Cemetery Travel to Cemetério dos Prazeres, Lisbon

While in Lisbon, taking the legendary tram 28 is every first time visitor’s dream. My plan for the day was to enjoy the vintage tram. I allowed myself to immerse in the gentle wind created while the tram moved, often it moved in a roller coaster style, making me jump a little. The tram tackled aisles that I wouldn’t think a tram would fit, but it did. Oh the excitement of tram 28!

I didn’t really know what I was going to see at the end of the line. When I reached the end of the route, I was a little confused in what I should do next. I wanted to take the same tram again going back, the ride left me a little hyper and excited. But just as I was about to board once more, in front of the simple tram station was a cemetery. And what does a cemetery lover does when they see a gorgeous looking cemetery? They go inside and explore.

The name of the cemetery is Cemetério dos Prazeres. The word “prazeres” means “pleasures” but let’s not get into any weird ideas. It was simply named after the name of the neighbourhood.

As I entered, I looked at the map and realized the many poets, singers and other famous Portuguese artists highlighted. Though I am not familiar with most of them, I was still intrigued.

A certain calmness took over me as I walked further inside. As if the loud, bustling, metropolitan feel of Lisbon faded, and I was left with tranquility.

I realized the cemetery was spacious and had large pavements, allowing visitors to easily walk.

In 1833, Lisbon was hit with a bad case of cholera, and a large cemetery was needed to bury the victims. Therefore Cemetério dos Prazeres was created, a cemetery for all, the rich and the poor.

At the front I could see more elaborate tombs, huge ones with “houses” or called the mausoleums. Some had amazing carved tombs and statues. This was signs of tombs for the rich. I could see some tombs had fresh flowers in bright red and yellow, adding colours to its faded tombstones.

The cemetery is well-preserved, clean and there is not one bit of that eerie element while I was there – just a simply stunning cemetery in the middle of cosmopolitan Lisbon.

If you are a cemetery lover like I am, this place is worth the visit. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to getaway from a busy city, a tranquil cemetery like Cemetério dos Prazeres is often enough.

How DEW travelled there

Take tram 28 until the end of the line, cross the street and voilá, Cemetério dos Prazeres is right there!

Would you visit this place?

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  1. I would! I would!
    This cemetery is so beautiful and peaceful.
    I need to put it on my bucket list. Love this post, Gy 😀

    1. Thanks Deb! It is a gorgeous place isn’t it?

  2. Oh, man! How did I miss this place? I must have been too busy looking at the cathedrals to have noticed this lovely cemetery. And yes, I would SO visit this place.

    I guess I have no choice now but to return to Lisbon 🙂

    1. Well in a city as beautiful as Lisbon it is easy to get distracted! Always a reason to visit the gorgeous Lisbon once more 😉

  3. I took the tram 28 on my last day in Lisbon, hopping on and off, until the road was blocked by some accident and I couldn’t hop on anymore. So I couldn’t make it to the end of the line 🙁 This looks like a beautiful place, I wish I had visited it. 😀

    1. Oh no too bad! Guess you just have to come back to Lisbon 😛

  4. Wow very interest your destination nice photo

  5. What a beautiful and quiet place, I’m sure those people’d be glad to see the place they’re resting in 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us, Aggy!

    1. I agree Lily! Such a gorgeous place to have a resting place 🙂

  6. It is really pretty for a cemetery! It reminds me of the principal part of the Cemetery in Antigua Guatemala.

    1. Love gorgeous cemetries! It is definitely worth seeing if it is something you like while travelling 🙂

  7. seklias mirip yang di jakarta ya

    1. Wah Jakarta dimana nih? 🙂

  8. I love cities of the dead … more character to them than boring old cemeteries back home!

    1. After travelling, I found cemeteries back home are also interesting in a way but it’s always nice discovering cemeteries abroad and its background 🙂

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  10. Love hearing about other cemetery-lovers. For me its nothing gothic or morbid but a fascination with how we remember our past, our loved ones and the ways different cultures do so. Lovely pictures.

    1. You are right Elaine, it’s a wonderful way to get to know a culture too as cemeteries differ in each country. Thank you for the lovely words.

  11. Hi,

    I landed on this blog through another blog you commented about travel blogging, and attracted to this post. Glad to know like-minded travel blogger who sees Cemetery as a tourist attraction too. But, I’m more to an Old Cemetery Enthusiast 😉

    Great pictures you have here!!

    1. Old cemeteries definitely have its own charm!

  12. It’s kinda weird but I might go and try a cemetery tour. But, definitely I won’t do it alone. :))

    1. Weird but interesting! Definitely would bring a friend 😉 hope you get to experience it!

  13. Cemeteries are often much more elaborate in countries outside of North America … so spic looking!

  14. Wonderfull,Greeting from Belgium

    1. Thanks! Hello from this side of the world!

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