10 Perfect Hideaway Spots

I asked some inspirational travel bloggers to share their favourite hideaway spots. Sometimes when I travel, all I want to do is find that quiet place to sit read a book or simply enjoy the moment. I don’t often find it, but when I do, it’s always rewarding. Hopefully, after reading this post you can visit some of these gorgeous hideaway spots!

Peniche, Portugal

When Aggy asked me to be a part of this post, I wanted to know if I can cheat and write about more places. Because in all fairness, I feel the most at peace whenever I’m in nature, whether if it’s by a lake, on a beach by the sea or the ocean (see a pattern here?). So when she declined, I started thinking about what was the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to. And that was a hidden beach we found while driving from Peniche, Portugal, back to Lisbon. We spotted it, got off the car and went to explore it. There was no other person in sight and the only sound you could hear was the one made by the waves crashing on the rocks. We had to go down some narrow steps, but once I’ve set foot on the clean golden sand, I knew we found a truly incredible place. Breathing the fresh air, dipping our toes in the cold ocean water, enjoying the sun on a warm summer day….it was the most harmonious ending to our first visit to Portugal, a complete antithesis to the ever noisy and active city waiting for us back home. If only we hadn’t been so pressed for time, it would have been great to have a picnic…in the most perfect hideaway spot.

Vlad chooses the gorgeous Peniche for his hideaway place

More on Peniche, Portugal : Discover Portugal: Penice

Recommended by Vlad of effitimonholiday.com
Vlad is a part-time traveller from Romania who is always planning his next big trip. When he’s not travelling, he enjoys researching different cities, to the point where he can get around a place without actually having been there. He loves the warmth of a sunny summer day and would move in a heartbeat to a town at the Mediterranean Sea.
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Plaosan Temple, Klaten, Indonesia

Situated not too far from Prambanan temple, Plaosan temple, located in Klaten, Central Java, is surprisingly not so popular and rarely visited by tourists. The restoration for most part of the temple is not yet done, leaving a somehow mysterious atmosphere. In the temple area, you will see many of its temple parts are not neatly stacked, in some places there are temple stones messily scattered, still a work in progress. Tainted by time and a victim of several natural disasters compiled over hundreds of years make it difficult for archeologists to figure out the original map of Plaosan temple. Many statues as well as temple reliefs have been found and could only be gathered into one category. Some of it are kept safe inside a room to avoid theft. Its green field and the lush rice field surrounding the temple create a peaceful and tranquil air, for a moment kicking aside any stress in my mind.

Halim thinks Plaosan temple offers a mysterious ambience


More on Plaosan Temple (in Indonesian) : Hitam Putih – Candi Plaosan

Recommended by Halim of jejak-bocahilang.com
A traveller who likes to hunt for gorgeous views, villages and everything to do with history such as temples, old buildings and traditional food. Halim is also a blogger who blogs actively at jejak-bocahilang.com.
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Guilin, China

Since I’ve been living, working and travelling in China for over 2 years, I discovered a lot of places that I often travel to when I feel tired, homesick or stressed out. One of these places is Guilin, a city located in Guangxi province which I fell in love at first sight. Guilin is extremely beautiful and offers a lot to its visitors – from picturesque Yangshuo Li River, through stunning Longsheng Rice Terraces to Diecai Hill and Reed Flute.

My first visit here inspired me to write a mini-guide to backpacking in Guilin which many of my readers found useful and necessary when visiting the city and nearby areas.

Guilin, China is Agness’ perfect hideaway

Why do I always return to Guilin? First of all, this place offers an authentic Chinese food I love to crave. All local dishes are simple, but rich in flavours and perfectly spiced. Top 3 dishes you can’t afford to miss when in Guilin are Guilin thick noodles, local baozi (Chinese dumplings) and cooked snails in beer. Secondly, the city keeps you busy and active all the time. You can rent a bike and go across exploring different parks, caves and temples. Lastly, Guilin is famous for its stunning Li River which is visited by hundreds of Chinese and foreigners each day. For a little money, you can rent a local boat or a bamboo raft and admire the stunning scenery while taking some photos and chilling out. If you want more adventures, head to Longsheng Rice Terraces which will surprise you with its beautiful view and breath-taking scenery! This city is, without a doubt, my little hidden Chinese gem and a shelter where I feel secure and relaxed.

Recommended by: Agness of eTramping.com
Agness is a photography passionate, food lover and adventure hunter. She stands behind eTramping – a travel website where you can find plenty of budget travel tips on how to travel the world with $25 in your pocket. If you would like to read more about China, you can check out her “Add the Brick to the Great Wall:” Experience-based Advice for China from Expats” e-book which sums up her two-year experience of teaching, living and travelling in the Land of Dragons.
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Bukit Gasing Forest Park, Malaysia

Living in a bustling city like Kuala Lumpur can be amazing. But there are times when all I want is to head out somewhere quiet to get away from the daily grind; preferably one where no driving is required! Luckily for me, there are a good number of hiking trails within the city for me to go to for some much-needed respite. My most recent escape was to the Bukit Gasing Forest Park which looks out toward the cities of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. A 100-hectare park, it is a haven for city folk looking to hike, walk or even do a spot of bird watching. It was such a great feeling connecting with nature and also fellow hikers. We all greeted each other and even helped each other out if someone got stuck at a precarious spot. There were moments when it was only me, the trees and the wonderful sound of nature buzzing away with life. And who knew hugging a few trees would make you feel so much better?! Nature has a way of reminding us to slow down, look around and just be in the moment. I’m so grateful that I am able to do just that whenever I need to. Hiking trails truly are my perfect hideaway spot.

Checking out the watchtower at Bukit Gasing Forest Park is Kavitha’s pick of spending her hideaway

Recommended by Kavitha of redbohemia.com
Kavitha is rather new to the travel blogging community, but she has been embraced by such lovely souls inspiring her to travel more, discover more and seek new adventures. Someday, she hopes to be as much of an inspiration to others as they have been to her.
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Lake Bled, Slovenia

As soon as I arrived in Lake Bled in Slovenia, I instantly knew that it’s my perfect hideaway spot. I could spend the whole day on my balcony, enjoying the mountain range and a lush hill in the middle of a tranquil lake. It’s simply breathtaking.

Lake Bled is Debby’s choice of peace and quiet

More on Lake Bled : Slovenia: Lake Bled – One Of Worlds Most Beautiful Lake

Recommended by Debby of Debbzie.com
A travel junkie, foodie, animal lover and shutterbug. Living a semi-nomadic life since birth. Visited 42 countries. A retired pastry chef and now share stories around the world through her blog.
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Portibi Farm, Cicurug, Indonesia

We discovered Portibi Farm, an eco lodge and organic farm hidden in the hills of West Java, when we needed a quiet place to write our first book. The farm turned out to be the perfect place for a writing hideaway. There was no shortage of cozy spots to write, every meal time was a feast of delicious organic food (including the best tempe we’ve ever had!), the fresh air and greenery gave us an extra dose of inspiration, and there were plenty of antidotes to writer’s block – picking our own salad for lunch, planting some seeds, hiking to a waterfall and swimming in the cool water, baking bread, or playing board games with the family who owns Portibi. We love the farm so much, we always plan our next visit within a few hours after we left the place!

The Dusty Sneakers chooses Portibi Farm for their perfect hideaway spot

More on Portibi Farm (in Indonesian) : Empat Hari di Portibi Farm

Recommended by The Dusty Sneakers of thedustysneakers.com
The Dusty Sneakers are Gypsytoes and Twosocks, Jakarta-based development workers who love exploring their hometown as much as they crave traveling to new places. They write their travel stories in thedustysneakers.com, share snapshots of their travels as thedustysneakers in Instagram, and tweet at @dusty_sneakers.
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Stanley, Hong Kong

The impression I had of Hong Kong is just another typical fast paced city somewhat similar to Singapore and their famous densely packed high-rise buildings. It was not until I discovered Stanley which is accessible via bus from Chai Wan or Causeway Bay MTR station. It is a very un-Hong Kong area where the wealthy lives with sea views from their houses, so different from the bustling city life. It has such a lovely peaceful neighbourhood with a mall, a small stretch of beach and a street with al fresco style dining restaurants and bars. It is a perfect hideaway to indulge in some alcohol while enjoying awesome sea view and cool sea breeze with a tint of saltiness as you embrace the moment.

Pam thinks Stanley is a great hideaway spot

Recommended by Pamela of pamgoestravelling.com
Pamela from Singapore, holding a full time job in the corporate world and a part time travel blogger who loves escape to the world of wanderlust whenever there is an opportunity to experience wonders of the world.
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Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

If I need to choose my perfect hideaway spot, I will choose Gili Trawangan. I know that the island is actually a bit crowded sometimes, so how come it’s my choice?! Well, first, I have fallen in love with Gili Trawangan, so it’s the most important thing. I need to feel comfortable with the place first. Then, you should know that not all side of Gili Trawangan is crowded [I think so], so if I want to hide and escape from the people, I just ride my bike and go to the other side of the island … Just like when I found a very nice cafe in Queen resort in an area with less crowd … I can be in this place for hours and enjoy the quietness while waiting for the sunset in front of my eyes! Perfect situation right?! 🙂

Timothy loves spending his time waiting for the sunset in Gili Trawangan

More on Gili Trawangan : Gili Trawangan, a Great Place to Relax

Recommended by Timothy of mixedupalready.com
Timothy travels with any styles … he can travel with his backpack, and he also can drag his luggage. He can stay in a hostel, and he can stay in a 5-star hotel. He can eat at a warung, and he can eat at a fancy restaurant. Thus, he travels to get the experience.
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South Goa, India

For me, nothing says BLISS like South Goa. Those who have traveled around India would understand the appeal of lounging by the beach in such a quiet environment. Apart from some well-known beaches, South Goa is a paradise for those who like to go off the beaten path. Rent a scooter in any of the beach shacks and just go where the wind takes you. Feel the sun on your skin, dig your toes into the sand and wash all your worries away in the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean. The cows that call the beaches of South Goa their home have it sweet – and when you come to visit so will you!

Zara found quietness in South Goa, India

More on India : India

Recommended by Zara of bkpk.me
Zara is a Portuguese girl who quit her job in Dubai 2 years ago to travel around the world with her now husband Ashray, from India. They’re the team behind Backpack ME, a travel site that aims to share tips and ideas with people all over the place, inspiring them to go travel, no matter where they come from! A&Z are East meets West and Backpack ME is all about a multicultural perspective on travel: http://www.bkpk.me
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Lake Zürich, Switzerland

When it comes to the perfect hideaway, Lake Zürich immediately pops up into my head. This place oozes tranquillity and quietness that may have saved me from drowning in frustration while working in Zürich. This lake is quite big, giving me many spots to choose from. I tend to move around, sometimes I joined the crowd to sit quietly by the lake, watching a silent yet stunning sunset over the lake, but most of the times I picked the most quiet and hidden spot at one of its park. Seeing the water swaying softly, small boats passing by and swans swimming gently gave me a sense of peace and cleared my cluttered mind. The beauty that the lake offered always made me smile and at that time made me the luckiest girl to be living in such a gorgeous place. It’s no wonder I miss this place and always wishing and hoping that I could one day come back to my perfect hideaway spot.

Beautiful, snowy mountains and a calm lake, my type of hideaway spot

Recommended by me.

Where is your favourite hideaway spot? Have you been to any of these places?

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  1. wow, gorgeous places! I have only heard of Lake Zürich before, I’m sure they’re all great for a perfect blissful time! Thanks for asking me to contribute! 🙂

    1. Thank YOU for contributing Vlad! Lake Zurich is a very blissful place, I am pretty sure the other places are just as blissful, in fact some of them are just near my hometown!

  2. Lovely compilation, dear! 🙂

    1. Thank you dear 😛

      1. Press conference dooong hahaha

        1. Bahahaha conference apaaaan coba!

          1. It’s okay dear :p

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  4. I agree with koh halim. Apa karena dia yang bawa gw ya? haha

    1. Owwww ini tempatmu sama koh halim ngedate toh ckckckck 😛

      1. Hahaha.. Aku inget waktu dia cerita plaosan itu perpaduan buddha & hindu.. Eaaa *cari koh halim*

        1. Ciyeee mengenang masa2 indah sama ko Halim xD

  5. I actually want to change my mind and go for Portugal instead! It looks so stunning and relaxing! Can’t wait to make it this summer :).

    1. Haha! Guilin is also amazing! You will definitely love Portugal 😉

    2. Hope you have fun! I can’t wait to go back there in September 😀

  6. ahhh….I’d love to visit all those beautiful places.
    It’s a great post, Gy. Thank you for including me :*

    1. You’re very welcome Deb! Thanks for contributing 🙂

  7. A collection of lovely places!
    And I am very happy to see Portugal, my country, included as well. It always gives me great satisfaction when other travelers realize how cool Portugal is… and in this case, how full of perfect hideaway spots it is as too!..

    Well done, everyone! 🙂

    1. Portugal is amazing! It really is, you are lucky to be from there 🙂
      Thank you Zara for your contribution!

    2. I’m really happy to see so many travelers falling in love with Portugal from their first visit, like I did. You have an incredible country! 🙂

  8. Thanks for take me in this article of wonderful hideaway places around the world, Gy. This is a great post *bear hug* hehehe.

    Bobby termasuk salah satu turis luar kota yang kukenalin Candi Plaosan, semoga yang lain ikut tertular rasa penasaran ama tempat tersebut. 🙂

    1. Lim, semoga translatean-ku apik yo hihi
      Aah aku juga tertular lim, pingin kesana nih, nanti ngrepotin kamu ah nanya2 jalan 😀

  9. Nice post! Haven’t visited most places though, haha..
    Mine is Gili Trawangan too.. But I also lovee Batu.. it’s so quiet it’s such a perfect place to hide 😉

    1. Never too late to start exploring them! I’ve not been to most of them too haha!
      Someday I’ll have to make my way to Gili!

  10. I haven’t been to any of these destinations but would love to visit them all. Thus far my perfect hideaway destination is Tayrona Park, in Santa Marta Colombia.

    1. Hey Will, would love to see this Tayrona park. Everyone’s got their place for a hideaway, nice to share yours too 🙂

  11. What a great selection – quite a few I don’t know much about but will definitely look into more. Love Gili Trawangan though, one of my favourites. And Lake Bled is high on my list!

    1. So jealous of you! Not been to Gili Trawangan yet, and I also would love to go to Lake Bled, so gorgeous!

  12. Interesting to see that there are so many more interesting places to go in Indonesia! The farm sounds really interesting, looks like a place to just rest and relax. and also Bukit Gasing Forest Park which doesn’t seems too far away as well, maybe one day, I will make it there! 😀

    1. Absolutely! Will need to visit those places in Indonesia and also Malaysia as it’s closer too!

  13. A lot of these places are new to me and they all look stunning! I found the perfect hideaway spot in Costa Rica: Play Plantanares on the Osa Peninsula. It’s a beautiful beach that my husband and I had to ourselves; no one else to be seen for miles!

    1. Wow, Costa Rica and a hideaway beach – it just sounds so exotic to me! You must’ve been happy to have the place to yourself! Always love discovering hideaway places 🙂

  14. Baru pernah ke Gili Trawangan dan Lake Zürich aja dari list di atas. Kalo hideaway-nya gw, banyak. One of them is Lake Chiemsee di Bavaria.

    1. I bet you have many hideaway collections kak! Bavaria is indeed a lovely place 🙂

  15. I would go to any one of these hideaways right now if I could. I’m particularly attracted to the Lake Zurich and Lake Bled recommendations. Europe is always in my heart.

    1. Europe definitely has a special charm! Loved being in Lake Zurich, always so calming there

  16. If I could choose I would go to Lake Bled. Looks like the perfect place for me.

    1. Hi Suki! Lake Bled is a great choice, I have been dying to go there too 🙂

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  18. Oh, my… So many places to add to my already extensive bucket list, haha! I’ve been to Lake Bled and absolutely loved it and would love to see Lake Zurich and Peniche (anything in Portugal, actually).

    1. Portugal is a great choice Pola, so in love with that city!

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