A Quick Foodie Guide to Singapore

I’ve gone back and forth to Singapore quite a lot these past few years. That means, I’ve acquired some favourite places to eat. Of course to eat because this girl likes her food when travelling otherwise I get super hangry and no one wants to see that side of me.

Oh and I also know that Singapore is super expensive (who doesn’t notice right?!) so I don’t usually eat at expensive places UNLESS someone treats me (like my sister, haha!). Anyway, the places here are pretty affordable and you should totally give it a try on your next visit to Singapore!

Little India

If you are by any chance in Little India, don’t forget to visit my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE restaurant here. It’s called Jaggi’s and they specialised in Northern Indian cuisine. I got totally obsessed with this place because their butter chicken and garlic naan are to die for. They recently moved to a new area not far from their old place and it’s much bigger and brighter. They display the food and you can just choose what you want to eat. I always go for their butter chicken (did I tell you it’s amazing?!), aloo gobi (this potato and cauliflower dish that is crazy good), tandoori chicken and garlic naan. I love the fact that you can choose some dishes to share with your friends, although, I never share my butter chicken because they are just too good.

No, I do not share the butter chicken, they are too good to be shared!

Jaggi’s Northern Indian Cuisine
37-39 Chander Road, Singapore

Tiong Bahru

Okay okay, I know you hear me raving about Tiong Bahru all the time. What can I say, Tiong Bahru is awesome, okay?! Tiong Bahru Bakery, Plain Vanilla, Tiong Bahru Market….you’ve heard it all before from me but this time I’m going to take you to Tiong Bahru Plaza. I regularly eat at the Kopitiam of Tiong Bahru Plaza because this is where I usually meet my sister for lunch since her office is very near here. Anyway, there is a stall called Dapur Penyet where they have a great selection of Indonesian food including ayam penyet. I’m all for tasting new food and all that but a girl’s gotta have her ayam penyet and this place has the best tasting ayam penyet (maybe even tastier than some in Jogja! Shocking!).

This ayam penyet is SO YUM!

Oh and also Tiong Bahru Plaza just did this huge renovation and added a new wing which they call “Food Fusion” (see, I come here way too often to know all these updates) and they have more food options. Recently my dad and I tried 4Fingers and we both love it. It’s kinda like your typical burger and fries place but what I really like is the way they boast that the chicken is freshly cooked with no MSG.

Burger love

Tiong Bahru Plaza Kopitiam, Dapur Penyet, 4Fingers
302 Tiong Bahru Rd

Holland Village

I rarely go to Holland Village but I just realised that it’s a pretty cool place so maybe I should start going there more often. Anyway, can’t have a foodie list without mentioning a dessert place. My sister once took me to The Daily Scoop. I was totally not expecting an ice cream cafe in this road that looked like a private home complex. Plus I went there at night so I was quite surprised to see this really busy cafe in the middle of a quiet street.


The Daily Scoop was jam packed when I was there – apparently it is ALWAYS jam packed. They have really awesome flavours like lychee martini, wasabi mango, chilli choc. I tried their earl grey one and it was SO GOOD! They also have these ice creams in tubes so you can always bring them home (and eat the whole tube without anyone judging you).

Earl Grey ice cream

The Daily Scoop
43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-78 Chip Bee Gardens


You probably all know VivoCity, the huge mall that connects you to Sentosa. Anyway, this mall is effin’ huge but sadly I don’t think that there any special food here EXCEPT for the xiao long bao at Paradise Dynasty.

Their spicy dumplings are also good…

Anyway, I’m guessing that there are other stalls of this restaurant in Singapore, but I always come to the one in VivoCity for my xiao long bao. These soup dumplings at Paradise Dynasty are treated like royalty. When you bite into the thin skin, you get this burst of savoury soup along with the juicy pork. Heavenly I’m telling you. Apart from the original flavour, they also have different flavours of xiao long bao but I’ve never tried any of them as they are quite pricey and I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it so it would be like a waste of money.


Paradise Dynasty
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk

Bukit Timah

So there is this place called The Grandstand here which used to be a place for horse racing. It is now a kind of mall/hipster market, which is pretty cool. They have a lot of awesome food here, I tried this super delicious burger here and there seems to be a lot of cool vibe going off in this place. Anyway, what I remember best about this place is the pomegranate cake I had at a Russian cake parlour called Laman’s Delight. The cake is pretty expensive but you get a huge slice that you can totally share with your friends. First time ever tasting a pomegranate cake. You get the sweetness from the pomegranate and the cake isn’t too sweet, with a bit of cream on it. Deeeelicious! Oh, and apparently they infuse the cake with pomegranate and hibiscus juice, giving it its special taste! This is definitely not your everyday kind of cake and so worth the visit.

Not your everyday cake

Laman’s Delight
200 Turf Club Road #02-K82 Pasarbella @ The Grandstand


I don’t know why but I always find myself in Bugis when I’m in Singapore. It’s like my legs automatically go there without reasons. There are so many good food near Bugis and one of my favourite is this duck rice stall that you can find opposite of Bugis Junction. I had to Google the name because I forgot, and apparently it’s called Yu Kee Duck Rice.

Hmmm…duck rice

I was pretty hesitant at first, because I like duck but only when it is fried until crisp and this one was a little different. Anyway, I ordered a plate of the usual duck rice and I was in love! The duck was tender and had a tinge of sweetness in it. They serve it with rice and braised tofu, it all somehow perfectly balanced each other. Anyway as I’m writing this, I realised I haven’t eaten here in a while and I should fix that!

Yu Kee Duck Rice
516 North Bridge Road (Opposite Bugis Junction)

Do you have a favourite place to eat in Singapore?

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  1. Little India for the 3 dollar curry! And anywhere that sells Hainan chicken rice, and cold beers in Chinatown 🙂 btw aku pengen ke kafe2 di Tiong Bahru yang so cool tapi tiap ke sana nyasar aja gak sampe2 🙁

    1. Chicken rice ada yang enakkk banget gtu katanya dimana tapi aku rata2 suka yang di kopitiam hahahha. TB tempatnya seru banget mbak, musti disempatin mampir 🙂

  2. pomegranate cake-nya bikin ngiler

    1. Iyaaa cake-nya menarik2 di Laman’s Delight itu 😀

  3. Photo Photonya bikin ngiler Beneran ini. Kapan ya aku bisa ke sana..?#masihnabung
    Salam kenal mbak , blogwalking

    1. Semoga bisa cepat2 ke sana dan mencicipi semuanya yaaaa 🙂 Salam kenal juga Sarah!

  4. Yum!! Love your reviews, Gy 💚 They make me want to go back to Singapore and eat until my tummy feels so tight. Sigh 😔 I guess gluttony is my middle name 😅

    1. LOL! I like that there are many variations of food in Singapore that you cannot find here in Indonesia, so I always try to find something new (except for the ayam penyet that is haha)

  5. Makanan di Singapore murah dan lezat !

    1. Kalau murah sih gak ya, Singapore terkenal mahalnya 😀

  6. Singapore is a brilliant food city … I’ll have to drop by on a layover sometime soon!

    1. Definitely James! A great city for a layover too 🙂

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