For the Love of Windows and Doors at Laweyan, Solo

So as you know I have a strange obsession for windows, tiles and doors. Lucky for me, Java has many unique ones in offer, especially in the villages.

When I went to the city of Solo, about an hour drive from my hometown Jogja, I took the time to visit an area called Laweyan. The place is known as a batik village but I was more intrigued in the houses, typical Javanese village houses with its colourful and unique wooden windows and doors as its star. 

Even though it was raining when I was there, I still had a great time spotting these beauties. For a lot of locals, these little details are often forgotten, but these are the things that define a place. So next time you travel, be it abroad or in your own backyard, don’t forget to mind the little things!

For those who has never been to Solo before, I do recommend the place. Not only does it have amazing food (well, duh, it is Indonesia after all!), it also showcase the wonderful things that make up Solo an amazing, typical Javanese city. Don’t forget to pop over to Laweyan too, for sure you will see how the locals live and if you are lucky enough you can even see Batik masters creating their masterpiece!


So which one is your favourite?

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  1. That one with yellow window and blue wall 🙂

    1. Jreng banget ya warnanya..itu juga my favourite hihi

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