My Tips on What to Do When You Get Sick on the Road

Before all this cancer stuff happened, I used to get unwell quite often on the road. I don’t know if maybe that was a precaution, but this post is not about that.

Anyway, knowing that my body could get sick unexpectedly, I was always prepared with some handy medications. These are some of the things I do when I get sick on the road.


Before going, I always make sure I pack some medical essentials. This depends on whether or not you take any important medicines, if you do, don’t forget to bring them and bring enough of them. Sometimes you may need a letter from your doctor just in case they asked you (I was asked by the security control when I brought my chemo pills with me) but if it’s things like vitamins or paracetamol, they will probably let you pass.

My essentials include: paracetamol (headaches, fever), tolak angin (Indonesians will know this :D) and eucalyptus oil (I am addicted to this oil and have used it since I was a little kid. Especially soothing for tummy ache plus it smells nice).

Never forget your essentials, especially if you are in a remote place

Keep Yourself Hydrated

You probably already know the advantages of water. Often when we travel we want to try different drinks and if they are sweet drinks, they are likely to dehydrate you more. So make sure you drink plenty of water. Drinking water is especially important when you travel somewhere hot.

Don’t forget to eat well too!

Know Where the Pharmacy Is At

I know I know, what an awkward thing to do, but ever since I got bitten by a jellyfish in Mykonos, I have this habit of finding a pharmacy whenever I go somewhere. Reason is, when something happens, I would already know where it is located without having to panic and search for it.

Ask For Help

If you are in trouble ask for help immediately. If you have a friend with you, ask for their help. Again, when I had my lip bitten by a jellyfish, my friend asked the owner of the club near our beach. He was kind enough to help us (for my case, I’m pretty sure it was quite common) and brought vinegar to be put on my swollen lip (he actually also said one of the best instant cure was by peeing on it but since it was on my lip…). My friend also got me this balm for swollen lip but it didn’t really work so when we got back to the hotel I asked the receptionist where the nearest pharmacy was. He told me and thank goodness the pharmacist immediately gave me some pills and the next morning the swelling was gone.

Know your limit and take a rest if you must!

Writing this, I think it would have been better if I asked the receptionist to write what I wanted on a piece of paper for me to give to the pharmacist, just incase they didn’t speak English.

Don’t Forget Your Insurance

Sure, if it is only a headache or a mild fever, you can pop a paracetamol and be OK in the morning. But what if it is more serious than that? This is why it’s always important to take care of your insurance when you travel, especially when you are travelling abroad.

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