Unforgettable Desserts from My Travels

I love food in general, but when it comes to desserts, I cannot say no.

I mean why say no really?

They are like the best thing ever.

It is always satisfying to come across desserts that really freshen up your palate. You know, those light, melt in the mouth, buttery, not too sweet, bursting with flavours kind of desserts.

Hmm…I’ll take them all

Enough with the introduction and let’s get down to business, shall we?

Mango Sticky Rice in Thailand

I know right? I have never had mango sticky rice before I went to Bangkok. After my first taste, I thought to myself “What have I missed all this time?!”. I love mango, obsessed, I tell you. The mangoes in Thailand are exceptionally sweet, honey-like and so so good. I tried my first mango sticky rice at Mango Tango (I love this place so much, I even wrote a post about it).

The best

Then I tried a few others at some random stalls and all were just so good. Sticky rice is something I’m quite familiar with since it has the same texture as some of the sweet porridge we have in Indonesia. It has that familiar coconut flavour from the coconut milk, and a hint of savoury. Mixed with the super sweet mango, it is just THE perfect dessert.

Sweet Pierogi and Nalesniki in Poland

You’ve probably heard of pierogi, those scrumptious Polish dumplings. But did you also know the sweet version? Pierogi are not always savoury, in fact there are some that are filled with blueberries, strawberries and apples (there are even chocolate pierogi!). They are just as good as the savoury kind. Usually they are consumed with a dollop of sour cream. During my visit to Poland, I even had a meal of savoury pierogi followed by sweet pierogi as my dessert. Don’t judge me. There is no such thing as too much pierogi.

Nutella Nalesniki please!

If you feel like you’ve had too much pierogi (but come on, is that even possible?!), why not try nalesniki. This is Polish pancake, much like crepes. They are often served with strawberries or with chocolate sauce or a bit of cream or sprinkled with sugar (basically any way you want). It is simple and delicious.

Macarons and Hot Chocolate in Switzerland

I know what you’re thinking, macarons in Switzerland? Well yes, I am not going to lie, macarons in France are just simply delectable. However, the macarons of Confiserie Sprüngli…well, you won’t get enough of them. I especially love their champagne flavour.

Those macarons…so yummy!

Oh, and whatever you, do not ever leave Switzerland (be it summer or winter or any other season) without drinking their hot chocolate. Just don’t. Their hot chocolate will drive you crazy.

Sachertorte in Austria

Sachertorte is a world famous dessert, invented by an Austrian. They even have National Sachertorte Day (5 December!). I was bumped when I didn’t get the chance to visit Vienna on my winter trip with my friends. I wanted to try the famous sachertorte in Vienna along with the many coffee houses in the city. Though you can find many sachertorte all over Austria (and even other parts of Europe), the original can only be found in specific places in Austria such as the Hotel Sacher in Vienna and Salzburg, and also Cafe Sacher in Innsbruck. I was excited to find that I could purchase the original version in Innsbruck! Sachertorte is basically a cake consisting of chocolate icing, apricot jam layers and sponge cake – it is divine! They say you can tell that it is the original one by the stamp on the cake and that the recipe of the cake, though it might sound simple, is safely guarded until this day. It felt like eating a piece of history!

Look for Cafe Sacher when you’re in Innsbruck!

Pain au Chocolat in France

I cannot write a list of unforgettable desserts without mentioning France. It is after all, the capital of desserts. I was happy as a bunny to be living in France and had access to a delicious bakery, a mere 5 minutes walk from my dorm, or 2 minutes if I walked really fast and was dying for a piece of their buttery croissant. Pain au chocolat though was my favourite. I love chocolate and I adore croissant, so this was the perfect solution. It was mandatory for me to eat at least one per day when I was in France. They are that good.

Once in a while I would also treat myself to pain au chocolat aux amandes, which is pain au chocolat with almonds. They are just an incredible invention. Every time I ate one, I make this ridiculous noise depicting happiness and satisfaction that could only be fulfilled by a buttery, ridiculously delicious piece of French croissant.

Pasteis de Nata in Portugal

Remember when I said, don’t leave Switzerland without drinking hot chocolate? Well the same implies with pasteis de nata in Portugal. To be exact, don’t ever ever EVER leave Lisbon without trying their Pastéis de Belém.

Queuing for pasteis de nata – worth it!

There are many of these custard pies all around Portugal, but the one in Belém is simply remarkable. It’s really light, crumbly and oh-so-heavenly. You can have it plain or with a dash of cinnamon, either way, you’ll be in heaven.

Those custard pies…

(As I was picking out photos for this post, I realized I didn’t have a lot and have a few that are pretty bad. It might be because of the fact that I liked to eat my desserts right away and forgetting to snap a picture first. Oops.)

Which of these desserts have you tasted? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Wuaaaah aku anak dessert!! Jadi pengen nyoba semua hihihi aku cuma pernah nyoba Pain Au Chocolat tapi di Jakarta #lhaaa 🙂

    1. Hi Stella, pain au chocolat itu selalu aku cari2 dimana2 hehe. Favorit banget. Pain au chocolat-nya Paul mungkin mirip dengan yang di Prancis ya kan franchisenya 🙂 Desserts emang paling top yaa!

  2. Demen banget sama Macaroon, walaupun manis banget kadang2.. tapi demen aja lihatnya.. haha..

    1. Cakep2 ya emang macarons, gw sih demen banget cie hahaha. tp klo makan dikit2 biar gak eneg

  3. OMFG! I’m drooling over my keyboard now.
    I loooveeee macaroons and sweet pierogi. There is this Ukranian restaurant nearby my previous apartment, serving pierogi 24-7!!
    But my dessert award goes to mango and sticky rice, it occupies the same spot as lupis in my heart #noricenoglory

    1. I know right!! Urgh I haven’t had pierogi in a while now, I tried making the savoury one some time ago, buut of course it wasn’t as yummy as the one in Poland. Lupisssss aarhh! I love them tooo, it might be better than pierogi? #yeytoricefordessert

  4. Ah, the sweet pierogi does look fabulous! Tasty post you’ve got here, Aggy 😉

    1. Love all pierogi 😀 Thanks Cez!

  5. Yum! I shouldn’t have clicked this post with an empty stomach. Those custard pies look heavenly!!!

    1. Hi Therie, yesss those custard pies were so good. Going to Portugal for them alone would’ve been worth it 😉

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