5 Cities I Would Return in a Heartbeat

I am guilty of being one of those travellers that would revisit a city  just because I want to eat a certain food in that place or because I missed it so much from my last visit. So, when Vlad of Eff It, I’m On Holiday nominated me for the Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There challenge, I immediately could picture some cities in my mind.

So here are my top five destinations that I would return any time :

5. Singapore

This is the country that I would fly to immediately whenever there is cheap tickets. As some people already know, my sister lives here and it’s always nice to stay in her flat and pretend that I’m a local. I love how amazingly surprising Singapore is. I am always presented with different experiences with each visit, from exploring its heritage cemetery to adventuring in one of its islands. Food is also never disappointing here!

4. Barcelona, Spain

For the two years I was living in Europe, I went to Barcelona each summer. I hated the summer crowd but somehow Barcelona stole my heart anyway. I feel utterly comfortable in Barcelona, perhaps it’s because several of my good friends in the city so I know that I don’t have to fight the tourist crowds and can just relax with them in their flat or favourite spots in town away from the crowd. Barcelona also introduced me to Gaudi, who is just a genius, and visiting his creations is the only time I don’t mind being in a sea of tourists in Barcelona. So when I’m not awing Gaudi’s works, you can find me sunbathing by the beach, eating delicious food in La Paradeta, dancing the night away in Opium night club, watching an open-air movie in Mont-Juic or simply just having a laugh at one of my friend’s flats. There is no rush in Barcelona, there is only chilling and relaxing.

 3. Santorini, Greece

Well, who can blame me right? I have so much curiosity for this place. Although this island seems small, but the views are spectacular and each corner always fascinates me. I love its small aisles, forcing it to be free from cars and perfect for walking. It doesn’t even matter if I got lost in Santorini because I know the friendly Greeks would happily help me and what is lost when it’s beautiful everywhere. I only spent 3 days in Santorini, and would go back in a heartbeat to explore more. I just know that I missed a lot of things, but I would definitely repeat doing the same thing, like sunset watching in the village of Oia.

2. Warsaw, Poland

I have a thing for Warsaw. Although usually I am not a fan of big cities, Warsaw is slightly different. The painful history of Warsaw took my interest and I love seeing the different architectures in the city. I could linger for a long time in its colourful old town. Once I took a free walking tour within the old town and listened carefully as my guide explained some superstitious and old stories behind some buildings. Of course one of the reasons why I would go back to Warsaw in an instant is for its pierogi…and perhaps its lemon vodka.

1. Porto, Portugal

I am obsessed with Porto. I have always have a thing or two for unique towns and Porto certainly has that level of uniqueness that sent me heads over heels in love with it. Where can I start? The friendly locals that would help lost travellers to its fresh, delicious food – I almost forget about they city’s hilly streets that made me out of breath. I am not the only person who got badly hypnotized by Porto. Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling took inspirations from Porto as she spent time at the old Majestic café. I would go back to Porto anytime, heck I would MOVE to Porto!

I’m pretty sure there are cities that you would go back in a heartbeat too! And because it’s such a fun challenge, I’d like some of my friends to join as well:

I look forward to reading your favourite places to revisit!

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  1. Great choices, I just knew Porto would be on your list! Can’t wait to see it myself next week, although it looks like it may be raining every day *ugly crying* :'( Also, I thought Penang would be on this list as well 😉

    1. Hahaha! Not really a surprise to see Porto up there huh? I was gonna put Penang but I could only list 5!

  2. Great choices – Santorini was one of mine and I loved Porto too. Both Barcelona and Singapore are due a return trip as it’s been years since I was in either – but Warsaw is a new one to me, I’ll have to check it out sometime!

    1. Warsaw is an amazing city! Can’t really blame you for loving both Porto and Santorini 😀

  3. Great list! I’m itching to get back to Barcelona myself…to eat some paella and relax on the beach. It’s been years. Also curious about Porto… Portugal is calling me! 🙂

    1. Oh paella and beach in Barcelona really sound awesome! Porto is gorgeous, hope you get to make your way down there soon Shelley!

  4. Oh, Barcelona! I would definitely go back there in a heartbeat. I don’t think I could ever get enough of it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the other 4 cities you mentioned, but have been hoping to get to each of them soon. There are so many places that I’d like to revisit, but there are also so many places I have yet to see for the first time.

    1. Barcelona is amazing! It seems like the city has many fans 😀
      It’s always nice to go back somewhere familiar isn’t it?

  5. Interesting choices! I love them all except Barcelona–not a fan. But Porto is a lovely town, and lying on the grass near the river is a fond memory. Singapore is always worth a visit if you do the right things (and the Marina Bay Sands hotel is a must). Though I live in Europe, I’ve never been to Warsaw. 🙁

    My list: Bilbao, Queenstown (any town really in New Zealand), Vancouver, Cusco, Stockholm

    1. Love your choices Christopher although I haven’t been to any of them! Porto is a special town, I am completely obsessed by it!

  6. Hmm, I want to go back to Barcelona, because the first time around the city didn’t wow me as much as I thought it would. On paper it seemed perfect, then I got there and… meh. But now that I have friends who live there, perhaps they’ll show me around. 🙂

    As for Warsaw. You know I’m a Krakow gal. 🙂 Plus, I prefer other cities in Poland, like Wroclaw and Torun. Warsaw’s just ok in my book, but I do have nice memories from going there as a kid, esp. to the airport!

    1. Barcelona is really great when you know a local. They definitely know all the cool hang out places. I have only been to 3 cities in Poland, hoping to see more as you know I am a big fan of your country 😉

  7. Barcelona is the only one on this list I’ve been to and I loved it and remember thinking how much I’d love to return! I’m headed to Singapore later this year so I’m really glad you’ve said how great it is and Santorini looks just stunning – that is definitely high up the list!

    1. Barcelona is just awesome! I hope you enjoy Singapore, it is a very interesting place 🙂

  8. I know what you mean about Porto, it’s such an incredible destination and the seafood is just so divine! xx

    1. Absolutely Kelly! I am certainly in love with Porto, its scenery, people and food!

  9. I came across this article, just as I am writing something on Warsaw – and I totally agree, I would love to go back!

    1. There’s just something about Warsaw that even after 2 visits there I still wanna go back!

  10. Kathrine Bricker says: Reply

    How is Zurich not on this list!!!?

    1. Haha because I don’t want to just “return” there for a visit, I want to LIVE there! 😉

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