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I know that this week’s theme is supposed to be “Most Romantic Travel Moments”, but to be honest I really don’t have one, which makes me kinda sad. Ah well. Moving on.

So I’ve decided to turn this post to my best “bro/sis-mance” travel moments and fingers crossed that Febby and Noni don’t mind (I’m pretty sure they won’t because they are good people, right? RIGHT?)

Ok, so you know when you’re travelling with your friends is not always as easy as it sounds. You may have a lot of things in common but it doesn’t mean that you won’t strangle each other when you travel together. I’m sure you’ve heard of the old saying “the best test to a friendship is travel together”…is that a saying? I’m sure it is.

For me, the best thing you can do when you travel with your friends is to tolerate one another and compromise. It also doesn’t mean that you HAVE to do EVERYTHING together. There were travel moments where I parted with my friends because we wanted to do different things and that is totally okay.

So here are some of my best “fromance” (friends + romance, get it?) moments:

1. My ultimate travel partner when I lived in France was my buddy Miss D. We have gone to Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany, Hungary and France (of course). Woah, that’s a lot! We love to travel obviously and although Miss D is quite different from me (I’m loud, she’s quiet, I’m panicky, she’s calm), we make quite a team! Whenever we travel we don’t always stay together, there are moments when we do things on our own too and I like that.


My most memorable travel moment with her was travelling to Bordeaux. We were supposed to go on a road trip with our other friends but the trip was cancelled (and I got super pissed) so she surprised me to go on a trip to Bordeaux. We went around the city and even to St. Emilion. Oh and we took a random tram and bus then ended up in the middle of nowhere! The bus driver took pity on us poor girls and drove us to the nearest tram station!

In Warsaw!

2. One time I travelled to Brasov with my friends R and V. It was during Christmas and both of them don’t actually celebrate Christmas. Our hostel decided to throw a simple Romanian Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve for the 10 (I think) of us who were staying at the hostel, which was super sweet.

We had a great time exploring Brasov and around even though it was super cold and slippery (we were literally supporting one another walking as we slipped several times!). On Christmas Day, both of them came with me to a small restaurant who served Christmas lunch and ate with me celebrating my away from home Christmas. It was so nice of them to celebrate the special occasion with me and I’ll never forget it!

3. So remember the time I went to a Polish wedding? Well, afterwards my friend Mr D took me to his parents’ summer house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. So anyway, behind the house was some forest and so we went exploring. He took me to this really nice lake, it was so clear and beautiful. He said usually you could swim in the lake but because it was too cold we didn’t try.

It was quite memorable since I really could feel his family’s hospitality and it was literally off the beaten track! Plus I got to see a typical Polish village and some of its quirks, I wouldn’t have done that if I weren’t travelling with a local.

4. My best friend C and I are quite polar opposites. For one she is totally fashionable, I’m not. She’s super patience and I get irritated easily. Infact, I don’t know how we became friends in the first place!

When I came back to Indonesia after my study, I immediately booked a trip with C. We had some disputes on where to go, but we finally settled for Bangkok. Although I didn’t fall in love with Bangkok, I really loved my trip as there were a lot of silly moments that still gives us the giggles up until now. I guess that’s what travelling is about, making memories with the people you’re with.

5. Last but not least, one of my most loved trip was to Portugal. And I wasn’t alone going to Portugal, I went with Febby. It was the first time ever meeting with Febby after chatting and connecting online and skyping once before the trip. I was quite scared at first since I wouldn’t know how she would be like offline. We were going on a trip for almost a week and if we didn’t get on, it would be a disaster.

Thankfully, Febby was just as I expected. We had a great time together and we almost had the same pace of travelling. We were the type of people who enjoyed talking with the locals, trying out new food and we both didn’t try to see everything at once. It was such a joy travelling with her. Now, I just need to travel with Noni…or possibly both of them!

Do you travel often with your friends?

And since I’ve disappointed you with my un-lovey dovey post, I’m pretty sure you won’t be let down my Febby and Noni’s posts. So be sure to read Febby’s most romantic travel moment and also Noni’s most romantic travel moment.


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This week’s theme: Most Romantic Travel Moments

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  1. Great memories traveling with awesome friends! !!

    1. Very true 😉
      It’s the memories with the friends that matters most to me!

  2. Nice to know this post! Travelling with friends is one of my favorite part of my life 🙂 Thanks for making this.

    1. Definitely makes long lasting memories doesn’t it? 🙂

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