Where to Buy Unique Batik Goods in Yogyakarta

Batik is a technique of applying wax to fabrics. It seems easy but trust me, it’s actually quite complicated. Even though batik products can be found in several countries, Indonesian batik is considered as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. We are indeed very proud of our batik.

Batik is quite versatile which is why you’ll see them as dresses, pouches, table mats and even pyjamas. You’ll also see that different patterns and colours can define a specific region.

Batik can be used in anything!

In Yogyakarta you can easily find batik goods. Just go to Malioboro Street and you’ll literally find a line of shops selling batik things as well as street vendors. However, I love finding small, unique boutiques where they don’t mass produce their things. What I love the most about them is that their designs are mostly a combination of traditional and modern so you can find items that you can use/wear in formal settings and also casual occasions. On top of that, these boutiques usually also work together with local artists who produce bags, pouches, notebooks and other adorable things.

These are my favourite local businesses who sell batik goods which you definitely should check out:

Crushbie Casual Batik Wear

I’ve known Crushbie for quite sometime now. I accidentally found them while visiting a local cafe where they had a small stand by the corner of its entrance. I love their bright designs and most of all, their designs are perfect for everyday use. Recently they opened a very cute boutique near Yogyakarta’s Kraton complex and it is definitely worth the visit. I noticed that now they have even more designs, and some are suitable as formal wear too. If you’re into bright colours and unique designs, this is for you. They also only produce one or two pieces, so you’ll be sure to have a unique piece. When I went there, the staff was super friendly and helpful. Plus I LOVE their whimsical shop!

How adorable!

Address: Jl. Langenastran No. 16a , Yogyakarta

Check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Lemari Lila

I found Lemari Lila while browsing through Instagram, and I found their batik clothing to be very unique. I love the style, though I’m still debating whether or not it suits me. If you’re one of those really fashionable person, then give their boutique a visit. The word “lemari” means wardrobe and their shop is so tiny that it does seem like entering someone’s personal wardrobe. Their motto is “Traditional meets modern clothing” which I could see was very well translated into their goods.

Batik knick knacks at Lemari Lila

Just like Crushbie, they don’t mass produce, only a few pieces. What I also love about this shop is that they have what they call “Teman Lemari Lila” (friends of Lemari Lila), which is basically other local brands who sell their stuff through Lemari Lila. From bracelets to postcards to enamel mugs, you’ll find a wide range of it here and of course they are all made by local artists.

Couldn’t help myself buying some (non-batik but still locally made) stuff from local artists at Lemari Lila

Address: Jl. D.I Pandjaitan No. 45, Yogyakarta 55141

Check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Batik Social

If you are more into batik accessories, then Batik Social is for you. Also found through Instagram (it is a great platform to find local gems!), Batik Social sells camera straps, luggage tags, passport holder, pouches, bags and many more. The owner of Batik Social is super friendly and she will be more than happy to help you with your order. I really love their bright colours and unique patterns. On top of that they have an eye for detail which makes each product super special.

My very own Kindle cover!
Batik Social is based in Yogyakarta and their works are displayed on their Instagram.


Those are my favourite Batik sellers in Yogyakarta. I am always looking for new, exciting ones and with these small businesses, sometimes you also get to connect with the sellers. That means making new friends…while shopping!

Do you like batik?

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