My Travel Essentials

When it comes to travelling of course I have a few things in my bag that I simply NEED to have. I’ll skip the “obvious” things like passport, because well without that I can’t really travel at all can I?

1. iPod
I love my iPod too much. This iPod was a gift from my sister, it replaces my formerly owned iPod touch which I sold because it was too big. This one is small, fits 2GB of music and it’s my little travel companion. It has music that reminds me of some certain moments (you know there are songs that take you back to a certain memory – yeah I have a bunch of those songs). Also, it is the perfect device to escape those snores and children screams. Bliss!

2. Kindle/Book
I like Kindle because it is light, doesn’t take a lot of space and it fits a bunch of e-books. However, I still have (too many) books at home and I take one of them for travelling too sometimes. It’s nice to have a proper book in hand once in a while! Reading is awesome especially when you are in a long flight (though I’m one of those person who can’t read in a car/bus) and when you want to relax by the beach/pool, doing absolutely nothing, but read.

3. Camera/iPhone
Here is my confession: I am not a huge fan of huge cameras. Sometimes I want to own one but they’re just too heavy for me and I get super frustrated handling heavy camera, phone and my messy bag. I have been using Canon Powershot since 2011 and I love it as it’s light, can do manual settings and takes decent pictures. However ever since I own an iPhone, I’m getting lazier to bring my camera haha! It is so much more lighter and convinience. Yea judge me for me being such a lazy traveler.

4. Hats
I need hats like all the time. A nice light hat for hot destinations to keep me from getting headaches from the scorching sun, and a nice warm hat for winter destinations because really how does one from a tropical country survive the cold weather! Oh and hats hide all those bad hair days!

My fave winter hat

5. Scarf
Again, a scarf is one of those things that are multi purpose. It can wrap you warm and it can also be used to cover the ground, incase you want to go for an impromptu picnic by the beach. It doesn’t take much space in your bag and you can even use it for a headscarf.

6. Homey Things
It’s always nice to bring something to remind me of home. One of the things I like to bring is a small eucalyptus oil bottle. I love the smell of eucalyptus oil and it always reminds me of home. However, I know that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea so I only bring it out when I’m alone or when my friends don’t mind. Eucalyptus oil is awesome to warm my tummy or when I feel sick, it gives a very calming smell. It is also quite good to buzz bugs off.

So those are my essentials when travelling, not too weird or demanding right. I am quite simple when I travel, I don’t need to bring so much stuff when it’s not needed. Though I may have to upgrade my dressing style (luckily I have my fashionista friends Febby and Noni for that muahahahaha). So what’s your travel necessities?

See also what the fashion-concious Noni Nyonya Sepatu brings on her travel.

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By the way, did you know that the ladies whom I’m collaborating #CeritaJalanAsik with, Febby and Noni, own Globe and Bag, a travel fashion website giving you Indonesian local products! Do check out if you like supporting local products 🙂


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This week’s theme: Must Bring Travel Items

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  1. Heits…..ada GB, makasih Dek 🙂

    1. Iya donk, aku kan bangga ama mbak2ku dua ini muah!

  2. Aku malah gak kepikiran buat bawa homey things ya. Mgkn karena masih deket deket aja perginya. Kalo lama dan jauh mgkn bener juga butuh sesuatu yg ngingetin rumah

    1. Hihi, kalau deket2 bisa mampir warung klontong yaaa buat beli minyak kayu putih hihi…nah kalau di LN kan susah huhuw. Jadi musti stok dulu 😀 (siapa tau butuh kerokan haha)

  3. ipodnya mini kak

    1. Imut ya kak hihi 😉

  4. Aku lagi menimbang nimbang banget nih beli Kindle dan semacamnya.. lebih praktis ya bisa baca dimana mana hehe

    1. Iya Chris, Kindle worth it banget kok, soalnya muat banyak dan enteng. Malahan klo mau baca sblm bobo (pdhl baca sambil bobo ga baik yaa jangan ditiru huahahah) praktis pake Kindle karena ga ribet flip pages. Daaaan Kindle dkk itu (tp bukan tablet yaa) bikin mata ga sakit, apalagi katanya ada yg edisi paperwhite gt skrg yg lbh bagus. Ayook belik! *kok malah promosi*

  5. Tapinya mau scarf nya Sejauh Mata Memandang, kadoin dong plisss ha ha ha

    1. Pake rekues segala yah hahahha..nanti ya aku nabung dl :))

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