Probably there are more people carrying Louis Vuitton bags than people carrying paper/plastic bags! 🙂

    1. A surprisingly number of people were carrying Louis Vuitton bags – and I just watched them, imagining the price and my status as a broke student haha.

      Yea, Paris is an amazing place. Let me know if you decide to go there, I’ll recommend some great stuff to do 😉

  3. I agree with Vlad! It’s hard to get bored in Paris and your photos proved it!

    1. Always something exciting going on, whether it’s on the street or inside the metro station! Thanks Annette 🙂

  4. Sweetie, I’ve been there over 3 years ago. In fact, this street was extremely busy, but yet so beautiful and surrounded by shops and local food stands. It was summer and I really enjoyed the music played there by street musicians. This street is indeed so special and one of a kind!

    1. There is a certain kind of vibe in this street that even though it was not my favourite kind of street, I was always drawn to it! Such a nice place to spend with friends!

  5. Very nice! Love your idea and the photos!

    1. Thanks Corinne!

  6. I never get tired of random pics of Paris. I remember the first time I saw the Champs-Elysées. It was few weeks before Christmas and we had just been at a cafe a few blocks away. When we turned the corner at Champs-Elysées, I was totally in awe. It was a gorgeous scene with all the lights and activity. Ah ….

    1. Oh in Christmas it must’ve been amazing! I have never seen it during Christmas! Paris is just an all round wonderful place to be, can never get tired of it!

  7. Paris isn’t my favorite European city but it definitely has something special and charming. I love how lively the Champs Elysees are and full of different mix of people. When I was in Paris last I simply liked strolling by these immense streets without worrying where I was going to, it was quite relaxing!

    1. Hey Franca! I know what you mean, there is always something going on at Champs Élysées! Wandering in Paris endlessly with no direction is the best way to make the soul happy 🙂

  8. Lovely pics! I adore Paris and try to get out there once a year – this is definitely inspiring me to get back out there again soon.

    1. If only Paris was that close to me as before, I would definitely be visiting this place again! Thank you Lucy!

  9. Such a romantic, beutiful post. Love it Aggy! I’ve been to Paris few times but never long enough to fully explore it. Would love to go again soon!

    1. Thanks Monica! We all love Paris 😉

  10. Beautiful work of art! 🙂

  11. Aggy, I didn’t read this post before!!!! It made me so nostalgic 😀 I wish now to have Paris night again with you, it was great having you as guest! But best think is having you as friend! :*

    1. We always have the best time in Paris! Do you remember running with plastic bags in the rain in L’Hay Les Roses? Oh so many beautiful memories! I am so lucky to have you as a friend too!

      1. L’Hay les Roses is not Paris Aggy :)))))
        It was for Martin Bday i think. Oh, I wish more night like this, they don’t happen that often anymore! Or this amazing time during our trip to Swiss and Austria!
        That was a lot of fun. XOXO

        1. Hahaha yes it isn’t Paris lol! It was Martin’s bday then afterwards we went for free night at a museum then to that bar. Ooh I wish for those kinf of nights again – we have to make it happen again Hana!

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