The Cozy Plain Vanilla Bakery, Singapore

When my sister told me she was moving to Singapore for her work, I was ecstatic for her. And for my benefit, this means I could come and see her in awesome Singapore without having to fuss around for a place to stay – we all know how pricey it can be staying in Singapore for a long period of time.

Her first apartment was an area called Tiong Bahru. I know “tiong” means “cemetery”, it was an ex-cemetery. I didn’t expect much of the neighbourhood, perhaps old flats rising high and the occasional hawker centres.

I couldn’t be more wrong! Tiong Bahru turns out to be a hip neighbourhood, thriving with cool cafés to hang out, delicious food to eat and shops selling unique knick knacks. Soon enough, every time I came to visit, I always put aside time to ponder around the area and found my “routine places”. The Thai stall at Tiong Bahru market with their salted fish fried rice, the quirky bookstore Books Actually and Tiong Bahru Bakery that gives my French patisserie fix. However though, I was overjoyed when I found Plain Vanilla Bakery.

The bakery is a small, cozy one. The little porch is decorated with old bikes with minty green paint and a wooden swing, how very vintage! The inside is split into two rooms: the hang out room with big wooden tables and the cake room where all the cakes are.

I love their cupcakes! They have many selections of flavour and I was seduced to the salted caramel one. They don’t only have cupcakes though but other cakes too.

On your next visit to Singapore, take your time to visit Tiong Bahru and you will sure be surprised at your findings.

Oh and don’t forget to get your cupcake fix too: Plain Vanilla Bakery, 1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641

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  1. gosh, I love Singapore. there’s always something new and interesting!
    I haven’t really explored Tiong Bahru, only went there to check out a bookstore and then rushed back to catch my flight home.
    ok. Tiong Bahru for next Singapore adventure, it will be!

    1. A lot of great stuff in TB. This bakery is nr Books Actually. There’s also a great pizza place and the market is full of good food! Bring an empty stomach to TB 😉

  2. yess.yess couldnt agree more. as a Cafe hipster I love this area too :3
    (apaaaaapaaan itu cafe hipster ahahha)

    1. Lol cafe hipster. Daerah ini emang betahin banget ya Mei. Sampe adekku udah pindah kos aja klo ke Singapore selalu nyempetin ke TB, alias gw belum bisa move on haha

  3. Asian bakeries are awesome … will have to check this place out when I am in Singapore!

    1. It’s definitely a great place to get some sweet bites, not to mention the neighbourhood is super hip!

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