#CeritaJalanAsik: Warsaw’s Mermaid

Tell me a story…

Once upon a time, there lived two mermaids. Twin sisters they were. They roamed the oceans of the world together.

One day the sisters were swimming through the Baltic sea. As usual, they were both astonished by the beauty. However one sister took more interest in this part of the water than the other. She was captivated by the swaying of the water, stunned by its beauty. As if the other sister could read her mind, they knew it was time for them to have their own separate way. The sisters bid adieu. The other continued to Copenhagen.

They parted? Then what?

Feeling like having freedom for the first time, the mermaid wandered by herself while humming a tune or two. She loved singing.

Soon enough she stumbled upon a small village. This village would one day become a great town called Warsaw. She saw local fishermen who adored her songs, and so she would sing gladly for them.

One day though the mermaid went missing.

Oh no! Where did she go?

The fishermen who were now used to her singing were curious and wondered where the mermaid had gone. And so they searched.

Did they find her?

It turned out a rich, greedy man wanted the mermaid all to himself. So he captured her, forced her to sing just for him. The mermaid cried and cried, wishing someone would rescue her.

One of the brave fishermen finally found her, all tied up, sniffling away sad. He rescued her and she was once again free in the open water. This time though, she was equipped with a sword and a shield, should any intruder ever underestimated her again.

With her sword and shield, the mermaid vowed to keep her little town, Warsaw, free from any intruders and kidnappers. She vowed that she would dedicate her life to protecting the people of this village she had grown to love.


When I visited Warsaw, my local guide told me of this famous legend. There are actually several versions of the story so don’t be surprised if you hear a different one. I love Warsaw, and this legend makes the city even more special.

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  1. Sure, I love when the tour guide telling us the stories 🙂

    1. Especially when it’s a local legend 🙂

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