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In travel I always believe in getting the best of the places I visit as much as I can. I love getting connected with its locals, food and heritage places. That really is the essence of travel. It does get a little overwhelming sometimes, planning all of this, but I know that it’s worth it. I am not a big fan of those big buses tours, but I do love small group tours, which I usually take when available, such as food tour and walking tour. I love small tours as it is more intimate and you can ask more questions (yes, I do love to bug the guide with heaps of questions!).

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Now, what if I tell you of a tour that is led by two of the most well-travelled people I know?

They’ve roamed around the world almost all their lives, they eat and breathe travel, and often stay in a place for some time just to understand its cultures. These two amazing people are Noel of and Stephen of


Their tours are quite extraordinary. With the idea of bridging the gap of tour group and independent travel, they will be doing a small/backpacking tour with limitation of only 12 people per tour. This is so that they can give people a better and more in depth experience of their destinations. Even better, they will be using public transportations, staying at boutique hostels or family-run guesthouses, eating where the locals eat and they will even organise meet-up with locals to get more insights into the culture and life of the people living there.

Sounds pretty amazing to me, a tour that will let you go experience a city the local’s way, and you’re even saved from the hassle of planning all of it as Noel and Stephen will do all the planning for you!

So if you’re in here are their plans for 2014:
1. Singapore & Malaysia Food and Culture tour (July 20 – August 1)

2. Taiwan Food and Culture tour (Sept 28 – Oct 12)

3. Borneo Adventure tour (Nov 6 – 22)

…and for 2015:
1. Experience Colombia tour (Jan 11 – 25)

So, if you love connecting with local people, eating at the local’s spots and experience the local way of transport in your travel, I highly recommend this tour for you! I have no doubt that Noel and Stephen impress you with their travel knowledge and lead you to all the amazing places.

For further information you can check out :

P.S. If you mention me (that’s Aggy of DEW), they’ll give you a discount of USD25! Aren’t they lovely?!


Now, what are you waiting for?

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  1. The Borneo adventure sounds amazing! Too bad Asia is so, so far away :'(

    1. It’s not that far away Vlad! Only around 12 hours from Bucharest šŸ˜‰

      1. To be fair, I’m mostly scared about the prices, it’s quite expensive. One day though, ONE DAY! šŸ˜€

  2. Oh man, these look incredible! Got to agree with you – small tours have got to be the best, especially when it comes to food! *drools*

    1. I know right! So when are you making your way down here? šŸ˜‰

  3. I love group tours with a local guide. I always gain new friends and get to know the local life.
    These food and culture tour sounds great to me. I think I should join Stephen and Noel one day šŸ˜€

    1. You should! I’m thinking of doing the Colombia one, always wanted to go there!

      1. Aggy, the Colombia tour is out! check it out:

    2. Hi DebbZie, you’re most welcomed to join us in any of the tours!

  4. I’ve recently visited Singapore and let me tell you that the local food at Hawker Centers is so affordable and extremely yummy. I often crave some Taiwanese food, but there are not many restaurants here in China :-(.

    1. Absolutely agree, Singapore’s hawker centres are yummy and not so expensive!

  5. Aggy, can I get for discount on november ? I will backpack to singapore with 11 friend.

    1. Of course, the discounts are for all the tours. Please contact for further discussion about the schedule.

      You can also have a look here for tours to Singapore :

    2. Hi Tiah! please contact me at and we can discuss further

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