Where I Wander in Yogyakarta

My city is a big one. There are so many cool places to hang out here since it is a student city. However, I’ve only started to go out again recently and here are my favourite places to wander in Yogyakarta.

Prawirotaman and Tirtodipuran

This is quite a touristic area as you can find many tourists here and several cool hotels. However, I like being here for the many different variations of food and despite it being popular with the tourists, it is not too crowded. I love going in and out of the many aisles you’ll find here. There many cool cafes here like Ruang Seduh Jogja (coffee place) and Tempo Gelato. I am also a huge fan of the wood oven pizza place called Nanamia Pizzeria in Tirtodipuran.

Favourite pizza place

Apart from the food, there are also many street arts in this area.

Yummy pizza!



This is the area near my university so I used to go here quite a lot, I continue to come here even now, mostly for the food. There is a gudeg place that I love called Gudeg Sagan, definitely a must try for you visiting Jogja. There are probably hundreds of gudeg stalls in Jogja but this one is my favourite. In this area there is also the legendary lotek, Bu Bagyo. It is always filled with people queueing up for their affordable and delicious lotek.

Cafe at Tirtodipuran


A lot of the places I hang around in are foodie places because that is the nature of Indonesian people. We hang out to eat 😀 Anyway Kotabaru is a place I like to just drive around (I also used to walk around here before I got sick) because I love looking at the old houses here. Most of the houses in Kotabaru are colonial houses which set them apart from anywhere else. They are grand and really unique. I’ve always wanted to have a house in this area but they say the price is extremely expensive. Anyway, when I get tired of wandering around, Raminten is where I stop to have some mendoan and wedang uwuh.

Don’t just explore the big roads, go inside its small aisles too!


Or otherwise known as Jalan Affandi. I really like this area, it is basically a big road but there are plenty of hidden treasures (aka foodie places) in Gejayan. So anyway, there is my favourite stationery shop in Gejayan called Toko Merah, they sell the cheapest and the most complete stationery in town and I always love going here (does anyone else do that haha?!). There are also foodie places and a lot of cafes here. The area here is a campus area which explains the vibrant vibe of the place. Just make sure you have enough patience when coming here since the road is often jam packed.

Is anyone else weak in the knees when they see a stationery shop?

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  1. I’m with you with the stationaries! Never been to Toko Merah though 😐 Next time I visit Jogja let’s spend our lunch money on colorful markers.

    1. Oooh I lovveee Toko Merah. I used to hate it cos it was this really old and stuffy shop but now they renovated it. It’s wider and has so many “toys”. Will take you here and then we can try our new stuff at a nearby cafe 😀

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  3. My favourite in Yogyakarta is Prawirotaman! Just love staying there for a few days and exploring it 😀

    1. Trueee! I love this place too, it’s nice to stroll in and out, plus there are lots of cafes to hang out 😀 It’s a little touristy for locals but I like it anyway!

  4. Inilah alasan mengapa orang suka berlibur ke Jogjakarta !

  5. Ahhh! I love toko merah too! :))

    salam kenal yaa!

    1. Toko merah memang juara! Salam kenal 🙂

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