Missing the Magical Porto

A shop sign in Porto, Portugal

Have you ever missed a place so much you can’t get it off your head? You keep thinking of that cute restaurant around the corner of your hostel that serves really great bacalhau. And that uphill street filled with local shops selling gorgeous earrings and bracelets. Missing is definitely something everyone has felt, but I […]

Eating My Way Through Porto

When people come to the small city of Porto in Portugal, most expect a unique gastronomic experience. For that matter they are definitely in the right city. Located near the sea, Porto offers a wide range culinary delights that will spoil you rotten. With so many cafes and restaurants, all boasting to bring the best […]

Planning an Awesome Summer

I’m a little excited! Well ok, not little, but VERY excited. Switzerland has been raining a lot this spring, and very cold too – still in my winter jacket I tell you that. Still hoping that the sun will come and bring some warm weather so I can finally see the beauty of this country […]