Sipping Teh Poci

Us Indonesians love our hot drinks equally as our cold drinks. Yes, it might be strange as we live in a super tropical country but there are cold nights too you know, yea yea it’s like 20C cold type of weather but that’s considered cold in this part of the world!

I love tea. I have it whenever I go out eating in Indonesia and my usual order is just tea, no sugar, no milk, the bitter the better but whatever they have in the house works.

However in special occasions, in some places, I order the famous “teh poci”. It is tea served in a clay teapot complete with its clay cup. The tea, usually bitter in taste, is brewed inside the clay teapot. There must be some kind of magic happening inside that clay teapot because the tea coming streaming out of it tastes so much better than your usual cup of tea. Also you are meant to sip it slow as it is accustomed to have it in small clay teacups too. While I like my tea without sugar, I always have my teh poci with sugar. But this is no ordinary sugar but “rock sugar”, the sweetness blends so well with the bitterness of the tea.

So where to get this amazing Javanese teh poci? Well you can find them easily in Java, especially in traditional “warungs” where they sell Javanese food. It is perfectly paired with sizzling noodles, hot fried rice or just simple snacks like mendoan and fried cassava. Yum! Oh and it is best to drink during the night, you know when the weather is cooler.

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  1. This is fave tea too, Gy. I love love loooooove Teh Poci <3

    1. Enak ya Deb especially on rainy days!

  2. Aughh I miss teh poci!!

    1. Cari ada ga caa di Belanda!

  3. Kl Teh Poci yg di mall2 itu termasuk ga?????? 😀 😀 😀

    Anyway, I love everything cold … including Ice Teh Poci … *tetep yg di mall*


    1. Es teh poci ga termasuk! Apalagi yang di mall hummmff! Dasar anak mall hakakak

  4. Jadi kangen Banduuuung. Dulu sering banget malem2 ngeteh poci + ngemil tempe mendoan!!

    1. Hmmmm kombinasi yang enak tuh! Apalagi Bandung udaranya agak dinginan dari Jogja yah jadi pas deh buat ngeteh poci!

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