5 Walks for the Romantic Souls

I am not really a fan of Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t mean that I hate it. It’s not my thing to spend the day by having candlelit dinner at an expensive restaurant (I tried it once, there were a dozen couples next to me, I didn’t feel special at all) and the likes. However, I don’t mind spending quality time with my loved one by taking walks or talking or watching a movie at home. I think that’s more special.

One of my first impressions on Europe was romantic. Its cobblestone streets with its small, mysterious aisles just waiting to be discovered, couples openly expressing their love to one another with cuddles and smooches, and not to mention the weather during autumn and winter (and often spring) giving a great excuse for more snuggles.

Here are walks you can take in Europe which I think are pretty great to do with your other half. These walks are also great for those with a romantic soul (like myself ;))!

Olive Trail

No doubt that this is my favourite walk. This walk isn’t hard at all. It’s quite easy to get to the trail from Lugano. I did the trail from Castagnola to Gandria and found it to be quite manageable. If you are lucky (as I was), you’ll have the whole trail to yourself. This means enjoying the incredible landscape of Lake Lugano and the many private homes, which are enchanting in their own way. Once you reach Gandria, you will be welcomed by its friendly locals and the instant hushed atmosphere. You’ll definitely be charmed by this petite village. Find a quiet cafe with your loved one, savour the moment, it’s not every day that you can get away to a small village by Lake Lugano.

The Olive Trail from Castagnola to Gandria


What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a delicious glass of wine. I fell completely in love with Saint-Émilion on my visit. This commune is small enough for you to explore by foot. Every corner of this place is filled with inviting wine cellars. In fact, you can book yourself a wine tour if you’d like to know more about wine in the Bordeaux area. I loved how quaint this place is, definitely a great place to wander around with your significant other.

Peaceful Saint-Emilion


Clisson in France to me seems like the perfect getaway for people who appreciate serenity and solitude. This village, located near Nantes, was deliberately built by infusing some Italian influences hence making Clisson romantic in its own, unique way. It doesn’t take long to see the whole town, but I suggest that you walk slowly while absorbing its charm. Take a stop by the castle, enjoy the view of River Moine and perhaps close the day by having a romantic picnic. (Just don’t come during Hellfest though, it might not be as serene as usual).

River Moine from the castle


If you want full on romance, there is nowhere as perfect as Sintra. Sintra is romantic, whimsical, breathtaking – all at the same time. There are many ways to go around Sintra, but I think walking is one of the best ways you can do. This way, you can spot the many details along the way like pretty fountains and street signs decorated with azulejos. The walk might be a little bit challenging but it is worth it. Stop by the centre of Sintra to grab a bite or two. Then visit the many sights around Sintra. Beware! From pretty palaces to enchanted castles, you will be hypnotized by its beauty.

Details of Sintra


I don’t think this list is complete without putting Santorini. I know, I know, how cliche, but seriously Santorini is the ultimate romantic destination. Every passage in Santorini will allure you to explore and get lost in its charm. Everything is dreamy and though I really think Santorini is also perfect for solo travellers or those travelling with friends, it is no doubt a great place for couples too. I really enjoyed my time walking around Oia, though expect crowds during the sunset period since it is the most popular attraction on this part of the island. Febby and her husband did a wonderful walk from Fira to Oia, in which they were rewarded with stupendous scenery all the way.

Capturing Oia

So, have you done any of these walks? Do you have any addition?

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  1. koq semuanya lucu, bisa jalan 20 ribu langkah tanpa complaint sih kalau ini haha

    1. Iya mbak ga pake ngomel yah soalnya pemandangannya indah-indah jadi gak berasa huaehahahaha

  2. I’ve never been to any of these places but boy do I want it now. My favorite walk up to this date is still the walk around Lake Bled. The place was truly stunning and magical 🙂

    1. Ah Lake Bled! That place is on my must-see list, I never got the chance to visit it! Would love to do it one day 🙂

  3. aku suka power walk kek gini ini kalau tahu bakalan ada reward nya, misalnya ada air terjun atau saat sepanjang jalannya gak ngebosenin kek lewat ladang anggur like you mentioned earlier 🙂

    1. Uwoooo iya kak gw kangen jalan yang di tempat2 begini, ga pake ribet, ga ada polusi dan gampang cari trailnya 😀

  4. Ga suka palentin2an. Tapi klo diajakin jalan-jalan romantis ke eropa ga nolaklah hahaha semua list diatas dijabanin deh. Suasana Lake Lugano favorit banget, Gy. Klo boleh ditambah dong foto-fotonya. Biar makin mupeng…

    1. Kan di tiap tempat ada linknya, udah pernah gw bahas Lake Lugano di post lainnya hehehe

  5. hi mbak aggy, suka deh bacanya ini, jadi ngerasain betapa romantisnya tempat2 itu, xixixi padahal belum pernah ada yang di datangin, tapi lihat gambarnya udah cukup deh. sayang di jakarta gak ada yah yang kaya gini…

    salam kenal,
    maya rumi

    1. Hi Maya, terima kasih 😀 Di Jakarta gak ada yah? Tapi paling gak mall-mallnya dihias yaaa saat Valentine’s Day hehehe

  6. Awww sukaa deh Aggy.. wish list banget si Santorini, Salam kenal ya 🙂

    1. Salam kenal Sari. Santorini bagus sekali, ga heran banyak di wishlist orang ya. Semoga suatu saat bisa ke sana 😀

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