Whimsical Hotels in Yogyakarta

It is easy to find a place to stay in Yogyakarta, just pick from any of the hotels popping up here and there in the city.

However if you want a hotel with a character, read on!

Yogyakarta is said to be the centre of Javanese culture. It is also, the city for artists. No wonder that there are many quirky cafes and shops boasting of uniquely local things. So if you are visiting Yogyakarta, it is only right that you choose a place to stay that embraces the uniqueness that is Yogyakarta.

Here are some of the hotels that have interested me. Some of these hotels I have visited and seen but not stayed in. I do think though, that it is worth the checking given the amount of hype and love they receive.


I was intrigued by LOKAL because so many people stayed here and bragged about their enjoyable stay. I went to check out the restaurant and was immediately attracted to the huge “JOGJAKARTA” mural which you can see upon entering. My main meal was their Chicken Katsu Pesto. The pesto was amazing. The restaurant is very clean, with bright colours everywhere. Of course what got my attention the most was its tiles, which soon became the icon for LOKAL, at least in my mind.

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LOKAL tries to combine local ingredients to make different kinds of food and I have to say they did a very good job. Their interior design is very fresh and has a hint of vintage, almost like entering an old-fashioned diner but with an Indonesian flair. If the restaurant is this amazing, there is no doubt about the hotel.

LOKAL Restaurant

Greenhost Boutique Hotel

I came here knowing that it had a shop called Genetika which sells unique things made by local artists. Unfortunately, the store was still closed and I had to wait for around an hour until it was opened. As I was there with my mum and her friends, we decided to talk to the staff and asked her about all kinds of things (we were bored AND curious, okay?!). This hotel put a lot of effort in being sustainable and green. When I entered, the centre of the hotel was filled with dangling plants and I could feel an instant breeze of cool air after being out in the sun.

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This is the first eco friendly hotel in Yogyakarta, and they are really serious about it. You can see that the whole building has an industrial feel, the walls are left bare as they are opposed on using paint.

Greenhost Hotel

Their furnitures are mostly made of recycled items. They have a garden filled with different kinds of vegetables, planted in a hydroponic style, on the rooftop. These vegetables are being used by the chef at their restaurant. The whole system in this hotel was made to make minimal waste. And by the way, I have yet to see the movie, but this was one of the places featured in the movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.

Greenhost front

Tembi Rumah Budaya

I’ve visited this place many times and even had the privilege to stay for one night. If you like something traditional then this is the place for you. There are no ordinary rooms in Tembi, instead you’ll be given a “house”. There are 10 houses here, each one built in a traditional Javanese style and each has their own name.

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The place is surrounded by an endless view of rice paddies, giving it a calm and serene ambience. I also usually come here for their humble, open-aired restaurant that serves local bites. I love having a cup of teh poci and mendoan here while enjoying the view. For guests staying here, they provide many activities like dance classes, biking around the village and learning how to play gamelan (our traditional instrument). The point of staying here is not only to have a place to sleep but also to be immersed in the local culture.

Tembi Rumah Budaya

There are probably many more whimsical hotels in Yogyakarta. There are still some more that I would like to visit too but for now these three on the list is worth your stay.

Do you have a favourite hotel in Yogyakarta? Let me know!

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  1. Waah pilihan hotelnya menarik dan unik semua…. salut sama Yogyakarta..

    1. Iya di Jogja semakin banyak hotel menarik 🙂

  2. Wuah Tembi cantik yaaaa.. aku malah ada rencana pengen ke Solo nih, ada rekomendasi ga buat hotel di sana? 🙂 nanti aku browse2 juga soal Solo jika ada di blogmu yaaaa~

    1. Kalau ke Solo seringnya sehari aja mbak jadi ga pernah nginep hehe. Tapi kalau ga salah, ada Alila di Solo. Tembi memang cakep banget, suasananya Jawa banget, ayem banget di sana 🙂

  3. cantik banget kak..aku suka yang green hotel, eco banget

    1. Iya bagus ya, saya pingin banget staycation di sini hihi

  4. Always love hotels or any establishments that support the environment. Btw, baca post ini jadi pengen nyobain nginep di Tembi deh 😀

    1. Tembi itu emang juara banget Dixie! Aku suka banget maen ke sana cuma untuk lihat2 museum kecilnya (dia punya museum kecil gitu) dan nyeruput teh pocinya 😀 Udah gitu suka banget lihat sawahnya!

  5. duh udah lama gak ke Jogja, terakhir thn 2007 dan nginep di Rumah Mertua, asik juga sih ambiance nya dan kita sempet makan di restonya juga dan pesen rijstafel , super enak !

    yg Tembi bagus, dan wondering deh di Greenhost itu pake deterjen apa buat laundry

    1. Rumah Mertua juga masih eksis, sering gw lewat signnya doank sih hehehe, jalan besarnya yg dekat Rumah Mertua sekarang ramai banget, banyak tempat makan enak dan cafe2. Penasaran ama Greenhost juga, pingin sesekali nginep. Tempatnya sih emang beneran “green” 😀

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