The Food Dictionary

Here you’ll find the dictionary for food mentioned in my posts. Sometimes, I don’t like cluttering my posts with food definitions so I’ll put them here. Enjoy and don’t drool!

Angciu – Chinese sauce made from fermented glutinous rice, basically taste like vinegar and adds a little zingto your food.

Sambal terasi – You are 100% Indonesian if you find this photo appealing

Cap Cai  – a popular Chinese food, a combination of stir fried shrimp, chicken and lots of veggies.

Pisang Goreng – fried banana, banana dipped into a mixture of flour and sugar, then fried. Simple yet tasty.

Sambal Terasi – chilli and shrimp paste (smells kind of bad but extra delicious) smashed using pestle and mortar with a little bit salt and sugar.

Sate Ayam – chicken in skewer which is grilled using charcoal, eaten with peanut butter sauce.

Hmm patat…

Siomay– steamed prawn and chicken (sometimes can be pork) wrapped in an extra-thin dough, also served with peanut butter sauce.

Patat – Dutch version of french fries, usually eaten with some sauces like mayonnaise, curry sauce, garlic sauce. My favourite and a complete YUM!

Empal – Beef cooked with some herbs for a certain amount of time until it’s soft and dark brown.

Sambal Sop – A special sambal  for soup, it usually has red almost orange colour. Do be careful, they tend to be extra spicy.

Lontong – Made from rice, pressed into a long and circular dough. Usually steamed and can be served cold with all kinds of food.

Bakwan Udang – Fried food consisting of flour, corn and prawn. It’s a very popular light dish.

Krupuk – It’s the Indonesian version of crisp, most are made from prawn and very crunchy. No meal is complete without it.

Petis – Similar to terasi, it is made from shrimp paste. It gives a love-hate taste.

Hakau – A type of dimsum with thin white dough and prawn inside. Hakau is steamed and eaten with a bit of chilli sauce (of course).

Lekker – Crispy sweet pancake filled with different kinds of fillings, the most popular ones are banana and chocolate.

Pecel with kering tempe and bakwan jagung

Pecel– Vegetables mixed with spicy peanut sauce, can be eaten with extra dishes.

Bakwan Jagung – Similar to that of Bakwan Udang but this one is with sweet corns.

Kering Tempe – Tempe, which is made from soya beans, is a popular dish in Indonesia. Kering means dry, here tempe is cooked with garlic, shallots, and soya bean sauce. The tempe is fried until dry before.

Rosol – Polish clear soup with chicken broth, usually with pasta noodles in it.



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