5 Destinations Perfect for Your Next Girls Trip

I love planning a trip with my girl friends, discovering new places is always fun to do with your favourite friends. Plus it means that there is someone besides yourself who document the trip (photos and memories).

I have been on several girls trip in my life and they were the best trips of my life. So without further ado, here are the destinations which I think are perfect for your next girls trip:

Barcelona, Spain

Because sangria and tapas cannot be enjoyed alone, take your friends on a girls trip to this amazing city. Start the day by doing the compulsory sight seeings: Sagrada Familia, Gothic QuarterPark Güell, La Rambla or simply hang out at the many beaches the city has in offer, like my favourite, Barceloneta. Then for lunch why not make your way up to Montjuïc and have a picnic there while enjoying the view from above. 

Adoring Gaudi’s creations in Barcelona

No girls trip in Barcelona is complete without having some fun at its famous night clubs, I loved dancing the night away at Opium which is located next to the beach. Don’t forget to fill up your tummy with the city’s freshest seafood at La Paradeta. There are also many day trips that you can make from Barcelona such as to Girona, Figueres and Montserrat, making this city full of options for you and your girl friends. For sure you will all fall in love with the city!

Bangkok, Thailand

If you and your girl friends are huge foodies and/or shopaholics, then Bangkok is the right destination for your next trip. The city offers an endless option of food, from local Thai food to anything you can think of. It’s also perfect if you and your friends are foodie daredevils, because the city is full of extreme cuisines, red ants for lunch anyone?

Bangkok from Chao Phraya river

The temples in Bangkok are also extremely beautiful. Don’t miss out The Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho. After all those temple hopping, visit my favourite restaurant in town, Som Tam Nua for some heavenly Thai cuisines. You really cannot leave Bangkok without shopping, there are SO MANY malls to choose from and most of the prices are really low. Beware though, you’ll probably leave with an extra suitcase. If you and your girls are travelling on the weekend do not miss out Chatuchak Market to shop and also eat its famous coconut ice cream. And of course, Thailand means mango so treat yourselves for some mango desserts at the delicious Mango Tango cafe, which is also a great place to hang out.

Sintra, Portugal

Perhaps you and your friends would like to be princesses for a day? Well, you can do just that in Sintra as this place is well known as the Portuguese fairy tale town. Get ready to see beautiful palaces and castles in this picturesque place.

Sintra is magical

Take your time admiring Quinta da Regaleira with its stunning gardens and incredible palace. This place is huge and not to mention magical, I mean there are secret tunnels (!) inside this place, a chapel, fountains and many more. I definitely felt like a royalty walking through this huge place, and I think you will too! Don’t forget to make your way to Pena National Palace with its colourful exterior as well as its magnificent interior. The palace will give you a glimpse of what royal life were like in the past. The view from this place is also incredibly beautiful, something that you want to share with your favourite girls. There are other places to visit in Sintra too, like Castelo dos Mouros and Monserrate Palace, but be sure that you also enjoy the town centre too.

Lyon, France

Skip Paris for once and head to Lyon, the third largest city in France, and enjoy its cultural and gastronomic heritage. Lyon’s city centre is brimming with shops, perfect for retail therapy. But don’t just stop there, go up to Fourvière hill to see the marvelous basilica. While on this hill, don’t forget to see the panoramic view of Lyon from above. To go down, instead of using the tram, take a walk from behind the basilica and enjoy the neighbourhood. Don’t forget to stop by to admire the Roman theatre, which is the remain of the Roman city of Lugdunum. After that, stroll around Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) and enjoy the beauty of this Renaissance area.

Strolling around in Fourvière hill

Lyon is a big city so invest some days in the city to see the most interesting parts. Even better, why not take your girl friends to Lyon during Fête des lumières or the city’s famous Light Festival where the city lights up in different kinds of colours. The festival lasts for 4 nights and best of all, it’s free of charge!

Brașov, Romania

A trip to this beautiful Transylvanian city will leave you breathless. Brașov may not be the first city that comes up to your mind for a girls trip, but this underrated place is truly a gem of a place. Brașov is like a city from a postcard, with its picturesque old town surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. You can start by admiring the old town, visit Biserica Neagra, an impressive Gothic church located near Piata Sfatului and just enjoy the vibe of the old town. A little further, stop by the narrowest street in Europe, Strada Sforii and have fun finding it as it is a little bit tricky to find – but isn’t that the fun of travelling together? Don’t miss out exploring the ground of Biserica Sfantul Nicolae including a very interesting Orthodox cemetery and the first Romanian school.

Pretty Brasov

Venture out to see the Cetatea Braşovului, Brașov’s medieval fortifications. Walking around this area, you will see Turnul Alb and Turnul Negru (White and Black Towers), a fortress, a fairy tale-like gate and many more. It is a pretty place to wander. Of course visiting Brașov would not be complete without hiking its mountain, Tâmpa, or you can just ride its cable car. From above you will see the most amazing view of Brașov.

When you feel like you’ve ventured enough of Brașov, take a day trip to what else but the famous Bran Castle or better known as Dracula’s Castle, yes THE Dracula’s Castle. Surely you and your girls will leave Brașov with interesting stories to tell.

So have you ever been on an all girls trip before? Where did you go?

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  1. yes of course and if it is possible to do it every single year.

    so far to Lisbon & Porto :p then several times to Bali with different girls, Paris, Berlin, Paris again 🙂

    1. I think girls trip is important too! To have the time to talk in a new environment with your favourite friends, it renews and bonds your friendship while having fun 😉

  2. Hmm, I’ve done it a couple of times and strangely destination is always Bali haha. Oh wait, I’ve done a different one once to Melbourne, too. It’s nice, its like slumber party but traveling.

    1. LOL Bali sounds like a favourite destination! Not been to Melbourne but it sounds like a fun destination too 😉

  3. Wah, rekomendasi kamu menarik semua untuk dikunjungi. Aku catat sebagai ide untuk next girls trip. Sejak pindah Belanda, aku hampir tiap bulan melakukan girls trip haha. Jujugannya ya ga jauh2, sekitar Belanda aja. Mengunjungi kota2 dari ujung Groningen sampai ujung Maastricht. Mumpung ada paket kereta murah meriah. Dengan €7 atau €11 bisa dipakai keliling satu hari seluruh Belanda. Sekalian me time juga. Kalau sudah kawin kan juga butuh sama2 me time dengan teman masing2. Kalau luar Belanda, ke Berlin baru2 ini. Kalau sebelum kawin, girls trip ke Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh, Laos, Singapura, Karimunjawa, Toraja dan ada beberapa lainnya.

    1. Klo di Eropa gampang ya mbak jalan2, dan kadang promonya kebangetan banget. Sampe skrg masih sering diemailin TGV France ttg promo2 keretanya lalu cm bisa liat aja harganya murah banget huhuw lalu kangen Eropa :)) Belanda keretanya juga mayan jos ya mbak, dl sering diajak papa keliling Belanda pake kereta hihi, ah seru banget. Iya bener banget mbak, girls trip itu dibutuhkan utk cewe2 married maupun single ya mbak 😀

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