What to Eat in KLIA2

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 is the low cost airline airport of Kuala Lumpur. It is huge. I’ve spent a lot of time here because my hospital is in Subang Jaya and there is a direct flight from Yogyakarta to Kuala Lumpur, therefore I pass by this airport every time I have to come to the hospital.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been here.

Anyway, it is impossible for me not to eat while I am here. If you know me, I get hangry very easily. So here are my favourite spots to eat while in KLIA2.

Ramen Ten at Level 2, Gateway@KLIA2

So at first I was going to go for KFC but then accidentally spotted Ramen Ten. At that time I thought noodles would be great. So I went in and was not disappointed. Their dry noodles were good and quite spicy. I was quite surprised of how good it was seeing the restaurant was located in the corner and was not too crowded.

Dim Sum on the Go at Departure Hall, KLIA2

If you are in need of some dim sum, this is where to go. The stall is quite small, so if you have a lot of things, it will be a little bit difficult but you can always “park” your luggage at the front. The stall is also quite hidden, right next to Marry Brown. The dim sum was delicious (not super awesome, but I’ve tried a few dim sum at KLIA2 and this one has got to be the best one so far) and the noodles I had was also quite good (I’m quite picky with noodles, but theirs was up my alley).

A selection of bread and pastries at The Loaf

The Loaf at Departure Hall, KLIA2

If rice or noodles or dim sum are just too heavy for you, then check out The Loaf bakery. Although they also offer heavy dishes, their main focus is on their bread. Gotta say that their croissants were great. I usually come here when I need good pastries, and they usually succeed in giving me a great fix. It gets quite crowded here but the great thing is you can always have your pastries to go!

My picks at The Loaf

Marrybrown at Departure Hall, KLIA2

I did not misspell it, I checked several times and it is MARRY Brown. Anyway, instead of KFC and McD, I think the chicken at Marry Brown is so much more delicious. It is crispier and more flavourful. I was craving for a proper good chicken and KFC was not at the Departure Hall so I picked Marry Brown. I ordered rice instead of fries and they gave me this coconut rice and sambal that was supposedly for nasi lemak. So it became nasi lemak but with their crispy chicken. Was good!

Jaya Grocer at Level 2, Gateway@KLIA2

OK I know Jaya Grocer is a supermarket (duh!) but just wait for it. I love Jaya Grocer to bits, they have this supermarket all over Kuala Lumpur and they have really awesome stuff that I cannot find in Indonesia like my favourite yoghurt and juice. So come here if you need things like fresh fruits, shampoo, chocolate and stuff you need but forgot to bring from home. Anyway, they have a mini restaurant here and the food is not bad. You can order from the front and they will make it for you. Inside the supermarket there is a small space filled with tables and chairs where you can enjoy and eat your meal. Usually I don’t see a lot of people here, just some airline crews. I ordered chicken mushroom pie with gravy…it was SO GOOD!

Jaya Grocer’s chicken pie

I know that my picks are not that much, but these are my favourites. I have tasted quite a lot of places here and some looked crowded and very inviting with their big, glossy pictures. I sat down to have a meal after being exhausted from my flight only to be disappointed. And it gets me super angry you know, I’m tired, I’m hungry, is it so hard to get a decent kung pao chicken rice bowl? But NO! And most of these seemingly mouth-watering restaurants are not even that cheap, they are quite expensive too! And so, those are the ones that are worth my money and actually taste good.

Do you have a favourite at this airport? Let me know so I can check it out next time I’m there!

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  1. wouw..bakal dicatet dan dicari deh ini waktu lagi transit di KLIA 2. Makasi mbak buat ide makan di KLIA2 nya 🙂

    1. Sama-sama mbak Ira, semoga cocok di lidah yaaa 😀

  2. Banyak banget sih tempat makan di KLIA2 favoritku itu foodcourt Quizin by rasa ada yong to fu sama teh tarik, makanan lain jg banyak dan enak-enak, trus ada karipap di sevel, nah kalo jaya grocer aku sering beli salad

    1. Wah harus dicoba. Kemarin karena sedang perawatan jadi cuma berani mengunjungi yang (terlihat) bersih dan dimasak langsung. Aku juga pernah ke foodcourt tp belum sempat nyoba. Terima kasih rekomendasinya 🙂

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