Beach Hopping in Santorini

Santorini is known for its relax and romantic vibes. Being a Greek island, it also has gorgeous beaches. Even though I am not much of a beach person, I quite like the beaches in Greece. The beaches in Santorini, especially combined with the extreme heat of summer, are the perfect place to spend all day doing absolutely nothing and just absorb the Greek way of life.

There are many beaches to choose from in Santorini but if you are staying for a limited time and want to see the most of Santorini’s beaches then I suggest these three beaches: red, white and black beaches.

I was actually recommended by the lady who owned the pension I was staying in. I had one day to spend at a beach and she said “why not see three beaches?”. Why not indeed, beach hopping it is then!

So my friends and I took the bus to Akrotiri. There we found a “boat” stand saying it would take us to red, white and black beach. I can’t remember how much we paid then, but I checked again and it is €5 for a return trip.

This boat calls itself a water taxi. Basically it takes you to the red, white and black beaches. It will stop at each beach and you can get off and have fun for a while and if you’re ready to go to the next beach, you can just wait for the next taxi (the boat runs more or less once every half an hour) and you don’t need to pay again. You can do the same on the next two beaches.

However, if you just want to see the view, you can also do that. You don’t have to get off and just enjoy the view. Like myself, I only got off at the black beach and spent quite some time there.

There are things you should be aware of before getting on this boat:
– Sometimes the boat doesn’t stop at a convenient place therefore you might have to swim or at least be ready to have a big splash when getting down. So if you don’t have a waterproof bag, or if you are bringing lots of things this might be a bit difficult. (They did this on white beach for me, I think, and I couldn’t exactly swim as I was bringing a bag)

– Beware of big rocks! Again, due to these inconvenient stops, there are times when the boat stops near some big rocks. Just be careful not to injure yourself while getting off.

– When you get off at a beach and wants to continue to the next beach or go back, it is best that you ask them (the boat owners? Riders? What do you call people who own a boat taxi?!) whether they are going back or not. It can be confusing, and they don’t like it when you are supposed to go back but take the boat going to the beaches instead. I actually did just that and they grumbled a bit and I explained I didn’t know, they still let me come on (with lots of rolled eyes, but hey, that’s fine by me).

All in all it is not the best boat system in the world but it does let you beach hop the best beaches in Santorini at quite a reasonable price.

I like the boat journey itself as I got to see amazing ocean view with clear, blue water. My favourite was the white beach. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t spend time there as there was some misunderstanding with my friends, oh well, but I really enjoyed my time at the black beach.

The different colours of beaches are from the lava rocks formed when the volcano in Santorini erupted a long time ago. In the red and white beaches you can see huge cliffs with the same colours. I was very amused by the amazing colours as it was quite a contrast to the stunning turquoise water.

In the summer it gets really hot so be prepared for that. You can rent umbrellas at the beaches if you want some shade. I also heard that you can hike/walk to the red and white beaches (as they are nearby each other).

Have you ever beach hopped in Santorini?

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  1. Mau dong, kesana kita ya hehehe

    1. Ga mau ah, klo mba ama Matt gw dicuekin hahahhaa

  2. Tiap ari di Yunani gw minum ice coffee nya hahaha dan beda2 terus rasanya 🙂

    1. Enak kaaaaannn gw addicted kayaknya!

  3. Hm.. as much as I loooove Santorini, I can’t say that the beaches are attractive. I guess I’m already too hooked on tropical beaches. And I’m too tropical to enjoy the water because it was still too cold for me in May :))

    1. Hahhaa maybe it’s not as nice as Indonesian beaches (not that I’ve been too many). I was there in the dead of summer and wanted nothing more than just be at a beach doing nothing xD

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