[Review] Wanderlust Hotel : A Quirky and Luxurious Haven For Travellers

I walked from Bugis to Dickson Road, Singapore, a mere 10 minutes walk, to find a hotel named Wanderlust. Intrigued by its name, I had already checked it through its website and I grew excited when I got the opportunity to stay at Wanderlust for a night. The four floor hotel was easily located and I could still see the old charm that embodies the building. The hotel building was originally a school, Hong Wen School, in the 1920s and to keep its charm and heritage, the façade of Wanderlust’s hotel remains the same. Wanderlust is definitely perfectly situated, in Little India, but in a quieter part allowing its guests to experience a peaceful stay and still be in the heart of Singapore.

The first thing I realized when I entered Wanderlust was definitely the wacky lobby: wall covered in Indian product packages, several dentists chairs and a suitcase monster. At the back was Wanderlust’s French restaurant, Cocotte. The restaurant looked chic with its easy layout and a very eye-catching spider-like chandelier hanging in its centre. Trying to consume so much interesting art, my mind was on a world of its own trying to imagine what my room would look like.

Eccentric arts in the lobby

After checking in, the receptionist gave me the room key as well as a passport-like notebook. The notebook contains a little explanation of the hotel as well as recommendations of places to see and eat as well as a small map of the area and MRT and buses information. I love that they stamped my notebook, just like when your passport get stamp upon entering a new country. I’m beginning to sense that I will have a hard time leaving this hotel at the end of my stay.

Welcome gift

My room was on the top floor and was a Whimsical Loft type. When I entered my room I could see a huge typewriter monster couch and a very inviting bathtub. My bed was upstairs. This room was definitely beyond my expectation!

My Typewriter Room

I was lucky enough that day to have met Mae Noor and Shari, who happily explained the whole concept of the hotel and showed me some other rooms in the hotel. In total there are 29 rooms at Wanderlust. What makes this hotel unique though is the architecture. Each floor of the hotel was designated to 4 different award-winning Singapore design agencies.

Cocotte and Lobby of Wanderlust

The first floor, in charge of the lobby and Cocotte restaurant, was done by Asylum with the theme “Industrial Glam” where they take their inspiration from Little India and mixed it with a contemporary design. Cocotte restaurant is designed with a French-like atmosphere, I could see some French street signs and also comfortable chairs and tables in which I could picture myself having dinner with my friends.

Cocotte at Wanderlust

The second floor or also known as the “Eccentricity” level was created by phunk studio. There are 11 capsule rooms here each with different colours from green to yellow. I was lucky to see the green pantone room, the room looks extremely cozy and bright. At the top of the bed is a neon sign, this neon sign is a signature for this level as you can find it in every room and they are actually popular song titles. In this floor was also where I was shown the multi-coloured jacuzzi and colourful elephant seats. I wanted to hang out there the whole day! It was so gorgeous!

Green Pantone room

“Is it just Black and White?” – not a question but rather a theme for third level at Wanderlust. DP Architects created the black and white theme into nine rooms and transformed them into something amazing. As I entered one room I saw some stencil arts with neon light behind it creating an amazing effect.

Tree monster loft room and Eccentricity room

The floor I stayed in was given the theme “Creature Comforts”. This level was made by fFurious where their concepts is to have friendly monsters that would accompany the people staying in the room. I was hesitant at first, I mean monsters and a good night sleep never really go together, but after my room, I would happily sleep with the typewriter monster that was installed in my room anytime. I was also shown the Tree Monster room where the room is magical! It truly is, its ceiling covered by (made-up) leaves with all sorts of colours and also colourful tiled floor (and we all know how much I love tiles!).

Bathtub love

What I love most about my stay is the loft design. Shower, toilet, bathtub, my monster sofa and also a huge TV on the first floor and a cloud-like bed (and again a huge TV) on the loft! Mae Noor told me they designer took the idea of children’s tree house. Well, I never had a tree house when I was little, but I really want one now! The concept of the room definitely gave me the playful effect (I was giddy as a child!) but it also gave a sexy, grown-up feel too. The perfect lighting (they installed some small bulbs on the ceiling which looks like stars!), the amazingly nice-smelling Shanghai Tang shampoo and conditioner, the minibar and also the coffee and tea. I was also very happy with the Nespresso machine – although I am no longer a coffee addict but it was just the small things they provided to make their guests smile.

A selection of tea and coffee were given in each room

My stay at Wanderlust was more than just a night sleep. It was almost like visiting a contemporary art gallery. I loved that they had different concept in each level, allowing guests to wander around the place curiously. I was extremely happy to end my stay with a hearty breakfast provided by Cocotte. I had their fresh berries pancake, and most importantly the breakfast was freshly made!

Delightful breakfast at Cocotte

I don’t know how I can describe this hotel further. It’s eccentric, amazing, quirky, vintage, surprising all at the same time. I really have never stayed in such a hotel! I truly recommend this hotel not only for curious travellers but also those who love architecture and art.

Gorgeous lamp

Hotel Info

Address : No. 2 Dickson Road Singapore 209494
Phone : +65 6396 3322
Reservations : WLH-RES@unlistedcollection.com
No of levels : 4
No of rooms : 29
Hotel Facilities : Jacuzzi, restaurant and bar

I am grateful for Mae Noor and Shari for taking their time to show my the hotel and explained the concept, thank you for that guys. I was a guest of Wanderlust but of course all opinions are my own.

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  1. Cool!!! Loved it…very unique and different! Will save it to my list for whenever I go to Singapore! 😀

    1. It’s a very interesting hotel Allane, I really enjoyed curiously wandering around inside, so many things to see!

  2. The comfortable of hotel is absolutely necessary, especially with such a unique concept like this hotel. Capek habis jalan-jalan cepat pulih ini mah.

    1. What’s so great about Wanderlust is that not only it is comfortable, it’s also a house of arts! An interesting concept and definitely worth the visit while in Singapore!

  3. This hotel is a great combination of old-fashioned museum and quirky hostel room to me. It’s so nice and the breakfast they serve there… omomomomomomom!

    1. Definitely a great quirky hotel and that breakfast was delicious!

  4. I love how they put a lot of attention to details. It looks so personalized and… Instagrammable lol

    1. Me too! I spent most of my time taking pictures and uploading them on my Instagram too 😛
      Love this hotel, really didn’t wanna leave!

  5. What a cool-looking place!! They put some serious thought into the decor, and I love the little touches (e.g. the notebook). If I ever make it to the area… 😉

    1. If you ever make it to the area Pola you should definitely check it out! Serious modern art decor going on!

  6. Wow, looks like such an interesting place! I love how each floor was done by different designers. Your loft seems awesome, too. And the notebook/passport – what a fun idea!

    1. I love the notebook/passport, I got to take it home and they certainly make an interesting souvenir from the hotel! Love this hotel, if you’re around the area Francesca, a must visit!

  7. Ooohh I want to stay here and also eat those pancakes LOL

    1. Hahahah me too! The pancakes were really delicious!

  8. This place looks so fun and funky! That pool is awesome!

    1. Definitely worth staying in when you’re in Singapore Adrienne 🙂

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