My Travel Essentials

When it comes to travelling of course I have a few things in my bag that I simply NEED to have. I’ll skip the “obvious” things like passport, because well without that I can’t really travel at all can I? 1. iPod I love my iPod too much. This iPod was a gift from my […]

Dream On!

Part of this blog’s name is “Dream” because most of my trips started with a dream. “I wish I could go to Pompeii one day” – that was my childhood dream, and it came true. “I wish I could visit Santorini and see their famous blue-domed churches” – and luckily I did too. For me, […]

[Indonesian] Mari Menghirup Dunia!

Apa sih yang bikin travelling asyik? Untuk saya bagian terasyik dari berjalan-jalan adalah melihat hal-hal baru dan unik yang belum pernah saya temukan sebelumnya. Lebih seru lagi jika diberi kesempatan untuk berinteraksi dengan orang lokal yang berdomisili di tempat tersebut, entah orang lokal tersebut bertemu secara tidak sengaja atau teman sendiri. Mereka selalu memiliki cerita […]


Hello there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? This is just a post to let you know why I haven’t blogged in a while…for those who were wondering. I’ve been sick on and off throughout 2014 but I sort of ignored it being the hard headed person that I am. Then the peak came last […]