Visiting Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I go to Singapore quite a lot to visit my sister, and right now that I am still on chemo, Singapore is a nice place for a getaway since it is accesible and easy to go around.

Being here quite often makes me want to explore the country more than just visiting its shopping malls (though as much as I love not going into malls, I appreciate that there are lots of malls here so it makes things easier to shop, eat or simply cool down).

There are so many places to explore here in Singapore as it turns out. I have written some in my previous posts like Pulau Ubin for those who’d like to escape the busy city and also Bukit Brown cemetery for those who have a peculiar interest for graveyards and its history. This week I was given the chance to take a break from my chemo treatment in Malaysia and decided to visit my sister in Singapore.

When I was on a bus to see a friend of mine, I accidentally spotted an old building. Turns out that old building is the former train station situated at Tanjong Pagar. I was so excited that I decided to drag my family the next day to accompany do a little exploring. Luckily, I was fit enough to do a bit of sightseeing and the weather was not too hot.

The Tanjong Pagar train station only stopped functioning in 2011. Before, it was an active train station that served trains between Malaysia and Singapore. The building itself is not super old, it opened in 1932, but nevertheless it is an impressive, well-kept one. You can see from outside four large statues symbolising Industry, Agriculture, Commerce and Transport. I read here that the station was built like the Central Station in Helsinki and those 4 statues were designed by an Italian sculptor Nolli.

When I went there there was a photography exhibition so there was quite a lot of people. I love how big and tall the building is, and inside there were murals against its plain white walls. Love!

The place was kept secured by some security guards and you can still see the railway tracks but once you enter the track area you cannot get out from the entrance. As usual order is in place, Singapore style, which I love! Everything is so neat and proper. You can get out of the track area from the back, which lets you see the other side of the building.

This place is free to enter, and it’s a great alternative from the usual tourist spots downtown (not that I have anything against the usual tourist spots as I love them too!). I think it’s worth the visit especially if you enjoy great architectures and trains of course.

Have you been here? Tell me what you think of it!

The station is located at 30 Keppel Road.

It is accesible by bus (or walk from MRT). I took buses number 10 and 100 (there are several buses that pass here) and got off at Former Railway Stn.

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  1. Oh i didnt know singapore can be that cool

    1. Yep Singapore can actually be quite cool πŸ˜‰

  2. I managed to experience a train ride from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore on the overnight Senandung Malam express way back in 2006.

    Good times.

    1. Oh wow. So cool! Was it a busy station back then?

  3. Wow … never been to this place before. It looks like a nice quick escape!

    1. Hooh Tim menarik tempatnya, memang ga sebagus railway station di Eropa tapi lumayan lah, gratis dan cukup menarik πŸ™‚

  4. What a nice station! Are trains there always on time πŸ™‚ and are there many cafeterias around? I would love to have some coffee there!! πŸ™‚

    1. It is a nice station but it’s not in use anymore. However it is a great alternative from the usual Singapore spots, you should definitely come see it. The food stalls are all closed though πŸ™

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