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Out of all the social media I’m active in, my favourite is definitely Instagram. Instagram inspires me daily. It gives me ideas (often so much that I don’t know where to start!): where to wander next, what yummy bites I should bake in the weekend, how to dish up an easy and delicious dinner, what book I should buy/read next. It’s definitely a great place for inspirations.

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Instagram also allows me to see the daily lives of my friends. Even when they are far away, it feels like I get the permission to take a peek into their lives.

I love uploading pictures on Instagram. If you have been following me, you’ll see that I am slightly obsessed with doors, windows and tiles. I love seeing the little things when I travel!

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So without further ado, let me introduce you to some of my favourite Instagrammers!

For your daily dose of beautiful facades

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These people are the best! Bringing me my daily inspirations of windows, doors and facades in general. I love seeing different facades from all over the world. Even though it is just simple things (doors and windows), it turns out they have plenty of characters, often you can tell which country/continent a picture is just by looking at its facade. How cool is that!

Marlene of @cookiesncandies does a particularly amazing account of wonderful places all around England. I love her tone and also her captions, sometimes they make me laugh out loud!

Mendy of @angrybaker is another smashing account with amazing detailed shots. She also offers walks in London which you can see on her website. It’s pretty cool isn’t it, being able to walk around London with an Instagram goddess. It’s on my London to-do list for sure.

Oriana of @itsoriana_ lives in Bologna and does really spectacular shots of daily lives there. I love how she takes in the little things like old cars, markets, street performers – it’s so authentic and gorgeous. Also, her account is a constant reminder for me to return to Bologna.

@verayumira is an Indonesian who has such a superb account. She captures many small things around her. Her feed screams simplicity and I also think she captures the beauty of Indonesia in a very special way.

For those who love colours

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With all the amazing filters available on Instagram as well as apps like Snapseed and VSCO, people opt for a certain kind of filter to have a consistent look on their Instagram. The Instagrammers I’m about to introduce you to, use amazing vibrant colours for their feed. I love following them because having their picture in my feed reminds me that life is colourful and everyone should always have fun!

Yishyene of @smallcrazy certainly loves colour, you can tell. Her photos are amazing, she also has a quirky sense of fashion, which I adore. There are countless pictures of doors and windows too on her account. A plus side, because she resides in Porto, there are often shots of tiles too! LOVE.

Claudia of @hellotwiggs uses really soft colours which makes her feed super dreamy. She lives in Portugal, obviously I love her account because of the many azulejos shots, but she is also great at capturing the small things in life.

Nathalie of @nathill is just plain amazing. Her pictures are always from an interesting perspective and most of all there are always unexpected pop of colours here and there.

For those looking for a travel inspiration

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Many of the accounts I’ve already mentioned are actually also my travel inspirations. However, now let’s especially look at my favourite Instagrammers who are also travel bloggers. Their meandering around the world will definitely makes your wanderlust heart flutters and follow their lead.

@travelettes is an account run by a group of women who travel around the world. You will surely see a variety of places as they take turns in running the account. One week you’ll be in Thailand, the next in Switzerland. It’s really wonderful to see different places every time they post a picture.

Kami of @kamischka has an amazing feed of off the path places. Most of her trips are solo and she often unravels places that I have never seen before. This account is definitely worth checking out.

Rachel of @vagabondbaker is a nomad who you’ll often see travelling in a van. Her life is full of excitement and when she’s not busy travelling, she’s baking up the perfect nibbles inspired by her travels.

Jenny of @jennyfaraway has travelled to a lot of places, and she has lived in many too. Her shots are always so captivating. She loves going slow and you can see it in her pictures. Truly a wonderful inspiration!


So those are only some of my inspiring Instagrammers, be sure to check their accounts. Also don’t forget to check me, @jalan2liburan and @nyonyasepatu’s accounts too 😉


Do you have a favourite Instagrammer?

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  1. I find that we have similarities from reading this post 🙂 I’m also obsessed with walls, doors, and tiles. @cookiesandcandies is also 1 of my favorite IG accounts. I also like @snowflakesfairy (will never get bored of pretty shots of London), @freyadowson (an amazing photographer and blogger), @serpentineshore (dreamy, whimsical Cornwall shots, plus her blog is incredible), @alliemtaylor (her account will cause serious wanderlust), @jannikobenhoff (another crazy wanderlust), among many. For books, some of my favorite accounts are @bookishmaug, @crimeofrhyme, and @bookmusings. I might have missed a few accounts, honestly there are just too many great Instragammers out there. I also use IG to look for inspirations (I use it more than Pinterest, in fact), and it never disappoints 🙂

    1. I love @snowflakesfairy too 😀 Thank you for the new ones Dixie, will be sure to check them out too. Yes Instagram is such a great platform, I also use Pinterest but I find IG so much more interesting 😉

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