Study Abroad Series : Laundry

Study Abroad Series are little flashback narrations of my study abroad experience in Europe.

I had lived alone before, but that was inside my own country. I knew the language, I knew the jokes, I knew how to get food, I knew where to go and not to go. As difficult as it was, I had this bubble of protection, a safe haven because I was in my own territory. Living alone abroad though was no easy task. For the first time I realized that I didn’t know how to operate a washing machine. The definition of laundry in my country is to give it to someone and by the end of the day you’ll get a pile of clean clothes, no fuss, no mess. A spoilt brat I was, I thought to myself. I dreaded going to the laundry room, all they gave me was a coin, and they expected me to know how to operate the damn machine, which had instructions only in French?! A friend snapped me out of my dreary first time laundry fear. He asked if we could do the laundry together, because he had never done it either.

Yes my living alone was never actually alone. All I needed to do was look around, listen up and there was always someone offering me a hand, smiling and willingly open to help.

The laundry was done, the weather was nice. It was time to celebrate my personal achievement of the day.

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  1. first time I did my laundry, I shrank some of my fave sweaters and it became kid size sweaters. I think I’ve put the tumbler on highest temp or something. Oh well, the spoilt brat has learned a lesson >.<

    1. LOL! Same here! I shrunk my jumpers and also my white tshirt came out with another colour 😀

  2. Try to do your laundry in a Vietnamese forest as I did once. Not an easy thing to do, trust me :)!

    1. Hah! That sounds hard 😀

  3. Hmm, I don’t know how to use the washing machine in hostel or motel we stayed in either. My husband do that job for me:D

    1. Lucky you! 😉
      I wish I had someone to do the laundry for me 😛

  4. I am so glad I am not the only one who can’t operate a washing machine! Seriously, they need to put a step by step instruction book next to the machine. Not everyone knows how to operate one. Tsk. Anyway, I manage to learn how to operate the one I have at home now. Thanks to the manual booklet and extremely clear instructions on the machine. 😀

    1. I KNOW! That’s what I thought! Every washing machine should have clear instructions LOL!

  5. The first time I did laundry (at home), I knew I had to separate the clothes based on color and fabric and ended up loading the machine 4 times. Needless to say, mom never asked me to do laundry again 😆

    1. LOL! Though I’m quite handy with laundry nowadays, they still don’t trust me at home haha

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