The End of an Era

Hi guys!

This is a quick post to let you know that I will be letting DEW go soon.

I am quite sad that it has come to this, however I am also excited for some new adventures. As you know I haven’t been travelling ever since I received by lymphoma diagnosis in 2014. I have been struggling to keep this blog up since I don’t travel anymore. This year, 2017, I almost never post anything new. I really wanted to have some travel stories to write, but I don’t.

I was really upset at first that I couldn’t travel like before, but I am embracing my new life. I am still in treatment but I am able to do activities. I love designing and selling pouches, I like being at home and I don’t mind revisiting Singapore over and over again (as it is the easiest place to travel to right now considering my sister is there).

I am thankful for the friends I found from this blog. I will cherish you all forever.

Some of the contents of this blog will be transferred to my personal blog My Burumpi. I tried to export/import but my personal site ended up getting suspended, so I will be manually transferring my posts therefore I am not able to transfer all the comments. I am really sorry about that but just to let you know I really appreciate each and every comment in this blog. Please do come and say hello to me there 🙂

I feel sad writing this but I am also grateful for the opportunities I had and the people I met through this blog. I have the utmost respect for travel bloggers and I hope that you all continue to inspire us!

See you guys around 😉


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  1. Hi Aggy, I will be visiting you at the new blog! :-*

    1. See you there kak Vira 😀

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