[Indonesian] Jangan Sampai Kedinginan! Tips Berpakaian di Musim Dingin

Salah satu hal yang banyak saya pelajari ketika tinggal di Eropa adalah cara berpakaian di saat musim dingin. Ketika saya masih kecil, saya sempat tinggal di Leeds, Inggris dan di Leeds lebih banyak hujan ketimbang salju ketika musim dingin. Jadi ya kalau musim dingin gak terlalu dingin, saat musim panas juga gak terlalu panas. Namun apa pun musimnya, […]

Travelling with Friends

I know that this week’s theme is supposed to be “Most Romantic Travel Moments”, but to be honest I really don’t have one, which makes me kinda sad. Ah well. Moving on. So I’ve decided to turn this post to my best “bro/sis-mance” travel moments and fingers crossed that Febby and Noni don’t mind (I’m […]

My Travel Essentials

When it comes to travelling of course I have a few things in my bag that I simply NEED to have. I’ll skip the “obvious” things like passport, because well without that I can’t really travel at all can I? 1. iPod I love my iPod too much. This iPod was a gift from my […]