My Favourite Footwear for Travelling in the Summer

I am not the most fashionable out of the three of us (Febbie, Noni and I). So this week’s #CeritaJalanAsik, which is OOTD, is a bit tough for me. I think back of how I would dress when I travel, and there really is nothing in particular. I usually just throw in a comfortable t-shirt and short.

For this week, Febbie of Jalan2Liburan wrote a very useful post on what to wear when you’re travelling to Iran, be sure to check that out. Also take a peek of what Noni of Nyonya Sepatu wear when travelling, I’m sure you can even take notes of one or two fashion tips there.

However, I do invest quite a lot on footwear (blame my mother and sister for this). I like my footwear casual and comfortable because I love to walk a lot and I have had experiences where I bought really bad shoes that hurt my feet and eventually I ended up being annoyed and couldn’t explore as much as I wanted. So from this experience, I started being careful on buying my shoes.

Every one loves travelling in the summer because of the weather and coming from Indonesia, this is our default weather anyway. However there are so many things that bother me in terms of footwear when I travel in the hot and humid weather. Over the years I have learned the footwear I like and don’t like to wear to certain places when travelling in the summer.

Cute Sandals

Who doesn’t love them? They are light and a lot of them are very cute in design. I use sandals when I know I am mostly going to indoor places that don’t require a lot of walking, for example going to the museum (or the mall!). I don’t usually use sandals when I am exploring outdoor, say, exploring an old town, because it feels like the sun is literally piercing through my skin, often leaving my skin very tanned (not that it’s a bad thing). Never EVER wear sandals for trekking or hiking, you will just feel super exhausted.

Cute sandals

Durable Sandals

These are “tougher” than the cute ones. My favourite is my Birkenstock sandals. They are thicker than my cute ones but not heavy. I use them when I want to go around a city that usually require some walking. It is so comfortable that I started buying other Birkenstock “lookalikes”. I have one from Hush Puppies that are very comfortable and the one I have from Scholl is super light (though I have always thought of Scholl as rather old fashioned, but my mum bought me this Birken lookalike and I love it!). Because they have thicker soles, they are usually more pleasant to walk with and you won’t feel too tired either. However, I still don’t recommend wearing these for places with a lot of dust (like Akropolis, Pompeii – my feet were just so dirty afterwards).

Favourite Birkenstock


I choose to wear sport trainers for trekking, hiking and biking. The reason is obvious, they are definitely made for these things and have you ever trekked on sandals? I have (for some odd reasons) and my feet ached so much after that! From then on, I learned my lesson and always prepared trainers for whenever I think I will be doing one of those activities. For trainers I love choosing the light ones from a sport brand or sometimes when it’s just biking I wear my “Converse”-like trainers.

Pretty comfy shoes

Slip-on Canvas Shoes

My absolute favourite at the moment is these slip-on canvas shoes or their cool name is alpargatas. They are light, they cover most of the skin on my feet, they are stylish and I love them to bits. Obsession much? Well not really, I only have one from Wakai and I was gifted by my two fashionista friends (Febby and Noni) a Toms. I usually wear this almost everywhere, for me they are also good enough for a casual trek but since they’re so pretty I don’t want to ruin them. Also they are the type of shoes that you can wear for a casual setting and also a non-casual one (though I don’t recommend wearing Toms for your wedding :P).

Currently my favourite shoes

Those are my favourite footwear to use during the summer. Do you have a favourite? Perhaps you can broaden my knowledge on footwear! Leave your tips on the comment section!

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  1. masih susah deh buat suka Birkenstock hahaha terlalu kaku for my liking 🙂

    1. Hahahahaah padahal nyaman bangetttt tapi emang sih dia ga terlalu fashionable 😀

      1. skarang udah byk yg warna warni jg ya Gy

        1. Yup warna warni, jadi pingin koleksi kaaan 😛

  2. Aku punya Toms satu, gara2 baca salah satu tulisannya Fe haha akhirnya tertarik beli trus pengen beli2 lagi, tapi sebatas niat saja :))). Satu cukup untuk saat ini. Aku suka pakai Nike dan Sketcher untuk jalan jauh. Tapi baru beberapa bulan lalu beli Adidas entah apa typenya, soalnya enteeng banget dan bantalan kakinya ga tipis, jadi enak buat jalan. Kalau sandal, sekarang andalannya yang beli di toko lokal Belanda, harganya ga mahal, tapi empuukk banget dibuat jalan. Warnanya merah yang penting haha.

    1. Suka bangettt ama desain2nya Toms ya mbak, jadi pingin koleksi semua hihi plus konsepnya one for one itu juga bagus 🙂 klo Sketchers itu juga juara banget karena nyaman, klo utk trainers aku punya Reebok yg tipis dan nyamaaan buanget. Oh bagus ya ada sandal buatan lokal gitu, jadi sekalian support lokal bisnis hehe

  3. Ah mirip! Aku kalo traveling biasanya bawa sendal jepit (wajib harus karena anaknya sendal jepit lovers), sepatu lari (buat kalo tiba-tiba pingin lari atau trekking) sama sepatu Toms/Converse all-star low cut buat di pesawat.
    Kadang bawa Birkenstock juga, tapi belakangan diganti sama sandal Saltwater yang terbukti lebih tipis, manis, tahan banting dan tahan air.

    1. Tosss dulu donk hehe, eh Saltwater apaan ya, kayaknya menarik, nanti harus kucek deh hihihi. Aku juga sandal jepit lovers tapi akhir2 ini kupakain utk di dlm hotel/hostel aja abisnya sering banget dibuat jalan trus rusak, trusssss emosi hahahaha

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