Groningen in Spring

A friend of mine who used to share a flat with me in Jakarta invited me to her new home in Groningen. She was studying there and since I haven’t since her in awhile I decided that it would be a great opportunity for me to give her a visit. Whenever I’m in Europe, visiting […]

The Beauty of Melaka

When I entered the old historical town of Melaka, I was immediately drawn to the “pink” church with its many rickshaws parking all over the square. Those rickshaws were also decorated as brightly as the church, with flowers and often with a sound system playing some songs. I guess they were trying to be attractive […]

Somber in Berlin

Not all of my travel experiences are filled with laughter and joy. Not because I wasn’t grateful but because sometimes travels allows you to see the dark and ugly truth too. Of course you can ignore it, no one says it’s an obligation to see these things, but to me it is important that you […]